Who are the best Twitch streamers of 2022? Photo via Twitch

Who are the best Twitch streamers of 2022? Photo via Twitch

Who were the best Twitch streamers in 2022?

Community Dec 21, 2022

Who are the best Twitch streamers of 2022?

Streamers are an important part of the gaming ecosystem which has led to fierce competition among the top streamers on Twitch, which has been the best go-to platform for all streamers. Today we look at a streamer who had a very successful 2022 and sits on the top of Twitch charts. Most of these streamers do not hail from a particular category and we strongly recommend them for the best streaming experience.

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xQc has to be the most controversial streamer of all time. Photo via xQc.

Felix "xQc" Lengyel is one of the most popular streamers who generally appears to end up being a subject of conversation. The Juicer got a ton of negative consideration for his choice to get back to betting on stream along with taking support bargains from the online club. He was seen all the more emphatically this month when he spoke up against another controversial figure Andrew Tate on his convictions on ladies and connections in a viral discussion. The Quebec local began his career in streaming in 2015, essentially playing League of Legends before the arrival of Overwatch in 2016. Since resigning from OWL, he has played a wide assortment of games and is known to stream for as long as 20 hours all at once.


The king of Twitch. Photo via RedBull.

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is as yet the most followed streamer on Twitch who held the decoration by a long shot, with more than 18 million followers. In spite of the fact that his channel's development has eased back extensively since its underlying blast in 2018, Ninja stays the most unmistakable name in streaming. Ninja made his way in the world of business when he marked his restrictiveness to manage Blender in 2019, and his ubiquity wasn't sufficient to keep the streaming stage up. He momentarily transferred on YouTube prior to getting back to Jerk. Ninja still basically plays Fortnite following a restored interest in the game with the "Zero Build" game mode.


Shroud is one of the beloved streamers. Photo via Twitch. 

Michael "Shroud" Greiziek is a former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player and is at present perhaps of the most watched streamers on Twitch. The former Cloud9 player held the record for the most subscribed player before leaving to sign an exclusive deal with Mixer. At the point when the Microsoft-claimed streaming stage shut down, he marked another exclusive deal with Twitch. After two years, the FPS streamer has more than 10 million adherents on Amazon's streaming platform. Despite the fact that he is a master CS:GO player, he typically streams Valorant and Pinnacle Legends nowadays.

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Most watched female streamer on Twitch. Photo via Twitch. 

Imane "Pokimane" Anys stays the most followed female decoration on the Jerk stage. Likewise named the "Sovereign of Jerk," Imane is perhaps of the most conspicuous name and faces in the streaming scene, with more than 9 million adherents on her channel and a huge number of fans checking out each stream. Despite the fact that she plays different games, Pokimane streams a lot of games these days which has put her in the variety category. In spite of beginning as a Class of Legends decoration prior to moving to Fortnite, Valorant is in her ongoing round of decisions. While she's at present sitting in the top ten most followed streamers, Pokimane's channel growth might be marginally hindered soon, as she as of late declared she would be enjoying some time off from streaming.


One of the funniest streamers on Twitch. Photo via Summit Twitch.

Jaryd Russell Lazar aka Summit1G is one of the biggest names on Twitch. He has made shockwaves across the streaming community  He partakes in the streaming of Grand Theft Auto V, iRacing, Escape from Tarkov, Foxhole, Valorant, Hearthstone, and so forth. In 2012, he began utilizing Jerk. He has in excess of 6 million supporters and gets 550 million perspectives each day. In 2018, Summit1G turned into the most famous channel on Twitch channel. His streams have garnered 416M hours together.


A fun element in the Twitch community. Photo via Sodapoppin stream. 

Possibility "Sodapoppin" had a major month in July. The assortment decoration is short of 9 million supporters on Jerk and reported that he would join the substance creation of OTK. Hailing from Austin, Texas he has been streaming on Twitch since around 2012, formerly streaming Worl of Warcraft prior to continuing on toward internet gambling. Today, he streams the absolute most well-known game deliveries, including the as-of-late delivered game, Stray.

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The only non-English streamer. Photo via Twitch. 

Hailing from Barcelona, Twitch streamer Ibai has more than 11 million followers. The Spanish-speaking Twitch streamer started his profession doing Spanish casting for League of Legends esports and has won The Esports Award for best streamer for two years straight. Ibai broke the record for most simultaneous watchers on a Twitch stream, hitting over 3.3 million viewers during a substance maker boxing occasion facilitated on his stream.

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