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Youtube vs Twitch: Which is the best gaming streaming platform?

Community Apr 8, 2022

For those who are just starting, some creators have also started to reconsider their decisions after the whole Twitch vs. Youtube debate. A lot of Twitch streamers have left Twitch and have started to go for Youtube streaming. However, this does not mean that you need to go to Youtube. Twitch has always been known as a streaming platform since time immemorial. Hence, it is quite interesting to see that the meta is gradually changing. Therefore, in this article, we will be trying to find out which is the best streaming platform between Twitch and Youtube.

Youtube vs. Twitch

Let us now get into which platform would be a better option for streaming.


This has to be one of the most important factors that you need to consider before getting into any streaming platform. Which of them has the potential to give you the push you need to become well-known in your community, or to help you gain a larger audience without facing stiff competition? In this aspect, Twitch has been known as a platform for gamers, and also various other categories. Therefore, you might think that Twitch would help you grow at a steady pace. However, the thing is that right now, Twitch is overflowing with new streamers. Almost everyone on Twitch is a content creator, and hence, there is little guarantee that you might even be popular after a year.

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On the other hand, Youtube has just launched its streaming services. Therefore, the streaming arena is quite huge, with a few streamers going live for a vast audience. Hence, if you manage to entertain your audience well, then you might have a chance of becoming popular. Yet, what happens most of the time is that, being a small Youtuber, your live might not get many viewers at first. What most streamers do most of the time is keep live streaming on Twitch, and when they get quite a moderate following, they start to upload Youtube videos and shorts. This would give them a good following and make them more popular.


Another thing that you might want to know is what sort of engagement these platforms bring. If we are talking about engagements during streams or live, then Twitch would be a good option as there are a lot of ways through which the audience can interact with their favourite content creators. They can subscribe to them, gift the bits, and also leave them a message. It is quite interactive, and you can even get certain rewards if you hang out in a stream for quite some time! Twitch has managed to keep the streaming fun and interesting enough to keep the audience hooked.

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As a new streaming platform, Youtube has been trying to follow what Twitch has done, with little to no variations in the concept of donating money and sending a message to the streamer. However, on Twitch, the engagement and the controls seem to be more accessible and easy to use. Whereas, for Youtube, it might not be that easy. With a little bit of practice, it will be easier to control your live streams. Hence, if we take the engagement side, then we will give another point to Twitch in the end.

Platform Culture

This is quite an essential aspect that you must keep in mind in platform culture. Recently, Twitch has become quite notorious for the E-Girls community, and sometimes the streaming content is way too far as the streamers want to do anything for clout. This creates quite a bad impression of the platform overall. Though Twitch has managed to have some strict measures against the content that one can stream, it takes quite some time for Twitch to know about the breach, and till then, the content already gets circulated. A lot of controversies usually start with Twitch streams.

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Well, that does not mean that Youtube is not without its controversies. Though most of them come from videos, Youtube has even stricter policies regarding any content that goes on the website. Still, it is not as notorious as Twitch, but sometimes the Youtube environment might be a bit toxic. The gaming channels often face a lot of backlash for no reason at all. Hence, it becomes quite difficult for streamers to stream with peace of mind. The bottom line is that when you are streaming, there will be a lot of hindrances, and you will have to push through all of them. Still, we would recommend that Youtube has fewer streamers and a larger audience, as this will allow you to grow.

Viewers and fanbase

Another thing that you've got to keep in mind is the fanbase of both platforms. Twitch is mostly known to gamers and those who are interested in gaming. Hence, you will find a strong community who will help you go through your gameplay and learn a lot from your audience. This gives you a good opportunity for growth, and hence, this would also help you stream better. Overall, the Twitch gaming channels usually see healthy communication and even good growth.

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Youtube’s livestream audience is quite small, and Youtube has not yet been able to put the streaming platform at the forefront. In short, Youtube is still mainly a video hub, and hence the audience is more attracted to watching videos than watching live streams. When you think of watching some videos, you automatically go to Youtube. Even if you want to search for a particular live channel, you will have to search for it and then dig it up. However, on Twitch, there is a high chance that with a few clicks and scrolls, you will already find the channel you were looking for and whether it is live or not.

Pay Cheque

Finally, this is something that every streamer will try to find out before joining either of the platforms. Which platform gives a better payment for streaming? As there are so many streamers on Twitch, there is not much payment you might get from the platform. Usually, Twitch pays you about $3 per 1,000 viewers. Hence, before you hit the 1,000 views mark, you would get quite a bit less accordingly. The other way to get more revenue is through advertisements and sponsorships. However, you might not get many ads or sponsors if you are just starting. If you can gather a good number of followers and viewers, then perhaps you will be able to get a few sponsors as well. Lastly, you could get some earnings from your fans if they subscribe to you, gift you bits, etc.

Credits to ESPN. Ninja is one of the most famous streamers on Twitch. 

On the other hand, there is Youtube. Here, you will be paid 18 cents if a viewer is consistent enough. To be precise, if a viewer watches the half stream, and has to get an ad, then you will be paid 18 cents. Other ways of getting money from Youtube are through membership and Superchat. Through Superchat, your fans will be able to be more interactive with you, and you can also have fan donations through Superchat. Overall, it gives you a lot of scope to get money. Also, usually, you do get a lot of ads at the time when you have established your channel a bit. Nonetheless, if you open a channel and post videos, you will get money from there too.


Finally, we will be giving our verdict on which of the streaming platforms is better for gaming: Youtube vs Twitch. In our opinion, Twitch is an online streaming platform that is meant for streaming and gamers. However, Youtube is more of a video hub. Hence, most of the audience will be turned towards Twitch to watch live streams. However, recently, as many streamers are shifting to Youtube, it is because Youtube has been trying to be more welcoming towards streamers and is trying to make their policies more friendly for the streamers. In our opinion, we would say that you could try out which of the platforms works for you, and then stay on that platform.

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