Valorant vs Apex Legends. Photo via Blizznerd

Valorant vs Apex Legends. Photo via Blizznerd

What is the difference between Valorant & Apex Legends?

Community Oct 29, 2022

What differentiates Valorant from Apex Legends? Find out!

Valorant and Apex Legends are far from each other to their very cores despite having little similarities holistically. However, the two games cannot be any more different in terms of a player’s approach to them. However, if we compare apples to apples both games indeed disrupted their individual niche upon which they have established strong pillars in the gaming community. Before we start comparing both we need to understand how they were introduced as a game.

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Valorant being a tactical first-person shooter was introduced to follow the footsteps of the likes of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It follows the same 5v5 format and follows the same fundamentals of the game that it was designed to overthrow.  The uncanny resemblance doesn’t stop there, it can be argued that most of the weapons in the game are inspired by CS:GO down to their very spray pattern. What separates it from CS:GO is the introduction of agents, i.e. where each one of them possesses a special ability that is instrumental to the game and defines their role in the team. Ironically, the very thing that differentiates it from CS:GO can be said that it resembles Legends from Apex Legends. Overall, the game follows a round-based format, and the team with the most rounds, in the end, wins the game.

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Developed by Electronic Arts, Apex Legends was launched to capitalize on the battle royale bandwagon. The game did push PUBG and Fortnite to their boundaries but there was enough room in the Battle Royale space that it managed to establish its foundations while leaving space for other players like Call of Duty: Warzone. While Apex Legends was based on the Battle Royale format where players will be left out in an isolated area with an encroaching circle within which the players have to fight to survive until only one player/team is left. PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends fall into the Battle Royale category but Apex has its own defining features that help it stand out from the rest. Legends possess’ abilities that play a crucial role in defining their roles in a team or individually.

Truth be told, both games are very different when you look at them, however, the little similarities that connect them can be ignored without much effort, so this begs the question of how different are both games from one another exactly.

Valorant sports a better Esports scene in India. Photo via Riot.


It is clear from the very beginning that both games present a different front when it comes to matches. While Valorant needs five players to be in a team, Apex can be played alone, solely due to the format that they follow. Apex Legends on the other hand was based on the Battle Royal model that was taking off at the time of its launch. Which one is better? Well, it truly comes down to individual preference and there is no clear winner here.


Both games were developed with Esports in mind however, Valorant seems to have taken an edge on this one. Riot marketed their game as an Esport and it quickly overrun the planet. In comparison, Apex Legends does sport an Esports scene however it is nowhere near as big as Valorant and only active in certain parts of the world. This limitation makes it easy for players will lesser progressive countries in terms of Esport to make it into the scene given that Valorant has a lot more room than Apex Legends. Apex Legends.

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System Requirements

Valorant despite being a more recent game requires less powerful hardware to run which makes it more accessible to the majority which explains why it has attracted more players to their game. This has created a big player base which in turn has helped grow a talent pool big enough to make a big dent in the Esport industry. The more demanding Apex Legends is more demanding compared to Valorant, thus the player base is smaller.

Apex Legends is one of the most popular BR games out there. Photo via Pinterest 

Gameplay Elements

This is the only department where we can link both games in the slightest. Both games feature agents that have abilities. These abilities are what define and separate one agent from another and define the role of that specific player for their team. However, the arsenal of weapons and the different arrays that each game covers establishes a stark contrast that follows as we explore them individually. Even though a Battle Royale falls under tactical shooters, it is far from the 5v5 format that a lot of the games have adopted.

When you look at both games from a distance, one cannot be any more different than the other. It only comes down to personal choices. It is up to the player to decide which one he or she finds more fitting to their needs. There is no harm and no foul in picking one over the other and either game is perfectly capable of providing you with a good time.

Video games are meant to be fun so as long as you are having a good time both games excel in their own way. However, if you want to pick a game as a way to break into the Esports industry as a professional player, being an Indian, Valorant is the clear winner.

India has arguably one of the largest player bases out there and tournaments for every skill group are happening every other day. Opting for Valorant to go pro is an understandable decision as there are plenty of teams across different skill groups so it is not really difficult to find yourself a place to start. This is one department where Apex just cannot compete, there are little to no tournaments for it in India and the reasons are long enough to write a whole article with.

To conclude, the two games are very different in every aspect but each of them has its own merits that keep their player base hooked to the game.

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