Credits to EarlyGame. The VCT 2022 finally came to an end.

The winner of the Valorant world Championship has been Announced!

Newsroom Apr 27, 2022
The winner of VCT 2022 is OpTic Gaming.
They were against LOUD, and won by 3-0.
They won a cash prize of $200,000.

The Valorant World Championship ended with a bang, and everyone is more than excited about the outcome. If you had followed the match, it would have been a nail-biting one. The matches were close, and as we came closer to the finale, the more unexpected every move became. However, we do have a winner in the end. The trophy has finally come back to North America, and all the credits go to OpTic Gaming for their massive performance. In today’s blog, We will be getting into all the details about the final match of the Valorant World Championship.

Who did OpTic Gaming defeat, and how did they do it?

We will be getting into the details of the finale. OpTic Gaming was against LOUD, and the match was quite an intense one. They had their matches on three maps, namely: Ascent, Bind, and Breeze. We had expected a good rivalry between the two teams, as LOUD had thrown off OpTic Gaming in the lower bracket in the semi-finals. However, it seems that OpTic had studied the LOUD’s tactics, and used all the information on their behalf. This was indeed interesting as LOUD seemed to be quite overconfident in some rounds.

Hence, it is as clear as day that one of the most basic things a player needs to do before going into a tournament is study their opponent. It helps you form strategies and tactics, and OpTic has done that magnificently. They came up with scores of 13-9 on Ascent, 14-12 on Bind, and 15-13 on Breeze. Therefore, the overall score was brought to 13-0. As the finale was to be decided on the best out of three maps, OpTic has undoubtedly emerged as the winner.

Which teams are the runners-up?

Of course, one of the runner-ups is LOUD. The other runner up is ZETA DIVISION. ZETA was thrown off the lower bracket by OpTic Gaming in the semifinals by another 3-0. It seemed that the last few days, the team had given their all, and had managed to secure an easy 3-0 for both days. Even though most of their matches had gone over time, they still managed to push through. The other teams that had gotten into the cash pool were Paper Rex, G2 Esports, DRX, Team Liquid, etc.

Credits to Yahoo News Singapore. OpTic Gaming with the trophy.

How much did OpTic Gaming win for the Valorant World Championship?

They ( OpTic Gaming) had won something near about $200,000 in cash. The other teams had won:

LOUD- $120,000


DRX, G2 Esports- $40,000

Team Liquid, The Guard- $25,000

Credits to Sports Axie. Team Liquid.

Ninjas in Pyjamas, XERXIA- $15,000

Fnatic, KRU Esports- $10,000

Riot had even paid $25,000 to FunPlus Phoenix as many of their teammates could not make it to the competition due to the tense situation in Ukraine and Russia. This was quite disheartening for everyone, and we hope that things get better soon.

The Valorant World Championship in Reykjavik, Iceland seems to be a huge success.

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