BGMI's ban or removal is still in the trending news for everyone.

Credits to news18. BGMI's ban or removal is still in the trending news for everyone. 

What do various celebrities have to say about the BGMI removal?

Newsroom Jul 31, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting into what all the Esports celebrities and personalities have to say about the BGMI removal.

BGMI has been banned, and people are more than disappointed with the whole ban. There are various agitations regarding the ban of the game, where people are demanding the ban of various other apps too. There is a lot going on, and we are here to cover all the details for you so that you can keep up with the ban news. In today’s blog, we will be getting into what all the celebrities have to say about the BGMI removal/ban on the game. There are various reasons why the government could have decided to take such a decision.

Celebrities Tweeting About the BGMI Ban

There are various Esports personalities that are trying to talk about the whole BGMI ban on their social media, specifically on Twitter, and we will be looking into some such tweets:


The first person that we are going for has to be Skrossi, who had made this legendary tweet:

This was quite a good tweet, for he had not only brought attention to India but also Indonesia. The South Asian countries’ governments are really curbing the prospects of the Esports players and the growth of the Esports market. Banning BGMI in India means completely ignoring all the massive progress that the country has made in that area, which is honestly quite disrespectful.


He has been giving constant updates about the whole BGMI ban and every piece of information, hence you must definitely follow him.  His most recent tweet is as follows:

However, the whole reason why the ban of the game is so shocking to people has been  rightly summed up by him:

We really hope there will be some good news at the end of this.


He asked one of the best questions, as there were supposed to be all the concerts in BGMI:

There is also a high chance that the New State game might be launched in India once again. It would be a matter of time before it gets launched, however, there is no guarantee if that game will not get banned anytime soon.

Dynamo Gaming

Well, it seems that Dynamo has yet to be ready to speak about the subject, or could be still researching about it, as he has only tweeted about it once:

Abhijeet Andhare

The GodLike Esports athlete is also coming up with some good opinion on the whole BGMI ban, and even trying to urge his audience to plea with the government. The best tweet has to be this one:

However, he has managed to bring in the sentiments of the Esports community into this one tweet:

Jake Lucky

Well, the news has also travelled to the International world too, and this is what he has to say about it:

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