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What Games To Play On Diwali?

Community Oct 24, 2022

Looking for games to play on Diwali? You have come to the right place.

Diwali is right on the edge and what better for gamers to do this holiday than try out some new games? There are plenty of great games that were released in 2022 but we have put together a variety, one far from others what makes them great is the appreciation that they received post-launch. These are games highly looked upon by avid gamers and there is a good chance that you may have heard of them before so spend this Diwali trying out some of the great releases of the 3rd Quarter of 2022:

Overwatch 2

The only first-person competitive shooter on the list. Overwatch 2 was launched as a successor to Overwatch. The game carries over the core ingredients from its previous iterations while improving on several aspects that players felt it lacked. The only criticism of it is the alarming number of bugs that it is riddled with. However, the developers have been very attentive toward any and all pertaining issues which are good news for aspiring players. The game took off as soon as it launched and is already clocking over a million daily active players and increasing every day. Overwatch was unable to make an esports scene in India but Overwatch 2 is really promising in that department. The game has the fan following and all the ingredients to make a dent in the Indian esports space like Valorant and CS:GO.

Overwatch 2 is the latest Esports sensation. Photo via Blizzard

PC Building Simulator 2

The first simulation game on the list. PC Building Simulator is a game loved by everyone in the PC Master Race. The game lets you build your dream pc inside a simulation to see how it performs in the real world. The game dropped last week and has already broken the pre-orders set by its predecessor. If you are a PC Building enthusiast, no better game than this to live out your dream. It has a plethora of options in terms of PC parts and this time they have added the ability to modify the RGB installed inside various parts of your computer, just like you can in the real world. The game bridges the gap between reality and it is the closest thing that you have before making an actual PC and investing thousands of dollars, PCBS 2 is by far the most realistic PC Building simulator that is out there.

The latest PCBS 2 is out now on Epic Games Store. Photo via Epic Games
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FIFA 23 is the latest iteration of the long-loved football simulation franchise. It is a mix of both the previous games in the list, it is both a competitive and a simulation game. There is little to no chance that the launch of this game has gone under your radar after the hype and the controversies that surround it. FIFA 23 will be EA's last association with FIFA following which they will independently drop a simulation game having secured licenses of several top leagues and clubs. 2022 is a World Cup year that adds value to the game. It has fixed some major mistakes from previous iterations and brought significant changes to the gameplay and visuals, making it more realistic and practical. The month of November will bring lots of fun activities and content to complement and capitalize on the FIFA World Cup hype. The game has added more players with real faces along with celebrations and unique movements. With the addition of ISL, the eISL has grown in India which makes the competitive space extremely viable and something to work hard for.  The game was loved by fans before and FIFA 23 has regained the same love that its previous version lost with several changes that saw the game take an edge over its KONAMI counterpart.

The last FIFA game is out, play it this World Cup Season. Photo via EA
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A Plague Tale: Requiem

This game builds on the success of the last one. A Plague Tale: Innocence. The game carries over the same theme, storyline, mechanics, and essentially everything that made it great. The game will however build on the previous storyline to explore newer and more intense dimensions of the plague. It set the standards for a horror survival and stealth game and A Plague Take: Requiem walks the same path. The game strictly follows the policy of not fixing what is not broken and carries forward many of its core elements. The overall feel of the game remains intact with claimed visual improvements from the developer who kept things seamless and smooth. They refrained from taking any risks and produced a game that is very difficult to criticize. The game is available on Steam and is worth every penny spent on it.

The survival game is back with a thrilling sequel. Photo via Steam

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

The Uncharted series is so popular that Tom Holland made a movie on it. The series once was exclusive to the Playstation but the recent Legacy of Thieves: Collection brings the blockbuster franchise to PC. The game features Nathan Drake the protagonist, who goes about several adventures of historical nature which is action-packed. The visuals and graphics are widely known to be the best of their time. Every version of the game features action-packed missions which are well integrated into the main storyline, with well-sketched characters and gameplay mechanics. Overall, the Uncharted Series has everything that is needed for a AAA title and sets the standard. Every game that flaunts its visuals has to go up against the Uncharted Series which is a scary prospect for even the most visually appealing games.

The Uncharted Series is out on PC. Photo via Sony

These 5 games cover a wide spectrum of variety. One game is different from another in an attempt to find something for everyone to enjoy in the Diwali Holidays. Try out these games and find what suits you the most and have a fun time playing.

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