Gamers, the next Billionaire of the future. Picture Courtesy: BBC

Gamers, the next Billionaire of the future. Picture Courtesy: BBC

Why Gamers will become the next Billionaires?

Case Study Aug 9, 2022

In a short while, Esports has become one of the most popular gaming competitions. Looking over its popularity, several companies have started investing in such events, to make a big amount out of it.


  • Undeniably, Esports has emerged as one of the best modes of earning revenue by playing against other players globally.
  • Late back in the year 2000, when computers became cheaper and the internet became easily accessible and faster, people started getting involved in Computer Gaming.
  • As per the popular gaming research firm, Newzoo, gamers in the UK spent over £3.3 billion on computer games in the year 2016.

Esports are maturing, particularly in 2022. Video games have seen a significant increase in both players and watchers in a culture where staying at home is the norm.

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Although Esports tournaments are often played in large arenas with teams at their own stations, because of the nature of these events, anybody may participate and compete from anywhere in the globe, even at home, provided they have the necessary equipment and an internet connection. It's interesting to consider how Esports will be pushed and if this new generation of sportsmen has a chance to make it big in their chosen industry.

Billionaires in sports

Lebron James as a Billionaire. Picture Courtesy: NBA

Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, and even Kylie Jenner in some way come to mind when one thinks of billionaires as being at the top of their game in business. However, there are some who have succeeded in making a reputation for themselves in various professions.

Michael Jordan is perhaps one of the first players that spring to mind when discussing billionaire athletes. The projected current net worth of this basketball star is an astounding $2.1 billion. He is one of the best players ever and has a tonne of brand agreements, career earnings, continuing royalties, and even owns the majority of the Charlotte Hornets.

Jordan is the only athlete who has made a billion dollars from the sports sector. The only other billionaire athlete is Ion Tiriac, although he made most of his money after giving up tennis by starting a bank. Tiger Woods, a golfer, is also getting close to becoming a billionaire. Can someone with that kind of financial clout be produced in Esports?

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The Esports revolution

These days, athletes who are physically fit aren't the only ones drawing attention and making money. Esports athletes, often known as professional video game players, are another example. Esports might challenge conventional sports now that gaming has established itself as a sizable business and millions of dollars are changing hands in significant competitions. There is a sizable, global player population for games like Call of Duty, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, FIFA, and Fortnite.

People's interests extend beyond merely playing these games. The business of watching people play video games has grown significantly. There is no doubt that there is money to be earned in Esports with 24/7 Twitch broadcasting and popular international Esports competitions like Blizzard's Overwatch League.

Current Superstars

Esports participants may play games either independently or in teams. Teams come from all over the globe, thus players who aren't really based in that country shouldn't automatically be disqualified from representing it.

Currently, Team Liquid, Cloud9, FaZe Clan, and Evil Geniuses are the most well-known Esports teams around the globe. Check out Ranker's ranking of the best teams right here, readers. The majority of top Esports firms pay contracted talent a basic income, provide perks like insurance, and set up players to win additional tournament prizes. With a total prize pool of $227 million in 2019, money rewarded based on in-game outcomes has the potential to be substantial, despite the fact that wages may be quite high.

Finnish Dota 2 player Jesse "JerAx" Vainikka earned $3,163,536.20 in revenue in 2019, despite his retirement from competitive gaming in January 2020. JerAx's teammate Anathan "ana" Pham achieved comparable earnings in 2019 at the young age of 21. In fact, a small number of players have earned over $5 million in prize pool wins alone throughout the course of their careers. Unreported earnings have also helped a lot of people become billionaires.

Many people must admit that they have already seen the finest Esports sportsmen earning some really astounding sums of money. They don't see this stopping as more and more people gravitate toward the thrill of Esports as the games become more and more realistic.

Why do People find Gaming so much fun?
In this blog, we will be getting into exactly why do people find gaming so much fun and get addicted to it sometimes? Gaming is one of the most popular fun activities that today’s youth love to indulge in. One must feel that children are getting way into technology

Teenagers in Esports

Student Alex Balfanz, 18, attends Duke University in North Carolina. He has classes or seminars every day, then homework. He plays video games for a few hours each day and even longer on the weekends, like many other kids his age. However, he is creating them rather than merely performing them. and earning a lot of money in the process. In a sector that generated $36 billion in revenue last year, Balfanz is just one of the thousands of young game entrepreneurs in their teens or early 20s who are generating money. Even inside the gaming business, it is providing new means of generating income that wasn't available ten or even five years ago.

Miner's Haven and Azure Mines were built over the course of two years by another 18-year-old student, Andrew Bereza, for Roblox, a platform geared toward kids that enables youngsters to create their own games and post them online. Balfanz's Jailbreak is also available on Roblox. He is studying computer science at university, and he is using his wages to pay for it. He doesn't know how he can manage finance for college or the opportunity to pursue full-time game creation he adds if he hadn't had a platform to sell his games.

Teenagers like Andrew Bereza have paid their university tuition by making games Picture Courtesy: BBC

Are billionaire Esports players really going to be a thing?

Esports revenue in the millions is undoubtedly extremely healthy, but $5 million is a very small fraction of $1 billion. Although a billionaire Esports player is unlikely to appear for some time, it is undoubtedly feasible in the near future.

The popularity of Esports will increase as games become larger, internet connections increase, and GPU rendering becomes more efficient. The future belongs to Gen Z, who are avid gamers. Esports will become more popular in the long run, but traditional sports will continue to exist and probably continue to create billionaires in the near future.

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