Make sure to get a gaming keyboard that is comfortable for you.

Credits to Unspalsh. Make sure to get a gaming keyboard that is comfortable for you.

What are some of the Best Gaming Keyboards under 3000?

Community Sep 16, 2022

In this blog, we will be looking into some of the budget friendly yet premium quality keyboards that come under INR 3000.

If you are building your own gaming PC or setup and want to look for aesthetic pieces but do not want to pay the unnecessary price, then you have come to the right place! In this blog, we will be getting into some of the budget-friendly keyboards that you can get without having to spend way too much! Gaming keyboards are usually keyboards that are quite sturdy and even look a bit aesthetic to go with different sorts of setups. Hence, you need to identify a few things first. What is the most essential thing that you want in your gaming keyboard, and what sort of look do you want in your gaming keyboard? Once you have decided, you can easily go ahead and choose for yourself. Also, lastly, make sure to calculate your budget.

List of best gaming keyboards under 3000

Here is a list of the best gaming keyboards that you can get for under INR 3000:

Redgear Shadow Blade

Redgear is known for its budget-friendly gaming gears which makes them such a popular brand. They ensure that they deliver the best quality products at a budget-friendly price, without compensating for anything. Hence, Redgear is any beginner’s favourite brand. Therefore, we cannot help but keep Redgear Shadow Blade at the top. The keyboard has an extremely neat look, with dimly lighted RGB keys. However, it has mechanical blue switches, which create the perfect sound which does not disturb the people around much. Also, as it is a gaming keyboard, they have ensured that you need not give too much effort in pressing your keys while playing. Hence, the keycaps are quite sturdy, and can take in pressure, and are also quite sensitive. This gives you a better gaming experience. All of these features are usually found in pretty much expensive gaming keyboards, and hence it is a great deal to get all of this within INR 3000.

Credits to Youtube. Redgear Shadow Blade.

Also, for the ease of the users, the keyboard has a knob at the top corner of the keyboard. This is so that the players need not have to minimise or control the volume from their headphones or system, but just directly from the keyboard itself.

EvoFox Katana

This is another keyboard that is going to make you feel branded and premium without burning a huge hole in your pocket for no reason at all. It has mechanical keycaps with blue switches, which gives you that mechanical keyboard feel, and can also endure a lot of pressure as when you are gaming certain keys tend to bear more pressure than the others. Of course, there has to be the dimly lighted keycaps that every gaming keyboard should have. What is more interesting is that you can easily customise your keyboards through the settings (that is the lights of course). This gives you more power to set the keyboard according to your setup.

EvoFox Katana
Credits to Uptech21. EvoFox Katana.

Another interesting feature of this keyboard has to be the removable wrist support. Now you might wonder if you really need wrist support. Well, if you are a budding professional gamer, and are aiming to dedicately practice for long hours each day, then you definitely need one. A wrist support rest will make sure to give you the proper energy, and also prevent your hand from cramping. This is truly quite the catch for keyboards ranging within 3000.

This video might interest you:

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-21

If you are looking for a compact keyboard, as many gamers prefer, as they like to keep their space minimalist and clean, then Cosmic Byte has the keyboards just for you. Their compact gaming keyboards have always attracted attention, and this is indeed for a reason. This model of the Cosmi Byte keyboard does not have a special num pad, which most gamers feel is quite useless. Then, of course, you can easily micromanage your LED lights on the keyboard. This means that the keyboard can be highly adjustable without much hassle. Though the keyboard might not give you premium mechanical feels, it is quite good to go, as it gives you tons of customisation options that will help you to maintain your gaming setup.

Credits to Amazon. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-21.

However, not only will you barely feel any ghosting effects on the keyboard, but additionally, there are more RGB effects and also a good amount of light from the keyboard. There is really nothing much to complain about the Cosmic Byte CB-GK-21.

Wings GRIND100 Wired USB Gaming Keyboard

Wings GRIND100 Wired USB Gaming Keyboard
Credits to Wings Lifestyle. Wings GRIND100 Wired USB Gaming Keyboard.

If you want to get a keyboard that looks sturdier and also feels like a gaming keyboard, then the Wings Frind 100 is for you! The look of the keyboard is quite different from the regular gaming keyboards and hence feels different. Also, you will be able to customise the keyboards according to your needs and wishes, without even having to access any app for it! This is definitely one of the most budget-friendly keyboards on this list, as sometimes you might not need much for your setup, but just a good-looking gaming keyboard, and that’s it. Well, the Wings keyboard will give you all the premium quality feel of an expensive gaming keyboard, but will not make you go broke for it. Hence, if you are just trying out gaming keyboards for the first time, then we would recommend you to go for Wings Grind 100, as it is quite reliable for first-time gaming keyboard users.


These were some of the gaming keyboards that are under INR 3000. Remember, to make your gaming setup look well put together and expensive, you need not buy all the expensive things. You can always and quality produces within a budget too!

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