Esports games have skill cap or may believe they do. Photo via Pinterest.

Esports games have skill cap or may believe they do. Photo via Pinterest. 

Which Esports have the highest skill cap?

Community Nov 18, 2022

We have put together a list of games which are generally perceived to have a very high skill cap.

If you want to get into the world of Esports, there is a good chance that you have come across the term 'skill cap'. If you are unaware, skill cap in general perception is defined as the ceiling in terms of skill for players, invisible limitations on how good players can get. Improvement in individual quality stops when a player hits the skill cap. Every competitive game is said to have one but we have seen pro players break it time and time again.

It can be argued that a game doesn't have a skill instead the players are the ones who stop improving after a certain point. Some games have a bigger learning curve than others and it may be because of this that players believe that the games have a high skill cap. The learning curve can be defined as the time taken to reach a certain level of proficiency where you can boast solid fundamentals in a game. There can be more than one reason why a game feels difficult to you and it may not always be said learning curve.

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Gamers believe the bigger the learning curve the higher the skill ceiling but it may not be the case on most occasions.  Some games have tons of in-game elements while others are fairly simple, this may increase the time it takes for gamers to learn, to be more proficient. What this does is demotivates the players from pursuing the game as an Esport.

Here in this article, we discuss some top Esport titles that are generally known to be competitive with a high skill cap.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive:

Oldest competitive shooter. Photo via Steam.
Oldest competitive shooter. Photo via Steam.

One of the most popular Esports games out there. CSGO is one of the oldest games in the scene that is said to be the most mechanically difficult game. However, it doesn't take much time to understand the basics but to be a professional player, roots must go deeper. There is more to the game than what meets the eye, which is the same for most Esports titles. Once you have found your way around the menu, settings, and most importantly the maps, then you can start with the fundamentals that you must establish in order to be a pro. Stewie2k is a popular CSGO player who played the game for only a few years before winning a major, the most coveted trophy in the game while there are others who spend twice as much time as he did and failed to go pro.  Intelligence, mechanics, and knowledge are key to most Esports titles which can be argued differ from player to player and for the same reason, everyone's peak is different from others.

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Dota 2:

Dota 2 is said to have the longest learning curve. Photo via Steam.
Dota 2 is said to have the longest learning curve. Photo via Steam. 

Defense of the ancients or Dota is one of the most popular games out there. Although Dota is said to have lost its charm, only a few games match the prize pool that a Dota TI can boast. The game has a legion of fans who come back to the game despite not playing for long hours. It is said that Dota has one of the longest learning curves and requires a long time to just learn the basics which has given rise to most players believing that it has a huge skill gap. The story is the same, some players take more time than others to reach a certain level and the plethora of in-game elements set players back by quite some time. The same can be said for League of Legends a game that Dota shares some elements.  

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Valorant shares its roots with CSGO. Photo via Riot.
Valorant shares its roots with CSGO. Photo via Riot. 

Arguably the most popular game right now, Valorant has a lot of things that are derived from CSGO. For this very reason, many believe the learning curve is the same as that of CS. However, it can be argued that the introduction of agents and abilities has shifted the focus from mechanics and players required to master agents in order to play at the highest level.  The introduction of agents has changed the game in many ways but the fact that most pro players have a CS background speaks to the domination of Valve's game. Many would agree that the mechanical skills picked up from CSGO have helped them transition to other FPS games and Valorant is no exception. The fundamentals are the same but agents and their abilities change the game so much so that it takes a whole new learning curve.


PUBG introduced a whole new genre of Esports. Photo via Steam.
PUBG introduced a whole new genre of Esports. Photo via Steam. 

It is a game that created an entirely new genre of Esports. Battle Royals were never really looked upon as a competitive space but PUBG changed that whole dynamic. PUBG PC boasts a healthy and thriving Esports scene though not as popular as some of the other games. The skill ceiling has a different meaning here and often a lot of which is decided by fate. The game is not that difficult to learn but there is a chance of getting the fundamentals wrong early into the game. It is important that players take their time to learn it even though it may look difficult at first.

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