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Why is sound so important in Video Games?

Community Aug 15, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting into how sound actually affects the mechanics, the way you react to the game, and a lot more!

If you are a newbie in the gaming world, no matter what games you are playing, you will be recommended to play the games with your sound on. Also, one of the most important gaming accessories is always good gaming headphones. One of the most prominent experiences in video games is the sound effects. Game developers and designers always first get to the sound design to make the game as realistic as possible. Even when gamers were first produced, the sounds were the priority before the graphics. In this blog, we will be getting into why good sound is important for your gaming experience.

Ways Sound can Affect your Gaming Experince

Here are some of the ways that sound can affect your gaming experience in a positive manner:

Makes the game more interesting

Phasmophobia is a scary game which involves a lot of auditoyr effects as well.
Credits to Republic World. Phasmophobia is a scary game which involves a lot of auditory effects as well.

Imagine that you are playing a horror game like Phasmophobia, and there are no sounds in the game. The whole experience will be ruined, and the whole purpose of the game will be defeated. There will be no enjoyment of the game at all. Hence, this is one of the prime reasons why you should ensure that you get good quality headphones so that you can hear the sounds really properly. There are also headphones that would help you to get surrounding sounds, which makes the games better and more interesting.

Games feel Realistic

In today’s gaming market, you will see games with more realistic graphics, and they are trying to make them as life-like as possible. However, in the meantime, if you do not get the proper sounds, the whole simulation will just fall apart. Hence, it is quite necessary to actually get the proper sounds for the games. Imagine you are playing a game where you are walking, you can hear the footsteps, the crunching of the dry leaves, and the crushing of the gravel on the streets. All of these together will make you feel like you are engrossed in the game completely. Not only this, you might even get to hear the distant sounds of other things. There are plenty of games which are based on the auditory experience, and you might need to follow certain sounds to know what comes next.

For concentration and focus

Credits to VCGamers. Clearly, the other person is not playing with proper sound.

Imagine you are playing an FPS game, and you are in a 1v1 situation. You will be forced to concentrate on the whole situation, straining your ears for even the smallest sound that the enemy could make by mistake. This in turn helps you to increase your focus on the game. Now, imagine you are playing without any sound or any headphones. Perhaps you will not be giving as much attention to the sound as you usually would. This, in turn, can make your gameplay quite lousy, and you might end up losing. A lot of professionals always recommend that games be played with sound so that you can actually be more prepared. Seeing an enemy Suddenly And firing at them, rather than listening to their footsteps approaching, or their gun reloading would actually help you more. If you are in a place all alone, there are even high chances that you might even get to hear the enemy approaching already, if you are not careful enough. Hence, the sounds in the game definitely make you focus more on it.

This video might interest you as well:

Affects the mechanics of the gameplay

In such a situation, you will get to know that a player is there, by hearing the reload sound.
Credits to Reddit. In such a situation, you will get to know that a player is there, by hearing the reload sound.

This is again in relation to the previous point. If you do not play the FPS games with any sound, you are basically setting up yourself for losing. When you get to the higher ranks of any such game, you will notice that people can differentiate even the slightest of sounds. They can tell how many people are coming from each side. They can even tell the difference between the guns by the sound of reloading. This is something that is quite essential in the high ranks. You cannot just go and face an enemy, without any information. You need to know how many are coming towards you and if they are well loaded or are within budget. All of this will be known to the other players, and you might ask for help accordingly. Therefore, all of this just helps to make the mechanics of your gameplay better.

Affects the Experience the of the game

One of the most popular Forza Horizon songs. 

Imagine you are playing Minecraft for over two hours, and you are in an intense building or mining session. Do you know what exactly is keeping you calm? The Minecraft music! (We know that you can hear it right now!) There are a lot of games that are lengthy, specifically the games like Minecraft, which use soothing lofi-type music so that you can keep yourself calm and composed while playing them for longer hours. This helps you not to get too excited and is one of the main reasons why Minecraft is considered to be one of the most chill games of all time. However, then again, there are some fast-paced games, that use quite loud and fast beats. For example, take any racing games like Forza Horizon and Asphalt which makes your brain filled with adrenaline, and you experience that rush and thrill even in real life. These games make you feel restless and can excite you quite easily. Therefore, the games try to incorporate the music based on how they want their users to react to it. The racing game companies want you to get addicted to that thrill and keep playing until you feel satisfied with your winning streaks, whereas Mojang just wants you to have a good time with their game.


These are some of the ways in which good sound or good headphones can significantly improve your gaming experience. Hence, make sure to get good headphones, not always expensive ones, to get the best out of the games that you are playing!

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