Valorant is one of the most popular FPS games right now.

Credits to Esports Observer. Valorant is one of the most popular FPS games right now.

Why is Valorant so popular still?

Community Sep 14, 2022

In this blog, we will be looking at why Valorant is considered to be so popular even after so many years?

Valorant is one of the best and most popular FP games out there right now, and we are sure that you might have wondered a couple of times, why is it that Valorant is so hugely successful? Well, there are tons of factors, and in this blog, we will be going through those. Valorant had released back in 2020, right during the Pandemic, and there were mixed feelings about whether the game would be popular or might not perform that well. It has been two years or so, and the game is getting all the more popular, and we really do not think it is going to go out of fashion any time soon.

Without wasting much time, let us get into all the reasons why Valorant has been quite popular recently, and will not die out so soon:


You cannot deny it, Riot always has the best marketing tactics when it comes to gaming companies. Most of them are filled with popular collaborations and even major events. They have already created a name with their League of Legends, which is still going on to be one of the most popular games of all time. When Valorant was supposed to be released, they did not hide the game from anyone. In fact, because of what they did, other companies never tried this tactic much. They tried to give the game to a lot of popular Twitch streamers and other popular content creators so that they could try the game out on their streams. This in turn created a good amount of hype around the game, even before it was released. This created a community even before the game was released! Hence, they have managed to come up with a strong community and people who will support the game from the very beginning.

Different Gameplay

Valorant is an FPS game, which follows quite closely to CS: GO. However, it is not exactly the same. If you have played CS: GO then you will know that the game is quite simple, and it is usually based on planting spikes and killing enemies. However, when it comes to Valorant, it is not based just on that. There are tons of abilities and agents that you have to select and have to use the abilities to take a site. All of these make the game more interesting, so more gamers are attracted.

Visuals and Animations

Credits to Attack of the Fanboy. There are tons of visuals in the game.

If you look at all the other FPS games, you will find that most of them either focus on animations, and not the gameplay, or vice versa. However, Riot has managed to put both into focus. They have come up with a game where the visuals are stunning and the gameplay is also put into focus. This makes the gamers satisfied and also those who are more attracted to the visuals of the game. Hence, both parties are attracted to playing the game more.


Credits to GamersDecide. Zedd came up with a new skin bundle!

Riot has always made sure to make brand collaborations a priority. However, they did not stop with only brands for Valorant, but also individual artists and personalities have collaborated with Riot for Valorant. This has made the game popular and hyped. One of the collaborations that have managed to hype up the whole community was with Zedd. Zedd was already working with Riot for their background music and such. However, nobody had expected that they would be collaborating, and they came up with a whole new skin bundle too! The Spectrum skin bundle was immensely popular and is still the most expensive bundle in the game.


Credits to EarlyGame. There are tons of storylines in the game.

Sometimes people want more than just killing enemies and coming up with tactics. There are story-based games, but many find them too boring because there is less action. However, Valorant brings in a huge twist where you will find not only the action but also lore. You can treat it like any other FPS game, or you can even play it to enjoy the lore of the game. Each agent in the game has its own backstory, and even each map has a history behind it. With every Episode and Act we get more into a story that seems to be unfolding. Riot has managed to build an intricate plot of stories going on in the game, and we also feel that we might get some series or movies like League of Legends in a few years' time to know more about it!

This video might interest you:


This is something that many game companies usually do not pay much attention to after a while when the game gets extremely popular. Riot, however, tries to make sure that they follow the community closely and come up with changes that are going to benefit both the company and the gamers. Any feedback or any changes that the whole community feels should be brought around are actually noticed by Riot, and they try to incorporate those changes as soon as possible. This makes the community feel heard, and they usually enjoy their experience in the game too!


Credits to GamesRiv. This was the agent selection meta in Episode 2 Act 2.

Now you know that an FPS game will always have a specific meta. If you do not know what exactly a meta is, well, let us help you with that. The meta is when most players usually go for a similar pattern of weapon buying or choosing a similar set of agents. For example, for a while, the Vandal was the meta in Valorant, where maximum players would go for the gun whenever they could. For the Duelists, people would always go for Jett, as she was the strongest. However, in the very next Act, Riot had nerfed the Vandal and Jett and instead buffed the Phantom, and brought on Neon. This means that they have successfully managed to change the meta. This eliminates the chances of making the game monotonous and forces the players to keep changing their game style and tactics.


These were some of the reasons why Valorant is considered to be so popular and relevant. There were many games that had come out during Valorant, like Among Us, which had died down. Many analysts had expected that Valorant might die down after the Pandemic is over. However, it seems that things only got better for Valorant, as it is still one of the most popular games.

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