G2 Esports is one of the most popular Esports company in the world right now.

Credits to GamingPost. G2 Esports is one of the most popular Esports company in the world right now.

Why did Carlos Rodriguez resign from G2 Esports?

Newsroom Sep 26, 2022

In this blog, we will get into details as to why did Carlos Rodriguez resign from G2 Esports all of a sudden?

Carlos Rodriguez was seen partying with Andrew Tate.
This went on to be seen as not a good move from G2 Esport's side, and their mission.
Rodriguez has resigned.

It seems that Esports organisation is trying to become more aware than ever and is coming up with decisions to make sure that the people in the community feel safe. One such instance has been what happened with G2 Esports. Though people were shocked at the decision, they were not surprised. This was of course called for, and the CEO had to face the consequences. However, not many people know why exactly the CEO of G2 Esports resigned all of a sudden.

What Happened All of a Sudden?

For those who are wondering what happened all of a sudden, well Carlos Rodriguez was in conversation with the most controversial person right now, Andrew Tate. If you are active a bit on social media, you will already know that Andrew Tate is one of the most infamous person right now for his misogynistic take on society. He has already been banned from some social media platforms and has been getting immense hatred for his obnoxious views. However, there are people who seem to be influenced by him his views. Hence, many popular celebrities and personalities feel that they should keep a distance from him.

Credits to Esports Insider. Carlos Rodriguez was the CEO of G2 Esports.

However, it seemed that Rodriguez did not mind being seen with Tate, and had even parties with him. This seemed to be a devastating thing for G2 Esports. Rodriguez has been the CEO fo the Esports organisation right now, and the company had really grown up to be quite big and popular under him. However, soon after it was found out that he was having a good alliance with Tate, there was news from his side, that he was going to take eights days of unpaid leave. Soon after that, G2 Esports made the announcement that they are letting Rodriguez go from the CEO position.

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Why did G2 Let Rodriguez Go?

 Rodriguez and Tate.
Credits to Sportskeeda. Rodriguez and Tate.

Just because he had partied with Andrew Tate, that was the only reason to let the CEO go? Well, G2 has given a statement that they will not support misogyny of any sort, as the Esports community has been extremely toxic to the female players all the time. In fact, to become more inclusive, they have even tried to bring in the first female player in their League of Legends team too. They are trying to be more open toward female gamers who want to play competitive. They are quite aware of how females have to face unnecessary discrimination just because they are girls and are playing video games. They want to break the stigma that girls cannot play video games, and they are to stay away from it. Hence, this step was much needed to keep them aligned with their vision this year. Rodriguez has not said much about G2’s decision, and we just have to assume that he understands the situation and will be able to move on from it.

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