What Qualities Make the Best Assaulter| Squad Series

Strategy Feb 4, 2022

What qualities make a good Assaulter| Squad Series

‘In-Game Leader’‘Assaulter’‘Snipper’ ‘Supporter’

Each member of a squad has a specific role to play & each role adds up to determine the team’s future i.e. if the team will win or not. An E-sports Tournament/Scrim is just like a game of Tug of War. No matter how hard the front person draws the rope, the team will win only if all the members behind him put in equal effort. Similarly, no matter how hard the IGL may try, in the end, for the team to win: efforts should be applied equally from each player of the squad.

Who is an Assaulter?

Well, if you have started to read this blog then you already know who an Assaulter is. Still, for clarification purposes & a sounder manner of understanding, let’s briefly explain who an Assaulter is?

In various Battle Royale Games like BGMI, PUBG, etc, you have a squad of four members, one of which is an Assuaulter, also known by the name Entry Fragger. The assaulter gives the initial knock/boost needed by a team when a fight starts against an enemy. The assaulter’s main task is to rush towards the opponent team while firing continuously so that the team can take cover and wipe the enemies off! Basically, the assaulter is the first person from the team to start firing against the enemy. No hard rules, but this is what professional teams apply in their gameplays.

Now let’s discuss the qualities that should be possessed by an Entry Fragger/Assaulter to get better at his role & ultimately become the best.

Choose Your Weapons Wisely: First comes first! We’ve mentioned this earlier & we’ll mention it again that a game starts well before you enter the battleground! You need to know well which equipment you’ll be running for in the game when you start so that you’re focused to equip yourself with that specific weapon. As an Assaulter, you should know which assault rifle suits you the best(you should get this figured out when you practice in the practice arenas!) Usually, the following assault rifles are widely used: AKM(Ammo Type: 7.62mm, Damage: 49, Fire Rate: 600 rounds/minute), M16A4(Ammo Type: 5.56 mm, Damage: 43, Fire Rate: 600 rounds/minute), SCAR-L(Ammo Type: 5.56 mm, Damage: 43, Fire Rate: 576 rounds/minute), M416(Ammo Type: 5.56 mm, Damage: 43, Fire Rate: 660 rounds/minute), etc. Out of all these rifles, some might not suit you but suit your friends. It depends on your capacity to deal with them-which one will be the best for you? Check all their properties like damage, recoil rate, fire rate & choose the best for you!!

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Be The Early Bird: Ya, well birds sound harmless but by the early bird we mean that You need to be the Early Attacker! As an entry Fragger/Assaulter, it becomes your task to rush as soon as you spot the enemy, of course, towards them! You need to take the first official knock of the opponent team/enemy to give a boost to your team. You’re an assaulter for a reason. Even when you rush the enemies, make sure that you maintain some distance and stay in the proximity of your squad. As you fight for your team as the Frontman, your team members will provide you cover, and hence the PERFECT WIN!

Focus on Headshots: In most Battle Royale Games, the maximum damage is done if you go for Headshots! Aiming for a headshot in such panic situations might come in as a huge challenge but that’s where your skills as an Assaulter are tested. Most professional Assaulters go in for headshots because that feels more rewarding & saves time for you to go onto your next hunt! See, nothing is impossible if you put in your 100% & use the perfect strategies for the same. So, keep practicing & try to use the zoomed-in view while shooting to get the perfect headshot for your team next time!

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Knock Out the Campers (Halfway Stair Strategy): We all know how campers try enacting all pro when the first thing they’re doing is actually the opposite of what they do! True Gamers Don’t Camp, They Hunt! So, campers are usually found hiding on the second floor occupying the corners & aiming the crosshairs at the stairs for a headshot. Now imagine you climb up the stairs & BOOM! Rather than getting the supplies, you get a headshot from the hiders. You don’t want that, we know that well. So here’s a pro tip. Whenever you climb up the stairs in multi-storeyed apartments, make sure to climb up halfway & then observe if anyone’s around. What next? Observe. Spot. Headshot. Also, try to be as gentle & silent as possible when you climb up because you don’t want your enemy(the camper) alert!

Know the Camera Modes(TPP/FPP): In almost every Battle Royale Game, you’re given the facility to change the camera modes at your convenience. Usually, there are two types available: the First-Person Perspective(FPP) & the Third-Person Perspective(TPP). If you’re playing as an assaulter then it’ll be best for you if switch to the TPP mode, because its view, is less limited as compared to FPP. If you stick to a corner & use TPP mode, then you can aim at your enemy without being spotted. Hence, more & safer kills.

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Be a Good Teammate: Since now we’ve discussed almost all the strategies that should be implemented into gameplay for being a better assaulter, it’s time to understand the benefits you can achieve from being a good teammate. Well, if you communicate frequently & mannerly with your teammates, then there are always higher chances of winning because you’ll then know well what each player is up to. Good communication & cooperation skills always act as a plus point for any member of the team. So, the next time you go for a match, be kind & act friendly with the squad! You should know their upcoming moves & they should know yours.

These strategies were all we had in store for the Assaulting team! We hope that on implementing these strategies, you’ll get better than before, and eventually the best with practice. Thank you for reading & stay tuned for our upcoming blogs on the Squad Series.

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