Cover via Riot.

Cover via Riot. 

Valorant's new map can be in India!

Newsroom Nov 9, 2022

Can the new Valorant map be based out of India?

We were highly due for another map from Riot and after their presentation of the 7-map active duty framework, we saw Split get removed from the map pool. Since that change, Valorant required a map to stir up the active map pool, and here comes the ninth one, codenamed Jam which is likely located in India.

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Enter Harbor, the latest one of the new agents hails from India, and it is quite reasonable that we expect the map is from India also. The suspicions transformed into a conviction after a few clues pointed towards something very similar, all the more as of late the audio message from Harbor.

The map board makes it very apparent that South-Wester India might have filled in as the motivation behind the latest map in Valorant given where the pointer is put.

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Harbor's whole send-off has been based around his escape, which Riot has been putting up on their official pages. Through each location he visits, we can assume that the last stop will be India, whereupon the new map, otherwise known as Jam, is located.

The map board. Photo via Riot. 

Riot has been exceptionally clever in building the hype for the new specialist, matched with another map, they don't have to put forth any additional attempt to pull everybody's consideration. Fans are strictly following Harbor's excursion and can't hold their ponies to give it a shot.

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In any case, the fascinating improvement will be the map that Riot decides to push out of the active duty pool. Up until this point, the community was extremely inclined towards having Split back, quite possibly one of the most played maps back, and presently with the impending presentation of the ninth map, we can see another shake-up in the map pool.

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