Credits to TechRadar. Krafton has come up with their own first ever Virtual Human- Ana!

Why are People Hyping Over Krafton’s First Virtual Human?

Newsroom Jun 19, 2022
Krafton has released two pictures of their first virtual human being- Ana and people have completely lost their minds!
The virtual human is created on Unreal Engine and looks extremely realistic for being created artificially.
The virtual human could be released later this year with an additional surprise!

You must have heard of virtual assistants, which are becoming all the more popular because of their close resemblance to humans in real life. Well, we are not exactly referring to Siri or Alexa, but the virtual assistants of Samsung, Samantha, and that whole trope. However, Krafton has recently gotten into the game, and we must say that they are going to give tough competition to the other companies who are planning to launch their own virtual assistants. In today’s news blog, we will be getting into Krafton’s virtual assistant, and why is it creating so much hype?

What is different about Krafton’s Virtual Human?

If you have not already seen Krafton’s first virtual human, then you must be wondering what all the hype is about. Virtual humans have been created by a few companies before, and they are still trying to make them perfect. However, one of the main reasons why Krafton has managed to blow everyone’s mind is because they have made the virtual as realistic as possible. If we were to compare Samsung’s Samantha to Krafton’s Ana, one would feel that Ana is an actual human being. They have also managed to give her small baby hairs and even a bit of fluffy skin, with some good muscle lines that do make an impact when she is talking. Not only this, but her pupils also dilate or move accordingly, and all these movements make her all the more realistic than any other virtual human that has been brought out till now.

Credits to Krafton. Ana looks extremely realistic for a virtual human being.

Ana has been made with highly-advanced rigging technology, and they used Unreal Engine for making the hyperrealistic features of her face and body. They have also added an extremely well-defined voice modulation technology that would help her talk and even sing like a normal human being.

Hence, one can easily understand the level of hype that the virtual human would cause. Till now, Krafton has released only two pictures of Ana, and people are beyond shocked at the level they have managed to replicate an actual human being digitally. The company seemed to be quite proud of its creation and is planning a big launch later.

When is Ana going to be launched?

Credits to Krafton. This is the second picture that the company released.

Ana was supposed to be launched early this year. However, due to some technical difficulties and shortcomings, they had to postpone the launch. After resolving all the issues, they are almost done with the whole project and are ready to launch Ana into the real world. Apparently, Krafton is thinking about launching Ana in a music video later this year. This would be extremely entertaining and also quite fun to see the first virtual human from Krafton’s side star in a music video and have a bang entry into the world of humans. Josh Seokjin Shin, who is the Hard Content Creator of the company, feels that Ana would be the perfect influencer for the upcoming generation who are closer to the world of the internet. They are basically launching Ana to attract people to Krafton’s Web 3.0 ecosystem's development.

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