Credits to XDA Developers. PUBG Mobile has become one of the most popular FPS shooter games. 

When will PUBG Mobile's next Update be Released?

Newsroom Mar 28, 2022


Here is the overview that lays forward for those who want to know the gist of it:

  • PUBG Mobile 1.10 Updates’ Release Date to be revealed.
  • Though the date has not yet been officially revealed, we have our own speculations.
  • We're predicting PUBG Mobile 1.10’s upcoming features.
  • Know how the new features are going to be effective in the game.
Credits to GameSpot. PUBG Mobile's Gameplay has been improving.

PUBG Mobile has been one of the most recent games that have been quite popular for some time, and they will hold this position for quite some time. The developers are trying their best to keep a hold on their fan base, and hence try to make sure to keep them engaged with new additions and features in the game. It is quite easy to make new developments as the game is comparatively new, and they have quite several ideas. The time has come for another major update in PUBG mobile. We are sure that PUBG mobile fans are more than excited about the new update, and might want to know when is the next update going to be released.

PUBG Mobile’s 1.10 Updates Release Date

Unfortunately, we do not have much information on when PUBG Mobile’s next update is expected to be released, yet we can make a small assumption. As the news ab0ut, this has been recently notified, however, we can expect that maybe the update could be released in the middle of May. If we go for something more specific, looking at the previous updates, then we can say that the releases could be expected by May 20. It could be later or earlier even. This is just a tentative date.

Credits to Hammers Esports. The release date of the new updates is yet to be notified.

This is the 1.10 update of the PUBG Mobile, and gamers are keeping high hope from this one as there is supposed to be a new battle pass in this update, and also some new features that were quite needed in the game. There have been a lot of discussions regarding what features and actions would make the game better. Now we will get to see if the developers have used these features or incorporated them into the game.

Features of the New Updates For the Future

We have good news for the PUBG Mobile fans. This is some secret information that we have on the 1.10 updates. Here is what you can expect in the new update:

  • C2S5 Month 9 Royale Pass- Fans have been waiting for this battle pass for quite some time, and even we are quite excited about it. It will be interesting to see the features and new awards that will be there in this royale pass. Though there has not been much information or a sneak peek regarding what more is going to be new.
  • Weapon Throw feature- This would be quite an interesting feature, where you could throw the weapon that is in hand, which becomes easier to give or pick up other weapons.
  • Emergency Pickup- This will be a new feature and we will look forward to how they will implement this.
  • Bicycle- This is going to be quite a fun addition to the game, and we can already predict that people will be using bicycles most of the time.
Credits to Gamepur. One of the promotional looks of the game.
  • ATV vehicle- This is again another vehicle that will be added to the game. This will be another addition and fans are quite excited about all these new vehicles being added in the recent update.
  • Self Revive Kit- This will be quite useful in the game if there is a self revival kit. Previously, there would be just revival kits, and those who had those kits would have to go over and heal others. Therefore, this would be an important feature.
  • Lynx AMR sniper rifle- We have a new sniper rifle too! It seems like this update is going to get better and better!
  • Zombie Mode- This is another addition that is going to be more than fun to play with friends and randoms!
  • Anniversary Mode– Finally, we have the anniversary mode. PUBG Mobile will be celebrating its 4th anniversary pretty soon, and hence the mode might bring in some special rewards and achievements.

This was all about the 1.10 PUBG Mobile Update that will be released after some time. To know more about these updates and when it is going to be released make sure to be tuned in to our blogs!

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