Some of the many agents in Valorant. Photo via Riot

Some of the many agents in Valorant. Photo via Riot 

What Agent to play if you are new in Valorant?

Community Oct 25, 2022

Confused about what agent to play if you are new in Valorant? Here’s a guide for you.

If you are new to Valorant, chances are you have been confused with what agents to pick and this confusion is hindering your growth as a player. While Valorant offers plenty of agents, it is not always in our hands to use them to their fullest potential as the performance of your team is a collective effort of different agents bringing different things to the table. Valorant is about finding the right mix so that you can the team effort can push the matches over the line.

With the plethora of agents on offer, it is very difficult to choose one. While there are some popular agents like Jett, Chamber, Omen, etc who always make it to the highlights, the less flashy agents are often more effective and have a better overall impact on the game. It is easy to get fooled by the flashy plays and the incredible display of skill, support characters often require top-tier mechanical skills but their role is of much greater importance.

In Valorant, there are more ways than one to be effective, even though it is a shooting game, the introduction of abilities changes the dynamics of the game, in return, players can always find different ways to be effective and contribute to the game even if they are not hitting their shots. Just because the game has room for less mechanically gifted players, that do not pose a reason to ignore its importance. Players with top-notch mechanics are required to pull their teams out of certain situations and it is the mix of both that forms a good team.

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It is up to the players to decide who can fill what role so that team functions like a well-oiled machine.

Agents to consider if you are new to Valorant


The easiest to learn Controller. Photo via Riot.
The easiest to learn Controller. Photo via Riot.

Widely regarded as an easy agent to learn. Brimstone is easy to learn yet very effective and impactful in a match. His abilities are straightforward and easy to learn. Any team can benefit from having a Brimstone among their ranks. The point-and-shoot remains the same for every agent, what makes the difference are the abilities and how well a player learns to use them. His abilities allow him to throw a Molotov, drop smoke, and drop a Stim Pack that increases the fire rate of weapons for his teammates that walk through its radius. These are simple to learn and easy to use, if you are new to the game and have understood the basics, using these abilities would definitely cause trouble among your opposition. Mostly used as a supporting character, if you do not feel confident about your mechanics, using Brim to create space for your team would definitely be helpful to them.



The easiest to learn Duelist. Photo via Riot.
The easiest to learn Duelist. Photo via Riot.

One of the signature offensive characters that have been with the game since launch. Phoenix is an offensive character or duellist as Valorant likes to call him. New players will find him to be the easiest-to-use duellist. If you feel confident to walk into a gunfight then only a few options are as good as the Brit. He can flash across corners, blinding anyone coming at him in a jiff, making it difficult to dodge. If used right his flash can be one hell of a farming tool in case you have to face a rush. What complements the said flashes are his wall and molly that deals damage to anyone passing through them, surprisingly it heals him as he passes through it. His Ultimate Ability gives him a spare life, once used, if he loses all his health, he gets revived back without his armor but in full HP however, the damage he deals when using the Ult remains. All of the above combined is a perfect recipe for an entry-level duellist.


The easiest to learn Sentinel. Photo via Riot.
The easiest to learn Sentinel. Photo via Riot.

Another agent that has been a part of the game since launch. Sage has been a fan favorite has is often found in the lineups of every team be it professional or casual, however, recent times have seen the community move away to other sentinels who offer much more dynamism but Sage is still a safe bet for new players. Her abilities involve healing, slow orb, wall, and finally the Ultimate Ability that can revive any teammate from 0 HP. The easy-to-use abilities often make sage the go-to for many players who are just starting out. When used properly, her abilities are enough to hold off an attack until backup arrives which makes her an amazing sentinel and team player who can be left with a site alone.

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The easiest to learn Initiator. Photo via Riot.
The easiest to learn Initiator. Photo via Riot.

The easiest to use Initiator of all. Sova’s abilities are a bit difficult to learn especially with so many combos and lineups involved. If a player has control and understanding of his abilities, he can initiate attacks for his team by standing behind while making space for his teammates. Sova achieves all of this without engaging in a gunfight himself. Like all the agents on the list, he has been a part of the game since launch and his position as an initiator remains intact even after so many initiators were introduced by Riot. Learning Sova can be difficult but his abilities like the reveal arrow that can reveal enemies behind walls become instrumental. A good display of Sova alone can be enough to win the game and once learn how to use the abilities, it can yield you results for most of your coming matches.

These are our picks for Agents that are easy to learn and effective in a team environment. Try out each and every one of them, even the ones outside the list to figure out what suits your playing style. Once you are past that part, choosing your role becomes easier, upon which you can build yourself as a player.

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