Things to watch in a gaming phone. Picture Courtesy: Amoled Gaming

Things to watch in a gaming phone. Picture Courtesy: Amoled Gaming

What to look for in a Gaming Phone?

Strategy Aug 20, 2022

Of course, if you plan on gaming, you need to be powerful enough to run the latest games in the best way possible.


  • Some critical factors to consider are if you’re looking for a gaming phone or simply a phone, then an average for games.
  • You only need to be concerned about a small number of product lines since, unlike Android, iOS is only supported on devices that Apple produces.

Gaming on mobile devices used to be easy. Since games weren't very demanding, almost all phones could run them. The situation has become increasingly complicated over time. Manufacturers aren't exactly making things simple, and a phone from last year may not be able to run games from today. How are you meant to choose which Samsung Galaxy model is the greatest for mobile gaming when over 100 distinct models have been produced in the previous ten years?

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Fortunately, it is much simpler to determine which tablets and phones are excellent performers if you can go into the details. Since phone manufacturers sometimes prefer to conceal or obfuscate a phone's actual hardware, you may need to read between the lines.

Gaming in iOS

Player playing game in iOS. Picture Courtesy: PUBG

We'll cover iOS first before getting into how to choose an excellent Android gaming tablet or phone. It's much simpler to determine which Apple gaming device is most significant at any particular moment if you're shopping for the best one available.

Look at the most recent and pricey smartphone if you want to use iOS. You only need to be concerned about a small number of product lines since, unlike Android, iOS is only supported on devices that Apple produces. The latest iPhone flagship line will be the most fantastic iOS gaming phone. The iPhone XS Max now fills that role, but you can guarantee that when the next iPhone model debuts later this year, it will be at least somewhat quicker, have more RAM, and have a better display. You should consider the bigger iPad Pro models currently on the iPad market for iPads.

However, one thing to keep in mind with iOS is that Apple's products tend to get upgrades and remain current for much longer than their Android counterparts. For instance, the September 2014-released iPhone 6/6S is still receiving updates, despite Apple's problems with built-in obsolescence, which causes older phones to slow down and lose battery life far more quickly after a few years. Nearly five years after it first entered the market, it is challenging to locate an Android handset that is still getting upgrades, and many of these phones also have problems.

The drawback of using iOS for gaming is that you'll have to spend more upfront for the device and have fewer game options. For games on iOS, you'll only have access to the Apple App Store; however, you may also utilise the Amazon store. You can utilise the Google Play Store, Amazon Store, and many more retailers with Android. You may sideload games to play them devoid of any shop, which is another option. Here are the top iPhone games available if you're switching to Apple.

Gaming in Andriod

A player is playing the game in Andriod. Picture Courtesy: COD

It's harder to choose an Android gaming device than an iOS one. Although you usually pay less than if you choose Apple, you have the benefit of having much more flexibility when selecting a phone or tablet.

The fact that specifications across models may be very similar and that manufacturers often conceal the hardware utilised in their phones adds to the difficulty of selecting an Android-powered handset. To help you cut through the marketing hype and determine if a phone or tablet is genuinely any good for gaming or not, we'll break down each component below in simple words. According to us, these are the finest Android games, and the best Android phones are those made by Samsung, Honor, and Razer.

First, go for a Display

When purchasing a tablet or phone, you should make three considerations: resolution, pixels per inch, and panel type. Resolution is a simple process. The better, the higher it is. Manufacturers may sometimes use phrases like Quad High Definition (QHD) or Ultra High Definition in place of a screen's measurements. Despite being mostly descriptive, the phrases are primarily merely marketing jargon. These phrases will be some of the most commonly encountered while gazing at a phone or tablet display, so we've broken them down for you below.

Since UHD is a marketing word also connected with TVs, it's probable that you already know what it means. However, TVs jumped from 1080p to 4K, so QHD could be a new word for you unless you've been looking for a computer monitor. The size and resolution of a display are used to directly compute the number of pixels per inch (PPI). This number is calculated using a complicated calculation, although it's mainly for marketing purposes. A smaller panel often has a greater PPI than a bigger monitor at the exact resolution. This is because more pixels must fit into a given space on smaller screens.

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Most of the time, you can estimate how crisp a display will be by looking at its size and resolution. PPI isn't very helpful when selecting a mobile device and is often just included since it's a metric that marketing can use to claim is more important than the model from the previous year.

Go for CPU

Identifying the most acceptable Central Processing Unit (CPU) for PCs used to be simple. Simply choose the one that drew the most GHz, and you were done. All of that changed with the introduction of multi-core consumer-level CPUs in the early 2000s. Tablets and phones followed the same path but much more quickly.

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Octa-core CPUs are used in the newest mobile chipsets; however, not all of those cores contribute to overall performance. When looking at a tablet or phone, you will generally notice that the CPU has two separate speed ratings. This is often condensed into something difficult to understand right away. For instance, the Google Pixel 3 has a "2.5 GHz + 1.6 GHz 64-Bit Octa-Core" CPU. What does it imply for someone just interested in gaming, though? Well, it could imply that having more cores doesn't always equate to having greater raw processing power.

Most of the time, the newest mobile devices only utilise half of their CPU cores. Half of the cores are designed to be power-efficient. They operate at a slower pace and are designed to save battery life. Your smartphone will switch to a more robust set of CPU cores when you begin a demanding task, such as playing a game, to give you more power.

This implies that a gaming device doesn't always benefit from having more cores. An octa-core device, designed more for power savings than speed, may not be as effective at intense work as a hexacore CPU with quicker cores. Additionally, two phones with the same chipset and CPU may perform differently regarding gaming benchmarks.

Fortunately, mobile games often consider both mid-range and new flagship smartphones. You should be able to play any game currently offered on mobile devices if you have a phone or tablet with a chipset developed within the previous year or so. Some phones, like the Honor View 20, even offer Gaming+ settings that increase performance for gaming while cutting down on other features, reducing battery consumption even while CPUs work harder.

RAM - How much do you need?

Specifications for Random Access Memory (RAM) are far less complex than those for CPUs. The amount of data that may be active and available on your device at once is referred to as RAM. This includes character models, level geometry, and textures for video games. The less flash memory your phone must load, and the more influential the graphics may be, the more RAM you have. The more RAM you have, the better since the Graphics Processing Unit of a mobile device shares the same RAM pool as the rest of your phone.

In comparison to PCs or even gaming consoles, mobile devices continue to require very little RAM. A mid-range tablet or phone should contain 2 GB of RAM or less, in contrast to the 4 GB of LPDDR4X RAM found in the Pixel 3 we used as an example above. When a mobile device's RAM is at its maximum capacity, it will automatically begin shutting down background programmes, which will be helpful if you're focused on a game. However, if no method exists to release extra RAM and you reach your maximum, you may experience lag and potentially even crashes when playing games. The more RAM a gadget has, the better it is for gaming. At a minimum, go for 3 GB, but strive for more. The finest smartphones have between 6 and 8GB, which is plenty.

GPU, is it important?

Since every mobile GPU uses a system on a chip, they are essentially an afterthought. There isn't a dedicated separate GPU as you would get in a PC with this architecture. Instead, the CPU and GPU are coupled. You'll receive a high-end GPU if you purchase a high-end CPU. Mobile devices don't distinguish between the two. Therefore, there is no actual justification for selecting a device based on its GPU.

This guide simplifies the nuanced aspects of mobile hardware to help you decide which smartphone or tablet is best for you. It might be challenging to determine which mobile device is the finest since gaming is sometimes a secondary factor when one is being created.

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