Credits to Sportskeeda. VCT Masters Copenhagen just got over. 

Valorant Champions Tour: Masters Copenhagen just got over, and guess who is the winner?

Newsroom Jul 28, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting into all the details of the VCT Masters Grand Finale, and all that went down there.

This year’s Valorant Masters Copenhagen was something quite amazing, and the fans were more than excited for the VCT Masters. The winners of the Masters will get a specific position on the Valorant Champions Tour. The Masters was quite an interesting tournament, for we saw quite a few new teams who came up to the forefront, and some old teams who had already made a name for themselves. This whole combination of new and old teams, and who would be crowned as the winner was quite an interesting tournament. In today’s blog, we will be getting into the winner of the Valorant Champions Masters Copenhagen and the details of the last match.

Who is the winner of the Valorant Champions Masters Copenhagen?

The Grand Finale was played between FunPlus Phoenix and Paper Rex. Both these teams are in stark contrast to each other, and what made the Finale so interesting was that FPX has a slow-paced methodical gaming style which is loaded with tactics and strategies. None of their moves are made on a whim, which makes their game style on the slower end of the spectrum. On the other hand, we had PRX, who were known throughout for their extremely aggressive methods, and those cannot be easily countered at all. Fans were more than excited about witnessing how these two teams would be playing in a match.

Credits to Dot Esports. FPX is the winner. 

There were a total of five maps where FunPlus Phoenix won, with a 3-2 score overall. There were a total of five maps, and the best of all these together would be declared the winner. The first map was Bind, where the FPX won quite easily, and it seemed like they were reading PRX’s every move like a book. This was quite an enjoyable match for the fans at the very beginning of the tournament.

The other maps were Icebox and Haven, where PRX got their wins. Unfortunately, that was it for them. Though many of the fans were quite hopeful that after these two wins, PRX would be able to step up their game, however, it seemed to be short lived. The next two maps were Icebox and Fracture where FPX got their game back. They got their tactics all right, and were able to hold off any push from PRX. In the end, FPX got the victory and were crowned as the winners of the Valorant Champions Masters Copenhagen.

Prize Pool Distrubition

The total prize pool for the VCT Masters was $650K. The prize pool distribution was as follows:

  • FunPlus Phoenix - $200,000
  • Paper Rex- $120,000
  • OpTic Gaming- $85,000
  • Fnatic- $65,000

The first two teams have already secured their places in the VCT Championships. Hence, the next massive tournament is the VCT Championships that will soon be held.

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