A good Headset will help you to get better sound in the games.

Photo by Rebekah Yip / Unsplash. A good Headset will help you to get better sound in the games.

What Features to look for while buying a Gaming Headset?

Strategy Aug 23, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting into why you should go for comfy foamy or leather headsets for your gaming setup.

When you are trying to have a gaming setup, it is quite important to keep in mind that you have the best devices and all the best accessories. After all, you have finally got the whole budget for your dream setup. Even if you are not going for your dream setup, and just going for a headset, you must make sure that they are of the best quality. However, you might be wondering what exactly to look for in a gaming headset and how you are going to get the best ones in the market?

Is Headset and Headphones the Same Thing?

A Headphone does not have an in-built mic with it.
Photo by Brandon Green / Unsplash. A Headphone does not have an in-built mic with it.

When we are speaking of a headset, it is not the same as headphones. Basically, with headphones, you will not get an internal added microphone. However, they are so popular because of the great audio quality they have. Usually, people who work with music, are audiophiles, they would aim for going for a headphone, as they necessarily do not need a microphone for their work.

On the other hand, a headset has an internal microphone, and that is the best part of it if you are a gamer. Now, you might feel that the audio quality gets compromised in the headset. If you go for the higher-priced ones, then you will find a good quality microphone and good quality audio. Getting a headset is more common among gamers, as they need to get a good microphone for giving calls and discussing strategies with other players.

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What to look for in a good gaming headset?

Without wasting much time, let us get into what makes a headset a good one, and worth your budget:

Build Quality

Of course, that is something that you will have to judge first. Nobody wants a headphone that is built with low-quality materials and can easily get damaged. However, there are different built materials, and it is completely up to you which one you would opt for. Many people really are into the strong build leather ones, which sit quite tightly on your head. There are others who are more into the cushiony foam ones, which are quite comfortable to wear. There are many who would just go for the looks if they could. Hence, you really need to make sure that whatever headset you are getting is of good quality and material. If you are going for the cheap ones, just know that the foam or the so-called leather is going to wear down soon enough, and you will have to buy another one.

This headset has quite a comfy look to it.
Photo by Fausto Sandoval / Unsplash. This headset has quite a comfy look to it.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is how it sits on your head. Many gamers prefer it if the headphones are larger than their own ears and sit tightly over the head. The headband should have an exact fit. On the other hand, there are tons of other gamers who would want it to just sit right on the head and do not like the tightness. They also have preferences over how much of the ear area should be covered. Hence, before you buy any of the headsets, make sure to know which of the build materials and fitness levels you prefer, and go for it accordingly.

Sound Isolation

While searching for headsets, you might have often seen terms like “Passive Noise Isolation” and “Active Noise Cancelling”. If you are confused as to what exactly they mean. We are here to clear that all up for you! Basically, Noise Isolation means when the headset will physically try to minimise the outside or background noise from getting inside the headphones so that you do not confuse those sounds with those inside the game. The headsets achieve this by trying to cut off the outside noise either through foamy headbands or by being quite tight around the ears. The better the quality of the headset, the better the sound/noise isolation.

Make sure to get a headset that cancels out outside sound as much as possible.
Photo by Sean Do / Unsplash. Make sure to get a headset that cancels out outside sound as much as possible.

On the other hand, we have Noise Cancellation. Many people will feel that they are both the same thing. However, there is a slight difference between these terms. For Noise Cancellation, the headset will be using software or is programmed in such a way that it would minimise the outside noise that would try to enter the headset, by amplifying the sound inside the game or the music that you are listening to. This will give you a better and more refined audio quality overall. Hence, before you get a headset, make sure that both these features are present, and are of high quality.

Look of the Headset

 This is an extremely simple look of a headset.
Photo by WTFast / Unsplash. This is an extremely simple look of a headset.

Well, this is something that you would definitely go for. However, there are various aesthetics of a headset that you might want to go for. Usually, when you see gaming streamers, you will find out that they have RGB-lighted headsets, which are something made for gamers. Also, some gamers prefer to keep a theme and follow that colour theme for their headset. There are other gamers too, who just want to keep it simple and lowkey and go for the neutral colours. Hence, it is up to you how and what type of look you choose for the headset!


There has to be a microphone in the headset.
Photo by Haidan / Unsplash. There has to be a microphone in the headset.

Now you are going to get a headset because you want the in-built microphone attached to it. However, if the mic is not of good quality, then there would definitely be no point in getting the headset. One of the things that you have to make sure if the microphone has a good range. Would it be able to catch the sound of your voice clearly if you put it a considerable distance from your mouth? Also, another thing to find out is if the mic comes with a noise cancellation feature. If you go for the extremely cheap headsets, you will find that the mic transmits bad audio quality, and your voice seems to blend in with the background noise. The good costly ones would automatically cancel out the background noise, would catch your voice, and even tend to refine it as it will be transmitting it over.


These were some of the things that you need to keep in mind if you are going to get a gaming headset. Always make sure that you know what your budget is, and try to get the best deal within that. There are plenty of headsets on the market that come at quite a good deal and are of amazing quality.

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