CS: GO is one of the most popular FPS games of all time.

Credits to WallpaperAccess. CS: GO is one of the most popular FPS games of all time. 

Which upcoming CS: GO tournaments should you not miss at all in 2022!

Community Sep 6, 2022

In this blog, we will be looking forward to all the popular upcoming CS: GO tournaments in 2022!

If you are looking forward to Esports tournaments, which are one of the most popular ones in the gaming community, then we have got you all covered! We will be going through some of the upcoming CS: Go tournaments that are in S-tier. Now you might be wondering what S-tier tournaments are. Well, there are tons of tournaments that are always held throughout the year. In this blog, we will be only looking at those CS: GO tournaments that are either official or have a higher prize pool. Usually, these tournaments are the ones where most of the well-known players and Esports organisations take part!

Upcoming CS: GO tournaments in 2022

Without wasting much time, let us get into all the upcoming CS: GO tournaments in 2022:

ESL Pro League Season 16

You must have already heard about the ESL Pro League Season 16 already. The ESL Pro League is one of the biggest and most authentic CS: GO tournaments that everyone makes sure to catch up with to find out who is the next best team in the world of CS: GO. Also, the fact that it has been running for some 16 seasons says a lot about its popularity.

Credits to ESL Pro. ESL Pro League Season 16.

This year the tournament began on June 16th, when the Conference Stage began. We are putting this tournament as an upcoming one, as the Group Stage is being held right now, and the main Playoff Stage is yet to come. The Playoffs will begin on September 27th and will end on October 2nd. Therefore, once the Group Stage ends, make sure to check the Playoffs, as it is definitely going to be one of the most intense and biggest CS: GO tournaments for the rest of this year!

Intel Extreme Masters Rio Major 2022

This was one of the most awaited Majors in CS: GO history of all time, and now it is back again. This 2022 major was actually supposed to be held in 2020 in the month of May. However, with the onset of the Global Pandemic and with such an uncertain situation, Valve thought that it would be best to postpone the whole Major indefinitely for later. Finally, they have decided to go for the Major, some two years later, and the fans are more than excited to see it come back! This Majors is going to be held in Rio de Janerio, and those who are interested in seeing the LAN event have already booked their tickets to watch one of the best majors in history.

Credits to ESL Gaming GmbH. Intel Extreme Masters Rio Major 2022.

Now you might be wondering why this major is so anticipated. Well, there is a reason. This is going to be the tournament with the highest prize pool in the CS: GO History of Tournaments. The Intel Extreme Masters Rio Major 2022 will have a total pool prize of $2,000,000! That is quite a huge amount, and you can expect tons of popular Esports organisations to participate in the tournament. The dates for this tournament are fixed from October 31- November 13, 2022.

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Elisa Masters Espoo 2022

Well, it seems that with the Major, there is another tournament that the CS: GO fans will have to catch up with. This is an official Finnish tournament, and it is going to be a global tournament too. Another amazing thing about this tournament is that it will be an offline event, so you can get the full experience of all the matches! Though you might find that the prize pool for this tournament is not that high, since they are quite new and there is a high chance that if this tournament keeps occurring, then the prize pools will also increase. For the time being, the prize pool is 200,000 USD.

Credits to Eisa Esports. Elisa Masters Espoo 2022.

The tournament is set to be held right after the Intel Extreme Masters Rio 2022. They are going to start on November 16th, 2022, and end on November 20th, 2022. Hence, make sure to catch up with the tournament to see another of the biggest tournaments and the newest one too!

BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022

Another tournament that all the fans are looking forward to is the BLAST Premier, the Fall Finals, which will be held after Elisa Masters Espo 2022. All these tournaments are lined up one after the other, and this makes the end of the year so special for the CS: GO fans for they will be able to witness all their favourite Esports teams one after another. They are going to offer a prize pool of $425,000 USD. It might not be a lot, but it is quite a good amount for some of the official tournaments.

Credits to blastpremiere.com. BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022.

This is a Danish tournament, and hence it will be held in Copenhagen. Hence, the LAN event for this tournament will be held in Copenhagen. Also, the team that wins this tournament will automatically be qualified to go to the World Finals. Hence, it will be quite fun to watch this tournament. Make sure to catch it live from November 23rd to November 27th, 2022!

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BLAST Premier: World Final 2022

This is an extension of the BLAST Premier championship that is going to make sure that you do not end the year on an empty note. The World Final will have all the best teams from across the world participating in this last massive tournament of the year, and everyone is quite excited about that! The prize pool for the World Final is just like all the official and best tournaments in CS: GO, like the PGL Major and the Intel Extreme Major! The prize pool that they are offering is $1,000,000. Hence, you can already expect all the very best players to be participating in this tournament.

Credits to EspportsGen. BLAST Premier: World Final 2022.

The offline events will most apparently be held in Abu Dhabi, and hence it will be quite an interesting change of place for the tournament. The tournament is going to be held from December 14th to December 18th, 2022. Therefore, make sure not to miss out on the last popular CS: GO tournament of the year!


These were some of the best CS: GO tournaments that are popular and have been much awaited throughout the year by the community. Hence, do make sure that you do not miss out on catching up with these tournaments!

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