VCT LOCK//IN Day 8 highlights. Photo via VCT.

VCT LOCK//IN Day 8 highlights. Photo via VCT.

VCT LOCK//IN Day 8 highlights

Newsroom Feb 25, 2023

VCT LOCK//IN Day 8 highlights.

VCT LOCK//IN has been in progress since February 13, 2023, in Sao Paulo. It is the biggest worldwide occasion in Valorant's set of experiences, with every one of the 30 teams from the Americas, EMEA, and Pacific Leagues in participation and two teams from China.

The teams have been partitioned into two gatherings, Alpha and Omega, where they will play in discrete single-end sections until they arrive at the finals. The victor of VCT LOCK//IN 2023 will bring back home $100,000 and procure an additional seat for their area at Masters Tokyo.

February 23, 2023, was Day 8 of the competition and the second day of the Omega Bracket matches. It facilitated matches between Team Vitality and Global Esports, FUT Esports and Rex Regum Qeon, finishing with a conflict between 100 Hoodlums and EDward Gaming.

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VCT 2023 LOCK//IN: Day 8 highlights

The following were the Map Vetos on February 23:

  • Team Vitality vs Global Esports: GES ban Ascent; VIT ban Icebox; GES pick Split; VIT pick Pearl; GES ban Haven; VIT ban Fracture; Lotus remains
  • FUT Esports vs Rex Regum Qeon: RRQ ban Fracture; FUT ban Haven; RRQ pick Lotus; FUT pick Pearl; RRQ ban Icebox; FUT ban Ascent; Split remains
  • 100 Thieves vs EDward Gaming: 100T ban Ascent; EDG ban Haven; 100T pick Icebox; EDG pick Lotus; 100T ban Split; EDG ban Fracture; Pearl remains.
VCT LOCK//IN São Paulo: Scores, schedule, and bracket
VCT LOCK//IN São Paulo: VALORANT scores, schedule, and bracket. The VALORANT Champions Tour 2023 season is at last set to start, similar to the beginning of the organization time, with the VCT LOCK//in São Paulo, Brazil. The 32 groups in participation will contend in a solitary disposal section

The results for the matches on Day 8 are as follows:

  • Team Vitality vs Global Esports: 2-1 [Split 13-4, Pearl 9-13. Lotus 13-6]
  • FUT Esports vs Rex Regum Qeon: 2-0 [Lotus 13-3, Pearl 13-11]
  • 100 Thieves vs EDward Gaming: 2-1 [Icebox 13-10, Lotus 9-13, Pearl 14-12]
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