What would be the Gaming Technologies in 2023. Picture: EsportsHub

What would be the Gaming Technologies in 2023? Picture: EsportsHub

What would be the Gaming Technologies in 2023?

Newsroom Jan 2, 2023

Gaming is a significant component of the metaverse, and in 2023, we can expect to see even more growth in the virtual reality gaming industry.


  • The global economic downturn and privacy initiatives hurt mobile games while VR gained ground.
  • From advancements in virtual reality technology to the integration of blockchain into gaming, here are five things we can expect in the gaming world in 2023.

Making predictions is still silly and tough. After two strong years of growth for gaming in 2020 and 2021, 2022 had a different rhythm than anticipated. It was still among the most unexpected games in history. As it has been discovered during the epidemic, now consider prophecies with optimism and fear.

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The epidemic affected real life and the video game business, making it impossible to forecast what would happen. In 2020, game firms had record sales, and wonder if this was just a one-time blip brought on by lockdowns prompted by the coronavirus. People engage in gaming to occupy themselves, maintain social relationships, and stay alive.

Console and PC games will get stronger, but mobile games may get weaker with the economy

Console and PC games will get stronger, but mobile games may weaken with the economy. Picture: Gaming World

All anticipate that the video gaming industry will again see growth. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles will often be available at most stores at some point throughout the year. The PlayStation VR 2 will appear in February, giving the PS5 a mid-life boost. Due to competition from comparable products like the Steam Deck, Nintendo may eventually reveal a Switch successor.

While Sony essentially ruled the 2022 Christmas season, Microsoft should return in 2023 with a great lineup of games, including Starfield, Redfall, Alan Wake 2, and others. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Dead Space may be found in Electronic Arts. Hogwarts Legacy and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League have release dates. Nintendo has The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Diablo 4 is on the way. Square Enix produces Final Fantasy XVI. Sony is home to Spider-Man 2. Judas is the creator of BioShock. The list continues. This list should stimulate demand as long as players can get new systems.

The pseudo-metaverse will start to emerge

Instead of true metaverse experiences, we will receive smaller-scale ones that follow de facto norms. Do not fall for a lie. Although it won't be the open metaverse, this will be someone's metaverse.

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According to a poll published by the Game Developers Conference in March 2022, just 17% of game developers were engaged in metaverse project development, while 83% were not. I believe we would see a trend toward more projects in the works if that poll were conducted today. Work on video game galaxies (not quite true open metaverses) like Roblox, Minecraft, Dreams, and Fortnite will be among those initiatives. But it's probable that additional metaverse platforms will appear, and you can guarantee that game developer will take advantage of the chance to publish content there.

Gaming will disrupt other industries, and outside forces will disrupt it

Gaming has a strong hold on our free time, and there are more and more native gamers with each passing generation of players. We have seen unstoppable expansion and generational shifts throughout the years.

The Entertainment Software Association estimates that gamers are 33 years old on average. And at least one gamer resides in 69% of American households. Furthermore, 97% of Americans think that games are useful in some manner. 13 hours are now spent playing on average per week, up from 12 in 2021. As a result, audiences are diverted from other activities, which is why Hollywood produces so much entertainment centered on video games. Other sectors are being influenced by gaming technology, such as the cloud and game engines.

Geopolitics will continue to interfere with global gaming

Geopolitics will continue to interfere with global gaming. Picture: Xbox

Our thoughts are with the geopolitical victims. The vast game development community in Ukraine has been dispersed as a result of the Russian invasion, which has claimed a great number of lives. There is some fighting. Some left the nation. Some people moved and now work from home, sometimes without a stable electricity grid.

The Russian video game sector has also been hurt by Russian hostility. Many gaming firms, like Wargaming and My Games, have relocated their developers abroad. It's safe to claim that no one now invests in locally developed Russian gaming firms. However, the exodus has brought in much-needed talent for international gaming firms. Mytona operates in Singapore and New Zealand after relocating its personnel from Russia.

AI will trigger big changes in games and game development

The use of AI characters as the primary players in video games is an increasing trend. Humans will train AI characters who will spend their lives in simulated gaming settings rather than playing as them, like in Fable's future The Simulation. Humans are trainers, not players, according to this. Startups like Inworld AI are developing smarter non-player characters (NPCs) for video games using constantly advancing intelligence technologies to make the interaction seem much more authentic. These games will entice us into the gaming dream or keep us interested in their gripping stories.

