Tournafest is a platform made by the gamers, for the gamers.

Tournafest is a platform made by the gamers, for the gamers.

What can Gamers find on Tournafest?

Community Sep 14, 2022

In this blog, we will be looking at how gamers can actually benefit from Tournafest!

Tournafest is the one-stop destination for all gamers, built by gamers. We at Tournafest want our audience to have the best time possible, and we provide them with a smooth experience to build up their professional lives. If you are a regular user of Tournafest, you will know that we provide an array of features that will always help the gamers in time of their needs. We make sure that the gamers can actually focus on their gaming and brainstorming, other than worrying about where they can earn money. For those who have little to no clue about what we are talking about, this blog is just for you!

Features for Games in Tournafest

Now let us get into all the features that gamers will find in Tournafest:

Registration is Easy

Youo can easily register yourself in Tournaments without any hassle.

We at Tournafest really do not support complexities, and hence we tried to keep the registration process as simple as possible. This means that you will be getting a hassle-free registration which will take you just a few seconds. Once you are done registering yourself as a gamer, you will be able to sign up for all the tournaments that are available and that you feel are worth it. There you will not need much time to sign up for it! This means that all you've got to do is just sign up for the tournament you want, invite your friends to take part with you, and you will be all set!

Win & Earn

You can earn from every win!

If somebody told you that gaming would never bring you money, this is the time that you prove them wrong. For every win in each tournament, you will be paid a certain amount. Who does not like the feeling of victory? And who does not want to be paid for their hard work? Hence, all the gamers in Tournafest are paid in TF coins. The value of each TF coin is ₹1. Hence, you can participate in tournaments whose reward is more attractive to you, or you feel it would be worth it. Hence, the time you spent on Tournafest means that you are earning at the same time.


Keep a track of your career in your profile!

Now we are sure that you know how much it is necessary to create a proper portfolio for your professional career. Hence, we at Tournafest have ensured that you have a professional gamer profile in the app, where the Esports organisers who are a part of the Tournafest community can check you out if they are interested. Also, you can easily create your portfolio out of the profile as we will be helping you to keep track of which tournaments you are participating in, all the analytics, and everything that you might need for building up that impressive resume which Esports organisers will be impressed to see!

Connect & Socialise

You can build your own network of gamers now!

This is another one of the major benefits of being a part of Tournafest! If you are a gamer, you will have a feed where you will be able to see all your fellow gamers posting about their achievements, and you can do the same too! Not only this, you will also find all the organisers posting about various tournaments and news that might be important to you. You can even find out if they are hiring players for themselves! All of this together will help you to build your network, and can even take you to better opportunities. This will help you to get better in your career by and by.

This video might interest you:

What are the games available in Tounafest?

Now you might want to know which of the games are available for playing tournaments in Tournafest. These are the following games:

COD Mobile

COD Mobile.
Credits to GamingonPhone. COD Mobile. 

This game is quite well known throughout, and we are making sure that we can include all the popular games for you! Hence, we have included COD Mobile, for it is quite popular in India, more popular than COD PC games.

Free Fire Max

Credits to Youtube. Free Fire Max.

Free Fire was banned in India, but Free Fire Max is quite loved and played by all. Hence, we have decided to keep the game for tournaments so that MOBA games get their due representation.

Pokemon Unite

Credits to Pokémon Unite.

This is another upcoming MOBA game that is getting quite the recognition from the gaming community in India. It has recently been added to our options, and you can check it out right now!


Credits to Steam. Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

We cannot really forget the OG FPS game, can we? Hence, we have CS: GO in our options for those who still want to be good at the game that paved the way for the present FPS games.


Credits to Esports Observer. Valorant.

Speaking of FPS games, we cannot really ignore Valorant. This is one of the most popular FPS games all over the world, including in India too. People thoroughly enjoy the game, and it has been getting quite a buzz from the Esports community as well. Hence, if you want to make your career in this game, make sure to sign up for Tournafest now!

New Added Features

For the benefit of the gamers, we have some newly added features as well!

Map Veto

Now maps can be vetoed!

You must have seen in all the formal tournaments that there is an option for banning or cancelling the maps for each of the teams. For example, in Valorant, both teams are given the option to ban or cancel one map that they do not feel comfortable with. This option is now included in Tournafest for your convenience!

Club Subscriptions

Gamers can now subscribe to their favourite clubs and organisers to know all the latest news, and some special tournaments held only for the members.  This club subscription is a two-way benefit for both the clubs and the gamers. You will get more noticed by the clubs and organiser if you are a member of their club, and hence you can get better opportunities!

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to download Tournafest, and enjoy gaming!

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