Valorant Oni 2.0 skin collection: Release date, weapons, price. Photo via Photo via Valorant.

Valorant Oni 2.0 skin collection: Release date, weapons, price. Photo via Photo via Valorant.

Valorant Oni 2.0 skin collection: Release date, weapons, price

Newsroom Feb 28, 2023

Valorant Oni 2.0 skin collection: Release date, weapons, price.

The hotly anticipated Oni 2.0 skin assortment is at last coming to Valorant in Episode 6 Act  2. The trailer was dropped recently on Valorant's Twitter. The group will contain both firearm skins and a fresh out of the new weapon.

Oni was one of the principal skins added after the game was delivered external to the beta. The first pack contained a Phantom skin that has stayed number one. Players have been sitting tight for additional skins including the Oni cover since Riot began delivering new releases of old skins. There has been steady publicity encompassing the Oni 2.0 for some time, and players will be eager to see it at last show up in the game. This article will investigate all that about the new skin pack from the impending patch.

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When is the Oni 2.0 skin bundle coming to Valorant?

The new skin bundle has been affirmed to drop with the beginning of Episode 6 Act 2 on Tuesday, March 7, 2023. The fix for the ACT will drop at 2 pm PST for North American players. The comparing timings for those playing on the Mumbai server are 3:30 am IST the following day. The skin ought to show up in the shop following your update of the game post-support. The accompanying areas will jump profoundly into the weapon skins in the Oni 2.0 pack, their cost, and different subtleties.

The first Oni skins group was essential for the Top notch level, so these will pursue a similar direction as other redid skins like Prime 2.0 and Reaver 2.0. Premium weapon skins are estimated at 1775 VP for firearm skins and 3550 VP for scuffle ones. The complete pack will be estimated at 7100 VP.

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Note that the skirmish skin is free assuming you buy the whole pack. In any case, quite possibly the Oni Katana may be evaluated higher than ordinary skirmishes as a result of the unique plan components and movement it offers. A comparative example was seen with the Reaver Karambit, which cost 4350 VP.

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