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What are all the tools you can use as an Esports organizer?

Community May 30, 2022

Being an Esports organiser is not as easy as it sounds. There has to be a lot at stake, and managing a whole team or tournament is not something that can be done within a few days. It is the hard work of a few months or even years too. To become a successful Esports organiser, you will need a lot of patience and dedication. In today’s blog, we will be getting into all the tools that you might want to use as an Esports organiser, which would help you to focus on your work more.

Tools to Use as an Esports Organiser

As mentioned before, here are some of the tools you might want to use as an Esports organiser:


Credits to Sony. Discord.

This is the best place where you can arrange your teammates or the players who will be getting into the tournaments. Apart from that, Discord is where you can efficiently talk to other members of your group and come to a decision. Unlike Meet and Zoom, Discord does not have any time limit as to how long your meetings can go. You can also send various information on your server, so that all the members can have a look at it.


Credits to Reddit. 

It is an amazing place for promoting your tournaments and events. Reddit is one of those niche places where you can easily target a community and interact with people in these communities. Hence, you can easily advertise and promote your tournaments and events from that app. You might also end up getting a number of suggestions and tips on what you might be doing wrong or how to improve.


Credits to Variety. Youtube.

Well, you do need to provide some exposure for your tournament players too. Hence, you can either create a few video highlights or snippets of the tournaments or the events and post them on Youtube. This will give you some exposure, and your events will gradually start to be noticed too! However, Youtube, at this point, is quite saturated with such videos. You will need to think about ways to be different than the rest to stand out. Perhaps you can come up with some different video ideas or something to that effect.


Credits to Twtich.

If you do not like the concept of creating videos and do not want to waste much time on editing and all those other things for videos, but you do have to get some sort of exposure, then you can go ahead and join Twitch. It is a platform known for live broadcasting. You can do that for Youtube too. However, Twitch's interface for Live is far better than that for Youtube. Hence, you can live stream all the tournaments and events on that platform. However, there is something that you might want to keep in mind is that live broadcasting will require a lot more technological help than just posting a video on YouTube. Hence, if you are on a tight budget, we would recommend that you weigh both the options, and then go for either.

All Apps in One

Till now, we have mentioned quite a number of apps. However, as an organiser, it will seem quite overwhelming to control your whole team on so many different platforms. Would it not be nice if there were all the apps in one app? Well, yes, that is possible, and no, you barely have to pay anything for it!


Credits to Tournafest. 

We at Tournafest want to make your organising experience, the smoothest one you can ever imagine! Still sceptical about why you should choose us? Here are some reasons why:

Hassle-Free Registration

Credits to Tournafest. Ways you can make a Club.

All you need to do first is to sign up for Tournafest and choose the Organiser section. That’s it! There need not be anything else, and you are already in your Organsiers Club. You can set up your profile with your club’s name and the games that you will be hosting. And viola! You will now be able to easily organise any events or tournaments you want to.

No Need for Lengthy Discussions

You do not always need to keep brainstorming over ideas as to how you should handle the next tournament. If you are out of ideas, just come to Tournafest, and you will see that we have everything ready for you. All you need to do is just select a few options, and you are done! You do not even need to set up a different Discord section, just join our server, have a chat with other organisers, and you will already feel refreshed with new ideas.


Credits to Tounafest. Benefits you will be getting. 

You do not have to have the headache of constantly thinking about the promotions of your events and tournaments. You can do it on your own, but we have got you covered! We will be promoting the tournaments and events on our app, where the players will easily get to see and join in. The more levels you get in the app, the more promotions you will get from us!


As mentioned before, live broadcasting is quite difficult and might take a lot of technical expertise. However, if you do want to get your events live broadcast, Tournafest does live broadcast on Youtube. Hence, you can be assured that your events will be well handled by us, and we can even look after the creative side of the whole live as well.


Tournafest also has a Youtube channel, where we post the highlights of the tournaments and events. Hence, you are already getting a platform for promoting your events. What else could you even ask for? We are taking all the heavy burdens off your shoulders so that you can concentrate on the other aspects of organising.


Credits to Tournafest. Reasons to trust us. 

We can also help to sponsor your tournaments and events from our side, if you cannot do that for the time being. That means Tournafest helps in setting up the prize pools and money, if you feel that you do not have enough to attract players for your events. Hence, we at Tournafest make sure that you do not have any difficulty in your dream of being an Esports organiser.

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The next thing that you might be wondering about is why you should trust Tournafest. Well, that is something that we will not talk about, but will let the others do it for us. You can visit our website here and check for yourself. It is all free, and will hardly take a few seconds! You can also check out our app in case you want to give a small trial as to how to become an organiser here.

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