Credits to Devdiscourse. What is the better option Mobile Gaming or PC Gaming.?

Which One Should You Go for: Mobile or PC gaming?

Community Mar 30, 2022

This is an age-old question that gamers and beginners keep on asking, which is superior: Mobile Gaming or PC Gaming? Today we will be getting into this extremely controversial debate and trying to come up with a definite solution. There are a lot of pros and cons for each of the categories, and recently, mobile gaming has also been on the rise. Previously, when games were developed, they were targeted toward PCs. However, with time, as the mobile interface began to develop, games started to integrate into mobile phones. As technology has started to develop, high-quality graphics games that would have solely run on PCs before can now also be played on mobiles.

Mobile Gaming

Let us first get into Mobile Gaming and go through all the pros and cons for a better understanding of the whole concept.

Credits to GamesRadar. Recently, there are phones specially built for gaming.


The first advantage of Mobile Gaming is accessibility. You can play mobile games anywhere and everywhere. For some games, you do not even need any network or mobile data. They can be played offline. Technology has advanced so well that now you can play third-person shooters, and also some high-end graphics-related games. However, when a PC game is introduced as a mobile game, a lot of things are reduced, especially the graphics quality. Hence, if you are someone who cares about graphics and the high-end quality of the games, then you should go for PC gaming.

Credits to The Indian Express. Now you can play games anywhere.

However, if you are more like a person who enjoys playing games while on a break or during your commute, then mobile gaming is the best option. Additionally, if you really enjoy playing mobile games, make sure to get a phone that has good accelerated hardware and can endure high graphics games easily.


This is a major advantage that mobile phones have over PCs. If you want to become a good PC gamer, then you will have to spend quite a lot to build a proper gaming PC. However, a mobile would always cost a lot less than a PC or even a gaming laptop.

Credits to The Indian Express. Mobile Gamers are now on the rise.

Even the games that are available to play on mobile are either quite cheap or free, whereas the same game might cost a bit more on PC. One perfect example would be the once-popular game Among Us. On mobile, the game was free for everyone. Whereas, for a PC or laptop, the game had to be bought. Therefore, you will get a lot more games for free on your mobile than on your PC.


There are more mobile games available right now on the market than PC games. One of the major reasons for this is that mobile games are easier to develop and create. Hence, amateur developers first go ahead and make prototype games for mobile users. This gives them a better understanding of what the general public wants in a game. Even mobile game users are more PC gamers than Indie developers, who also prefer to launch mobile games first since it is a low-cost investment. If your game does take off from there, then you can also get high profits. This is why suddenly there is a spike in mobile gaming rather than PC gaming.

Credits to Onmo. This is a graph where the market revenue of the games has been compared.

PC Gaming

Now that we've covered mobile gaming, let's take a look at some PC gaming points:

Better Processors and Graphics, Duh!

This is one of the major advantages that PC gamers have when in debate with mobile gamers. You will get a bigger screen, with high processors, better graphics, and an overall massive boost in your performance. The level of satisfaction you would feel on a PC may not be comparable to the level of satisfaction you will feel on your mobile device. There is no denying that when a PC game is adapted into a mobile game, a lot of the quality and experience get curbed. Thus, if you are already a PC gamer, you might not feel the same level of satisfaction while playing the same game on mobile.

Credits to Review Geek. Though it takes space, you will get high-speed processors.


Well, PCs are costly, there is no doubt about that. However, there is an economical way to cut the whole budget. You do need to buy everything in one go, and you can gradually build your PC. Maximum gamers first save up enough and then get the go-ahead to build their PC step-by-step. You can handpick all the components, go through the prices, and make sure which one is good enough for your budget.

Credits to Business Insider. You can customize the whole getup of your PC.

Indeed, the cost that will come altogether will still be higher than that of a mobile phone, but you can never assemble a mobile phone. It is more of an all-purpose thing. Your mobile might have a good processor, but the display might not be good, or vice versa. You cannot change the specific specifications of your phone.


Imagine you are playing Minecraft and want to relax a bit. So you switch from your keyboard to a console, immediately. Now you can sit back and relax while you build your mining base. However, if you were playing on a mobile phone, you might have to use the phone's functions itself, and you would not be able to use all the controllers. This is seen as both an advantage and a disadvantage.

Credits to Debugger. PC with an Xbox is always the best combination you can go for.

In PC gaming, you have a variety of controllers, like keyboards, consoles, and joysticks, with which you can play.  However, if you go for mobile phones, it is not that easy to use a console. There are a lot of specifications and investments that you need to make so that you can use a joystick or console while playing mobile games. Generally, people just use the screen as a controller while playing mobile games.

This is also another reason why newbies prefer mobile games over PC. It is never that easy to learn all the shortcuts and controls on a keyboard or console, whereas on a mobile phone it is quite simple to learn all the controls and understand them too.

Final Thoughts

Finally, now you might be waiting for this very moment all throughout the article. If you have gone through all the points thoroughly, then you must have already come to some conclusion. It is quite difficult to just pronounce a certain type as the winner. However, we can make it simpler for you. Mobile gaming is better for those who are just starting out in the gaming world or for those who are not that interested in gaming but just want to pass time. However, PC gaming is more suitable for those who seriously want to get into gaming, and also those who want to spend a lot of time playing games. So, you can choose either one depending on your gaming needs and style.

Credits to GamingonPhone. It is up to you which one would you choose.

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