Gaming might actually be not that bad as people make it to be.

Credits to Unsplash. Gaming might actually be not that bad as people make it to be.

Why is Gaming actually Good for You!

Community Sep 8, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting into why gaming might actually be good for you, and your memory and vision too!

Gaming has always been considered to be one of the major negative influences on young people ever since it became popular. However, gradually, with tons of studies conducted on the effects of gaming, things have started to change a lot! Now, gaming is seen as a career option, and people are getting support for choosing Esports as their career too. You will find gaming and Esports academics opening up all across the world, which clearly hints that gaming is now seen as a viable option for the future of children. In this blog, we will be looking at some reasons why gaming is actually good for you!

The Advantages of Gaming

Let us see why gaming could be advantageous to us:

Strengthening Memory

This is something that has been discovered first when various people were trying to understand the effects of gaming on the brain. Many had anticipated that perhaps gaming would weaken memory. To their surprise, they found out that people, especially young children, find it easier to remember things in video games because they are presented in such an interactive manner, and they are exposed to both audio and visual mediums. This, in turn, helps them to store the information quickly and makes a lasting impression on their memory.

Gaming helps to make your memory stronger.
Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko / Unsplash. Gaming helps to make your memory stronger. 

Also, if you tend to play adventure games or puzzle games where you need to solve riddles or games like the Escape room simulators, all of these help in strengthening your memory and also make you feel smarter. Hence, our memory does not deteriorate as much as people claimed before.

Hand-Eye Coordination

You need to keep your eye on the game, and rely on your memory muscles.
Photo by SCREEN POST / Unsplash. You need to keep your eye on the game, and rely on your memory muscles.

This is another thing that people have actually not given much thought to, but it is quite true! When you are playing any game, especially the ones based on action and FPS games, you need to have proper hand and eye coordination. If you see your enemy, you will have to make sure that you click on the right buttons or keys to move your gun and aim to fight them off. Hence, this brings in the use of muscle memory too. This will help you to multitask properly. You are using all your senses at the same time, and this enhances your ability to use your brain even when you are working on something else.

More Focused

Games tend to increase focus.
Photo by João Ferrão / Unsplash. Games tend to increase focus.

Now, this is another myth that we have to burst. People used to feel that video games will always make their kids lose focus and attention in their studies. However, playing more video games will take time out from studying. However, if a child is given a specific time or period to If you watch how they play video games, you will see that they are quite focused and attentive. The audio-video graphics of the games manage to hold their attention for quite some time. Also, when they are focused on the game, they are also forced to think about their next move. All of this builds up their cognitive abilities, and hence, in turn, increases their attention spans gradually. They will tend to get less distracted in the future.

This video might interest you:

Decision Making

1v5 situation in Valorant.
Credits to Reddit. 1v5 situation in Valorant. 

This is another thing that still shocks people to this day! Video games have actually been known to enhance children's decision-making skills. When you are playing any game, you are usually forced to make certain decisions that will impact the outcome of the game. Even when you are playing an FPS game, or a shooter game, you need to make certain quick decisions. For example, you are playing Valorant, and you find that you are the only person alive on your team. Now it is up to you to decide if you are going to attack the enemies or go to another site and try to cause damage to the team. All of this will depend on your quick decision-making skills, and game sense. Once the child develops this, they will not have much problem in making quick decisions when they are older.

Can Keep you Fit

Credits to Youtube. Dance Dance Revolution.

This is something that you might not believe, but the way video games were played back then, and how they are played now has changed a lot. Back then, games were played by sitting. Now, with games like Just Dance, Dance Dance Revolution, and all the VR games, it takes things to a different level. With the help of consoles and gears, you can now physically play various sports in the game. You can also go on literal quests by playing through VR. All of these bring about a lot of physical movement. Hence, the next time someone tells you that you do not get any exercise from playing video games all day, make sure to challenge them to a game of Dance Dance Revolution for an hour.

Social Skills

OverwatchaGaming increases interaction to others, and makes them team players.
Photo by Florian Olivo / Unsplash. Gaming increases interaction to others, and makes them team players.

We are technically bursting all the myths that people have formed about gamers. In any pop culture reference, you will find that gamers are represented as nerds and people who have social anxiety. Social anxiety is something that anyone can have at any time. That is not solely related to the gaming community. Also, a gamer need not always be insecure and anxious when talking to people face-to-face. They are usually quite good at communicating and talking to people in general. As they play games, they need to talk to other strangers, or random people to play the game together. This makes them usually quite easy going, and extremely friendly people.


Anything in moderation is a good thing. Hence, if you control your gaming habits and maintain a screen time limit, then you will find out that games are actually not that bad for your health as it has been thought till now.

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