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Strategy Jan 28, 2022

“A good leader knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

A leader’s presence is essential in every aspect of life, be it while playing games in your childhood, while going on trips in schools, in college clubs, corporates, NGOs, politics, literally everywhere. Similarly, we need a leader better known as an In-Game Leader while playing tournaments/scrims/matches of various MOBA E-sports games!

Why do we need an In-Game leader?

If there are five people in a squad, then in the absence of an IGL, all the five people in the squad would go in different directions because they have different strategies for the gameplay. They all might be right in their opinions but when they start going by their own strategies, they go on as individuals, and eventually, the team breaks apart & loses. In such scenarios, the presence of an IGL would have made the squad stay together & the members then might have gone in the same direction with unity, making it more favorable for the team to be the winner & have the chicken dinner!

Well, now we’ll be discussing the various qualities that should be in an In-Game Leader irrespective of the game you’re playing. Reading the blog till the end might equip you with strategies & tips which would help enhance your role as an IGL. Let’s get started!

  1. Know Your Squad Well: First comes first, as an IGL, you should know each member of the squad on a personal level. Trying to connect with each member individually will make the players feel more included, thus more motivation & better gameplay. Also, the trust for you as an IGL builds up. You should have a good connection with each of them. You should be well aware of each member’s qualities & the kind of environment/gameplay they’re suitable to play in, for example, will your squad be successful in a loose environment or structured gameplay? Which member should be designated the role of a sniper, assaulter, etc. Also, make sure to check if the team members will be able to coordinate well or not! It doesn’t matter how well the players are performing individually because if they can’t perform well in the squad by collaborating with other members, the team has a high chance of losing. Because ‘no coordination equals no wins.’
  2. Know The Game Well: You can’t expect to win the game or even be an IGL if you don’t know the game well. The first goal you should have if you wanna become an IGL is to know the game, the rules, the cheat codes, the tricks & the strategies to win & make the squad win.
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3. Be The Guiding Light for Your Squad: From the time you enter the lobby, it becomes your responsibility to make sure that you start guiding the members of your squad about the strategy that needs to be followed in that specific game. Don’t ever think that the game starts when you enter the battleground. Each game gets started the moment you’ve entered the lobby. That’s the time to discuss the gameplay plan & strategies for the game. You will guide the team members when to land and where to land (if that particular game has this feature). You’ll be the source of guidance at every point in the game be it in deciding the route, helping the squad members solve their issues, making sure the team stays together, keeping an eye on each squad member, making sure that someone takes cover if a squad member is alone, trying to revive a player if he/she gets laid.

4. Don’t Let Your Squad Down: Being an in-game leader is fascinating but it takes more effort, for sure, to keep the game going with the same energy as compared to that in the start. You need to be extra active throughout the gameplay, you can’t miss out on anything. Coordinating the players well should always be your prime area of focus. It might get tiring but that’s where your strength as a leader will be tested. So, don’t let your squad down because they depend on you!

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5. Stay In The Moment: As a leader, you are required to stay proactive during the gameplay & to stay in the present. You should be a good observer & so you should be observing the situations well! You should have the capacity & intelligence to take remarkable spur-of-the-moment shot calls! Because not everything can be pre-planned. E-sports tournaments & scrims are challenging & have unpredictable gameplay flow so it becomes essential to have the presence of mind at each moment.

6. Communicate: If the game you're playing supports voice/chat communication, then as an IGL it becomes important to take consistent updates from your teammates to make sure that everything is going well! Because sometimes it might not come to your notice when something is not going too well with any of your teammates because of lack of communication. Communicating is better than keeping doubts!

7. Be Friendly & Humble: As an IGL, you get to lead the team and make the final decisions for the team but that doesn’t mean you gotta be rude or you’ll rule them. It’s not Dictatorship. You’re just an IGL, that too in a game. Remember why you’re all playing: for the fun & adventure, not to act supreme or make anyone feel low of themselves. You should always be open to feedback & suggestions from the squad to improve the gameplay. Make the members feel worthy and at par with you. If a squad member makes a blunder, try making them teach the lesson rather than humiliating or not understanding their point of view. Never blame a member for the lost match, rather support & motivate them to do better next time.

8. Be the Source of Motivation: Not every time your team will win because not every time the circumstances remain favorable. If you hear the words of the most successful players, you’ll learn that ‘their successes made them happy but their lost matches served as their greatest source of motivation’ which made them do much better & ultimately made them the best players. You should also make your team members understand the same if the conditions haven’t been favorable for your squad during Tournaments or scrim E-sports matches. Make your team understand that they need to learn from their lost matches and improve their weak areas of gameplay. It’s never the end as one or two matches won’t have much effect on your gaming journey as an E-sports player. If you as an IGL start feeling low yourself then make sure to give time to yourself, gather back your energy, and get back stronger to stand for your team and to Slay The Game!

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If you keep these points in your mind during your journey as an In-Game Leader(IGL), then you’ll surely help uplift your team & yourself as a Leader. What’s more to say? Keep practicing, keep looting & stay tuned to our blogs to learn more about Gaming, E-Sports & Tournaments!

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