VCT 2023: Valorant partnered team rosters and rumours. Photo via Riot.

VCT 2023: Valorant partnered team rosters and rumours. Photo via Riot. 

VCT 2023: Valorant partnered team rosters and rumors

Newsroom Feb 3, 2023

VCT 2023: Valorant partnered team rosters and rumours.

Riot Games has chosen 30 associations to join three separate associations across the world in another framework for the esport. Every one of the 30 needs to balance new lists to show the engineer for the 2023 rendition of the Valorant Champions by October 15, with the pre-season move window shutting on February 1, 2023.

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Valorant Champions Visit 2022 finished on September 18 and closed the open period of the esport. Presently with the new association period approaching and with organizations that got into either the Americas, EMEA or the Pacific associations, groups are seeking to build new programs for the 2023 season. Different groups not in the VCT associations will likewise be seeking get players for the impending season as they attempt to advance into the associations through Challengers Climb. Beyond huge moves from those groups, this tracker will just cover program moves in the main three associations.

VCT Americas league rosters

100 ThievesAsuna, bang, stellar, Derrek, Cryocells
Cloud9leaf, Xeppaa, vanity, yay, Zellsis, qpert
Evil GeniusesApotheon, C0M, Boostio, Reformed, jawgemo, BcJ, Ethan, Demon1, ScrewFace
FURIAqck, mwzera mazin, dgzin, Khalil, kon4n
KRĂśNagZ, Klaus, xand, Daveeys, Melser, axeddy
LeviatánkiNgg, Tacolilla, Shyy, Nozwerr, Mazino, keznit
LOUDaspas, Saadhak, Less, cauanzin, tuyz
MIBRjzz, frz, heat, Murizz, rglm, txozin
NRGs0m, FNS, crashies, victor, ardiis, Thwifo
SentinelsTenZ, zekken, Sacy, paNcada, dephh, SicK

VCT EMEA league rosters

BBLAsLanM4shadoW, Turko, QuotinerX, Brave, SouhcNi, aimDLL
FnaticBoaster, Derke, Alfajer, Leo, Chronicle, kamyk
FUTmojj, qw1, MrFaliN, Muj, qRaxs, ATA KAPTAN
GiantsFit1nho, hoody, Cloud, rhyme, nukkye
KCorpScreaM, Nivera, xms, Shin, Newzera
KOIkoldamenta, Sheydos, trexx, Wolfen, starxo
NAVIANGE1, Shao, Zyppan, SUYGETSU, cNed
Hereticskeloqz, Boo, Mixwell, zeek, AvovA
Liquidsoulcas, Jamppi, nAts, Redgar, Sayf, dimasick
VitalityceNder, BONECOLD, MOLSI, Destrian, Twisten
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VCT Pacific league rosters

DetonatioN GamingSuggest, Reita, xnfri, Anthem, Seoldam, takej
DRXstax, Rb, BuZz, MaKo, Zest, Foxy9
Gen.GMeteor, k1Ng, iNTRO, TS, eKo, Secret
Global EsportsAYRIN, T3xture, WRONSKI, Bazzi, Monyet, SkRossi, Lightningfast
Paper Rexf0rsakeN, Benkai, mindfreak, Jinggg, d4v41
RRQEJAY, 2ge, Emman, Tehbotol, fl1pzjder, Lmemore
T1ban, xeta, Munchkin, Sayaplayer, BeomJun, Carpe
TalonCrws, foxz, sushiboys, garnetS, jitboyS, Patiphan
Team SecretBORKUM, Jremy, DubsteP, JessieVash, invy, lenne
ZETA DIVISIONLaz, crow, Dep, TENNN, SugarZ3ro, barce
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