xQc lost over $500,000 in crypto following a bet on France. Photo via xQc.

xQc lost over $500,000 in crypto following a bet on France. Photo via xQc.

xQc lose half million following a bet on France

Newsroom Dec 19, 2022

xQc lost over $500,000 in crypto following a bet on France.

Felix "xQc" Lengyel is known for many things and one of them is gambling online in live streams. Previously he was facing backlash from promoting sketchy gambling websites and he kept on betting on said dubious crypto betting site Stake, where his most recently lost over half a million dollars after Argentina edged out the reigning champs in the FIFA World Cup.

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In a screenshot posted by the former Overwatch player of the betting stub hours before the match, where it very well may be seen that he had placed an incredible amount of $500,000 on France winning the World Cup. Lionel Messi and his colleagues lifted the cup for their country after a match of incredible thrill, which went all the way to the penalty shootouts to decide who gets to be the Champion of the World.

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"Yes, I shouldn't have cashed out. But at the same time, you guys need to understand that it didn't matter in the end because now at this point I already lost. Me and Train's bet was for a win at 90 minutes plus extra time. We are past that, now we are going to overtime. So, that doesn't matter anymore. I would have lost regardless."  said xQc.

His most recent bet had him set a huge measure of cash on the FIFA World Cup Finals. He told his fans that it could never have had an effect regardless of whether France proceeded to dominate the game on the grounds that the bet was in fact about winning inside the in the first ninety minutes and the injury time that came with it, that too without counting the added time that goes beyond the initial ninety.

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While Mbappe's pushed the game to extra time with two goals that saw France level the field. xQc had liquidated out around $5k after France was trailing 2-0. The choice drove numerous viewers to the stream which had many questions about his decision soon after Mbappe equalized quickly with 10 mins remaining on the clock.  

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