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What are the basics and must-haves for a live streaming gaming setup?

Strategy Jul 16, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting into some of the basics that you must follow if you want a proper live streaming gaming setup.

Recently, the trend of being a streamer has been entirely in rage, and as beginners, many of us do not understand what we are doing wrong, or how to go about the whole thing properly. Hence, we will ensure that the new streamers get the proper guidance from us. In today’s blog, we will be going through some of the basics that a live streamer must have as part of their streaming and gaming setup. However, one important thing to keep in mind is that you need not have all of them in the first-hand, costly edition. Being a beginner streamer, it is quite understandable that you might not always afford the best. Hence, even if you use second-hand products, there is no harm in that!

The Basics of Live Streaming Gaming Setup

Without further ado, here are some live streaming gaming setups that will help you stream better and more efficiently:


A Logitech C922x camera for streaming.

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If you are going to show yourself on stream, then it is important to invest in a camera. Even if you feel like, for the time being, you are okay without using a face cam, still, after getting a decent number of subscribers, you will be getting tons of requests to do a face cam stream. On the other hand, the algorithm helps those who stream with their face cameras. This means that if you are already streaming with your camera, it will help you to get more views than without one.

Many streamers commit the mistake of using the web camera on their PC for streaming. Even though you might have a high-quality web camera, using a camera and a web camera is quite different. In the camera, you will get more area covered, and also the quality comes out to be extremely good. It is also easier to handle than a webcam during your streams.

Capture Card

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Many times, your web camera or even a regular camera will not display your video on the stream. This could be a huge problem, and you might be wondering what is happening all of a sudden. Well, problems like these could be easily solved by using a capture card. Specifically, if you are using an external camera, or even your phone camera, or an external web camera, then you might want to get a capture card to show your video in the live stream. This will just make things much easier than manually trying to connect the camera to the live stream every time.


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Just getting a camera will not only help you completely. If you are doing a face stream, then you need to have good lighting to show your face and expressions properly. Hence, it would be best to get a ring light first. This would give good lighting for your streams, and you can also decorate your room with soft lighting and neon lights too. This would also give you the streaming aesthetic that people usually strive towards. You do not need to get a very expensive ring light. Just a small ring light goes a long way and will do the job just fine.

Here is a video that you might be interested in:


Side on a shot of a podcasting set-up with headphones and a professional microphone
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This is kind of an essential that you have to get. Many streamers, at first, just use the microphone attached to their headphones. However, if you purchase an additional microphone, it will add a nice touch to your stream by allowing you to control the surrounding suns as well as the overall volume control. Another advantage of having a mic is that there are tons of microphones that are made for streaming purposes. They usually make sure to enhance your sound to make it sound better and more clear. Hence, you need not struggle much to make yourself audible while streaming or while you are gaming. You need not get a microphone from a very expensive company, though it will be a long-term investment. Just a basic, good-quality mic from a decent place would do the job!

Streaming software

Credits to Telestream. Telestream Wirecast is one such streaming software. 

This is something that you have to use. Streaming software will help you to handle your streams well, and you can easily control where the microphone and the camera are directed towards. For example, if you are in Discord and you are streaming on Youtube while playing a game, your microphone is transmitting your voice to three platforms. Your video is transmitted to Youtube but is also accessible by Discord. If you are streaming, managing so many platforms and talking to different people on different platforms could be a hassle. Hence, getting streaming software will help you to control where things are getting transmitted with a click. This will make your work all the easier.

Green Screen

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This honestly should be the last thing on your priority list, and even though you will find people trying to advise you to get a green screen as soon as possible, it will not be of much help until you are going to have a proper gaming setup. Once you get a good setup that enables you to play heavy games and stream simultaneously without any problems, then you should try out the green screen. Portraying the game on a green screen will make your audience more engaged in the streams and will also give you quality content for your Youtube videos if you want to upload the highlights.


These were some of the basics that you need to have if you want to set up a good live streaming gaming setup. All these things will not only make your stream go efficiently, but you can also handle any technical difficulties with just a few clicks.

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