Esports and the Gaming Industry is making people millionaires now!

Credits to Unsplash. Esports and the Gaming Industry is making people millionaires now!

Which Esports Game has the Highest Prize Pool?

Community Sep 12, 2022

In this blog, we will be looking at all the popular Esports games which has the highest prize pool like Dota 2 and LoL.

Esports has been known as the place where you can actually earn a lucrative amount once you get all settled in and start to play professionally. Hence, many of you who are starting out in the Esports world might be curious as to which games or Esports will actually pay you the most. Usually, this depends upon how well you get into the tournaments, and how professional a player you are going to be. However, there is no harm in getting an average idea of which Esports games are the profitable ones, and which one has a better prospect.

List of the Games that Award the Most Prize Money

Without wasting much time, let us get into all the games that award the most prize money in their official tournaments:

Dota 2

Now you might already have heard that the International, the office and the biggest Dota 2 tournament is also one of those tournaments which have the highest prize pool. Hence, there is no doubt that Dota 2 had to be so high on the list. The International has literally made tons of Dota 2 players millionaires, and this is the reason why people flock to Dota 2 for their Esports journey, as once you are well established in the league, you will be dealing in millions. However, this is also the main reason why the Esports world of Dota 2 feels so crowded and saturated right now. All the beginners tend to go towards Dota 2 for the high income. However, not everyone can become a millionaire that easily, and it takes a lot of patience and dedication to reach up there.

Credits to Dota 2. Dota 2.

Currently, Dota 2 has spent some $290,499,590.89 approximately on a total of 1681 tournaments! That is truly quite the number. Some of the popular Esports players of Dota 2 are Johan Sundstein, Jesse Vainikka, and Anathan Pham.

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This is definitely the most popular Esports game, for both professional gamers and also content creators. Fortnite is ruling the gaming market right now and is one of the biggest games in the world right now. Hundreds of collaborations have been done in this game, with celebrities and other influential people coming on to this game, either virtually, or physically playing the game. Hence, there would be little doubt that the game would be one of the highest-paying Esports tournaments too. However, unlike Dota 2, there are multiple Fortnite tournaments that are actually quite popular and equally pay well. The only reason Fortnite comes in second is that it is not as old as Dota 2. Though we are quite sure that after a few years, Fortnite is going to be on the top of this list.

Credits to Epic Games. Fortnite.

Till now Fornite has given out some $141,050,556.05 approximately on some 857 tournaments. Some of the popular tournaments are Fornite World Cup and the Fortnite Smikerish Series (Fall and Summer). Fortnite Esports players that you might know are Kyle Giersdorf, Harrison Chang, and David Wang.

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive

The OG FPS game cannot be thrown out of the list that easily. CS: Go has always been an extremely popular Esports game, and people for the longest of times have been following the tournaments and the matches of that game. Some even consider Cs: Go to be the founder of the FPS gaming community, and we cannot agree more. Hence, it is of course common knowledge that the Cs: Go will have quite a good amount of prize pool to offer to their players. However, with time the CS: Go Esports community has started to saturate a lot, with many new players getting in, but only a few being able to make it to the top. Also, with the introduction of Valorant, many of the Cs: Go pros have shifted there. Yet, when it comes to making history, Cs: Go is the Esports to have broken many records.

Credits to Steam. CS: GO.

Cs: Go has spent some $138,805,701.59 approx, and has held some 6357 tournaments till now! Of course, the most popular tournaments have to be the ELeague and the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG). The Esports players in the game that everyone knows are Andreas Højsleth, Peter Rasmussen, and Nicolai Reedtz.

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League of Legends

Riot has always made sure that they prioritised League of Legends, and today it is one of the most awaited Esports games yet. Every League of Legends World Championship is always awaited with much anticipation where there is a grand opening and closing ceremony. The World Championship keeps getting grander every year, and hence there is little doubt that people will be attracted to go towards League of Legends professionally. There are tons of Esports plates that are still getting richer with every tournament they win, and this is making the gamers turn towards LoL as an official Esports game for themselves.

Credits to Riot Games. League of Legends.

Till now they have spent some $95,431,833.41 on 2736 tournaments! That is quite a lot considering that League of Legends has been around for some 10 years or so. Not only this till now there is only one tournament that Riot makes sure to give their all for and that is the League of Legends World Championships. However, this does tend to always hype up the fans more than expected. Some of the popular League of Legends Esports players are Sang Hyeok Lee, Ho Seong Lee, and Jun Sik Bae.

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These were some of the Esports games that pay the most money as their prize pool. However, just finding out about these games will never be enough. You need to be extremely dedicated to being an Esports professional player. You have to grind and face tons of failure in your path to finally get to that point of your life where you see your idols right now.

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