What is AP and XP in Valorant. Photo via Riot.

What is AP and XP in Valorant. Photo via Riot. 

What is the difference between AP & XP in Valorant?

Community Oct 31, 2022

AP and XP can often be confusing in Valorant and we are here to simplify it for you.

Valorant was marketed very well by Riot before it launched and as a result, everyone was interested in trying it out. Once people got the taste of the amazing game that it is, there was no going back. The competitive nature of the game had people flocking to it and the constant efforts from developers injected the game with fresh content which made sure the players do not get bored of anything.

If you are new to Valorant, or new to competitive games altogether, you must have come across the term “rank”. Rank is one key factor that is common to all competitive games because it gives a holistic idea about a player's skill. Even though ranks do not accurately define how good or bad a player is a rough estimation can be drawn.

Considering you are a new player before you care about ranking up fast the game will introduce you to two more metrics, the AP and XP.  The Account Point and Experience Point are two metrics that hold importance to players and every player should be aware of their significance and difference.

The use of AP and XP is similar to most of the other games. Primarily used to level up the many things the game has to offer, both of them have their own use. The collected AP and XP are accumulated to their respective places and the rewards are handed out accordingly.

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Account Points(AP)

A player accumulates Account Points or AP when they play matches across every category. These points are accumulated to help level up your account. Once you have garnered enough AP to reach level 20, upon which you unlock the competitive mode. Once the competitive mode is unlocked your AP is a way of boasting how much you have played the game.

Experience Points(XP)

Experience Points are mostly accumulated when you play the game. Experience Points are used to level up the agent contracts. Once you reach tier 5 in a certain agent’s contract the game lets you access new agents. Experience points accumulated level up a player’s contract through XP earned from playing matches.

The XP earned varies from game mode to game mode and also depends on your performance in certain game modes.

  • Unrated, Competitive: 200 XP per round won, 100 XP per round lost
  • Replication: 200 XP per round won, 100 XP per round lost
  • Spike Rush: 1,000 XP per match (regardless of performance)
  • Deathmatch: 900 XP per match (regardless of performance)
  • Escalation: 800 XP per match (200 XP Win Bonus)
  • Snowball Fight: 800 XP per match (150 XP Win Bonus)
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If you are thinking about collecting XP and AP as fast as possible, we have a few tips that you can peruse through that might help you get certain things faster than what you may have wanted.

Hourly representation of XP each Game Mode provides. Photo via Reddit.
Hourly representation of XP each Game Mode provides. Photo via Reddit. 

Daily Missions

Daily missions are a great way to accumulate experience points or XP. These missions are updated daily and are handed out as soon as you log into the game for the first time in a day. Most of the missions are fairly simple and can be done without any additional effort. Said fairly simple tasks offer up to 2000 XP for each task which is also a solution towards leveling up your Battle Pass quickly, which offers rewards when you reach a certain level.

Weekly Missions

As the name suggests, Weekly Missions are the same as Daily Missions except that they get renewed every week. They also offer an easy way to gain a lot of XP with little to no effort and might just be one quick way to get more XP. Unlike the daily mission, they offer more XP and it varies from mission to mission. Along the missions, the XP also varies but they are certainly more than what the daily missions offer.

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Valorant offers a few game modes to its players and all of them reward in XP quite handsomely. Different game modes offer different amounts of experience points and while most game modes do not depend on performance, every one of them besides Spike Rush and Deathmatch rewards the players well. The fun part is that there are no limitations to the number of these you can play, and you can play as many matches as you want so technically these are great ways to quickly level up but takes up a lot of your time.

Player cards according to level. Photo via Riot.
Player cards according to level. Photo via Riot. 

Playing the game every day would see you level up at a rapid pace. If you are playing daily then you will reach a higher level before you realize it. The only con with that is the amount of time it takes to get up to a certain level. Finding the motivation to grind daily holds importance as without it there is a good chance that you give up without reaching your desired level.

We hope these tips were helpful to you. Try implementing them into your daily schedule and see yourself reach higher levels faster than you would have expected.

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