Vodafone Idea is coming up with some brand new projects!

Credits to India Today. Vodafone Idea is coming up with some brand new projects!

Vodafone Idea is coming up with something for the gaming community in India!

Newsroom Sep 3, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting into why Vi has suddenly decided to bring on some new games to their app!

Vi and Maxamtech is collaborating!
They want to be more inclusive for the mobile gaming community in India.
Vi has released some 40+ new games in their app, which is open for all.

It seems that the Indian gaming community is slowly going to be capitalised by a lot of dominant industries. For now, it seems that the mobile networks and the network provider services and companies are more interested in broadening the aspects of gaming in the country rather than just providing the internet and such services to the gamers. In today’s blog, we will be having a look at what Vodafone has planned to do for gamers and to attract more gamers to their network. It has not been the first time that Vodafone has tried to do something for the gamers, and it feels good to see that it is still trying to be in the competition to get the attention of the gamers.

What is Vodafone Coming Up with?

There are going to be news games in the Vi app.
Photo by Daan Geurts / Unsplash. There are going to be news games in the Vi app.

For those who are curious as to what Vodafone Idea has to offer now, well, they have collaborated with Maxamtech Digital Ventures. Now if you are wondering what Maxamtech is, well, it is another internet service provider who is known for their super fast connectivity and one of the upcoming providers in the country. Both these companies have joined hands to bring in more games for the Vi users.

This video might interest you:

What are the games all about?

Now you might wonder that they could be just any game in the app. Well, Vi feels that they need to do something more for the mobile gaming community, and they have decided that they will be coming up with games that everyone will enjoy. Hence, they have come up with some games that are more than 40 in number! Some of the games that we have got to know about are Quiz Master, Golden Goal, Solitaire King, Express Ludo, and Cricket League. Not only this, but you can play all these games in various modes such as: Tournament Mode, Battle Mode, and Friend More.

 One such game is going to be Express Ludo.
Credits to ET Telecom. One such game is going to be Express Ludo.

What is more interesting is that you can invite other Vi players or friends to play with you in the Friend Mode. This will give you more bonding time, and you will be able to explore a wide range of games for free. In fact, Vodafone has also decided that you need not only invite Vi friends. People who do not have a Vi sim, can also play these games. However, the only condition is that a Vi user has to invite you to play a game, and then only you will be able to have access to that game. However, this was still quite an impressive step on Vodafone’s side, and we are waiting for the time when they will come up with something more interesting for the gaming community!

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