What not to do as a Streamer?

Community Jul 13, 2022

You may use your laptop and computer equipment and enhance your social media reach via live streaming, whether for amusement or for the promotion of your company online. As with any video production, managing several broadcast media aspects is a need for a successful live stream. But in this blog, we will discuss what are the things that you shouldn’t do being a streamer.

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Don't go for Likes and Subscriptions

You don't want subscribers who aren't interested in your content. Making someone feel sorry for you or compelled to subscribe will never result in more views. And dead subscribers who don't watch your videos are detrimental to the general health of your channel. Do not ever request for likes until they like the content by themselves. Requesting them or pressurizing them won't make you grow on YouTube. Your hard work for the content will make people realize that subscribing to you was worth it.

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Don’t Stream Everyday

Don’t stream every day to gain 4000 watch hours. By doing this, you're hurting your standalone content because you're going to end up with a bunch of people who just come for your streams and don't watch your videos. You want your audience to be video viewers who wish to interact occasionally, not the live-stream audience who don't watch your videos. Live streaming is not a growth strategy that will work for most non-gaming channels. Steaming every day is not at all good while you grow on YouTube.

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Don't expect from YouTube

It is not YouTube's responsibility to provide you with an audience. YouTube wants to provide entertainment that keeps people on the platform. Instead, it is your responsibility to provide entertainment to keep people watching your channel. Plan your stream and entertain the people that do come by over stream. Keep them entertained for as long as possible, and you will gain an audience in addition to YouTube being happy and helping you.

Don’t expect more views while Streaming

Livestreams are exciting because you can engage with a host, but it's very unusual for them to have any lasting impact on your channel after you've stopped broadcasting. Next, you should not anticipate your live broadcasts to generate traffic to your channel after the broadcast is ended. Expecting too much from your YouTube channel when you've just entered might cause your low number of views. It's possible that YouTube isn't generating many ideas for obvious reasons. Before posting your video, are you utilizing the proper tags for your videos? Use keywords that are more relevant to your YouTube topic. Your videos do not appeal to the correct demographic. Is your video being seen by as many people as possible? To become viral, your videos need to be well-optimized. Don't make your video too lengthy by focusing on your content. Keep in mind that social networking isn't your only option. Use other avenues such as blogging and working with influencers to reach your intended audience.

Don’t use Multi Streaming Apps

Do not broadcast your broadcasts to various platforms using multi-streaming programs such as Restream IO and Caster IO. “Why wouldn't I want to reach more people by streaming everywhere at once?” The answer is straightforward, it's tough to grow an audience. And you only complicate that by having multiple platforms with multiple chats in different locations. Instead, focus on increasing your YouTube audience and use other platforms to promote those broadcasts; you'll get much more satisfying results.

Don’t Insult or Threaten your Chat Subscribers

Everyone knows that while there are admirers on the Internet, there are also trolls and detractors. And they'll comment on your live chat with snide remarks about your gameplay, or maybe they'll want to discuss how horrible your wardrobe is. Occasionally, commentators may request that you remove your clothing during a Livestream. Those who like to submit such remarks do so to provoke you to swear in the chat comments. This situation may severely harm an influencer's business, mainly if they say something very nasty and bigoted. As pleasant as it is to converse with your live chat, checking what you say around them is essential to avoid starting a whole issue. These are just a few things on how to behave during a live broadcast of a video game; good luck and have fun!

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