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Technologies like generative AI, AI art, and AI conversation will also alter the production of games. With effects in fields as diverse as programming, user acquisition, and art, the technology may threaten many professions involved with grunt labor. Many veterans won't like the effect it will have on labor, but if the technologies deliver efficiencies that lower the high costs of game production, it will be difficult to stop the wave. Consider developing innovative work methods that make use of technology.

Gaming for wellness will become a regular conversation

Gaming for wellness will become a regular conversation. Picture: EsportsHub

There were several memes about violent video game addiction before the epidemic. We learned during the epidemic that gaming provided us with much-needed social and psychological comfort. Campaigns like Play Apart Together helped spread the word about gaming's benefits.

According to the Entertainment Software Association's yearly study, many people believe gaming is good for their mental health. 89% of respondents claim that playing video games helps them relax. And 93% of people think playing video games can be enjoyable. Another 88% think they develop cognitive abilities. 57% of people play to relax, 46% to escape, 44% to exercise their minds, and so on.

Web3 gaming’s comeback chance will depend on a wave of high-quality games from legit game teams

Web3 gaming is not well-liked by gamers in the West, but it is more popular there. Many saw it as a collection of frauds, money grabs, convoluted technology, and flawed business practices. Believers see it as potentially disruptive because it gives users control over their digital assets and opportunities to make money, like the resale of previously available used games.

Venture capitalists have poured a tonne of cash into the market; according to Drake Star Partners, investments in Web 3 games will account for half of all funding in the third quarter of 2022. Much of the money was given to seasoned game developers with triple-A goals, but their products have not yet been released.

Gaming will become more open

Many factors at work will open up gaming. The internet browser is about to make a comeback. Businesses are resorting to the open web to circumvent the app store limitations. This, in the past, meant poor visuals and little interaction. However, faster delivery could be made possible by emerging standards like glTF and exclusive technologies.

The open metaverse may one day replace the open web. Even while that won't happen anytime soon, enough people are discussing it that some of the largest and most significant businesses in the sector are actively discussing it.

When Epic Games filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple and Google, it brought up the subject of transparency. The European Union and South Korea have imposed reforms that major corporations like Apple and Google will have to abide by before the outcome of the appeals in the United States in that case. The ability for developers to establish their independent app shops is one outcome of US legal action and EU law.

Gaming deals will continue to grow with consolidation in metaverse and Web3 sectors

Will there be more industry consolidation? Whether or whether Microsoft's $68.7 billion purchase of Activision Blizzard goes through, it's a safe bet that it will take place. The Federal Trade Commission is suing to block that agreement, focusing on the need for transparency and antitrust restraints.

However, the slowdown in the economy will make life difficult for many small and medium-sized game publishers and developers. Companies will merge to grow in that economy, and competitors will counter the move with their expansion plans. Following record-breaking years in 2021 and 2020, Drake Star Partners says that gaming agreements reached new heights in 2022 on the acquisition and startup investment fronts. It is thus not difficult to forecast that the tendency will continue.

Investor capital will keep flowing into the gaming industry as it outperforms other industries. As a result, businesses will have war chests, making even the largest firms in the sector susceptible to takeover pressure.

The realism and imagination of games will astound us

The most straightforward forecast is this one. Gaming has consistently advanced. But as Meta Reality Lab's CTO, Mike Abrash, has noted, this isn't a done deal. It relies on the creativity and perseverance of game creators to create the greatest game they can. It is not a certainty that we will always have the more computational power to improve the visual quality of our games due to Moore's Law slowing down and the need for sustainability. But we haven't benefited from technology yet.

With the assistance of game engines like Unreal Engine 5.1 and Unity, interactive entertainment has been able to catch up to the stunning visuals we've seen in movies. Although game developers are hard at work developing incredible experiences, they haven't been able to use these technologies fully yet. Additionally, there is a desire since we gamers always seek something to satisfy our imaginations, whether via improved visuals or deft gameplay that surprises and excites us.

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