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Valorant AMD Skyesports Champions Series Playoffs full coverage from DAY 1 TO DAY 6

Newsroom Jun 7, 2022

The Skyesports Champions Series (SCS) is a part of the current VCT (Valorant Champions Tour) 2022  and is hosted by Skyesports and supported by Riot Games. Currently, stage 2 of the edition is being held.  For South Asian teams, this tournament will act as a stepping stone to the VCT, with the top two teams qualifying for the "Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2 Asia Pacific [APAC] Challengers" tournament. The prize pool for SCS 2022 has been set at $30,000 USD, and the tournament's final stage will be held via a  LAN connected event in Chennai, India.

In the Group Stage of the event, a sum of 12 Valoran teams competed, divided into two groups of six teams.

The Group Stage was played in a format of round-robin between the 19th and 24th of May, with each match being held with a rule of best-of-three.

Each team in the group stage competed in five matches, wherein, the top three teams from the table of 5 were decided.

Here are all the insights from the tournament that you should be aware of!

Skyesports Champions Series Grand Final Playoffs: A Guide

Six teams have advanced to the Grand Final Playoffs stage of the Skyesports Champions Series, where they will face a battle in a double-elimination format. This leg of the tournament will take place in Chennai, India, between May 31st and June 5th, featuring the highly awaited finale on June 5th. All the teams arrived in Chennai, the coastal city of India, and got ready for the big LAN competition.

It can be summed up as follows:

Six teams will compete.
The playoff bracket is a double-elimination format.
There will be an upper and lower bracket in the playoffs.
The finale will follow the rule of best-of-five series, all other matches were best-of-three.

Following were the teams in place:

Group A

- Enigma Gaming

- Global Esports

- Revenant Esports

Group B

- Octagon gaming

- Full power gaming

- Velocity Gaming

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Day 1

The Day 1 playoffs can be summarized as follows:

- Velocity Gaming defeated Revenant sports by 2-0

- And, Global Esports defeated Full Power Gaming by 2-0 too.

The winners of Day 1's game will meet the top seeds from both groups on Day 2. The losers, on the other hand, would have to wait until the next day to play.

Despite a rough start in which VLT was unable to halt Revenant's offensive, losing three of the first four rounds, the team managed to tie the half at 6-6. VLT appeared to have uncovered the holes in Revenant's defence in the second half of the game, losing only one round and winning the match by 13-7.

In spite of losing the pistol round in the second half, VLT managed to gain the momentum and closed down the game by 13-5 to win the game 2-0.

The presence of Manoj Bhai, who single-handedly drove the squad to victory, played the most crucial role. With this speed, they won their first LAN game.

Day 2

The second day of the "AMD Skyesports Champions Series Playoffs" was huge. Summarily, Enigma Gaming and Orangutan were on the rise, while Velocity Gaming and Global Esports were on the opposite.

Facing each other on Fracture and Ascent, Enigma Gaming and Velocity Gaming faced off in the first match of the second day. Enigma Gaming won both of these matches, with scores of 13-8 and 13-11, respectively.

In the second match, Orangutan and Global Esports battled it out on Breeze, Ascent, and Haven, respectively. Initially, the game seemed to be in favour of the Orangutans as they earned a victory with a score of 13-10. Global Esports, on the other hand, retaliated by defeating Ascent 10-13.

After advancing the match to the third map, both teams appeared to be in a stressful situation, with a score of 11-11. Despite this, Orangutan eventually won the match by winning two rounds in a row, making the final score 2-1.

Day 3

The first fixture match of the third day was between Velocity and Full Power Gaming. With a score of 13-10, the former won the first map, Icebox.

Full Power Gaming, on the other hand, was not about to give up simply and put up a valiant battle on Ascent.  15-13, Full Power Gaming's performance was commendable in comparison to their opponents.

The third-day match featured Global Esports against Revenant Esports, who chose Bind, Fracture, and Haven as their respective choices for maps to play on. With a score of 13-10, the former won the first map.

The second map, Fracture, was won by Revenant with a score of 11-13, giving Global a tough battle. This advanced the series to the third map, which determined who would advance.

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Despite Revenant's best efforts, Global came out on top 13-11, securing their place in the Lower Bracket Semi-Finals. It should come as no surprise to any Valorant esports followers that Ganesh "SkRossi" Gangadhar was the top fragger in this match-up.

Day 4 and 5

Enigma Gaming and Orangutan faced up in the Upper Bracket Finals in the first clash of day 4, with map picks of Icebox, Ascent, and Haven.

With both teams tied at 1-1 in the overall standings, the third map, Haven, became the determining factor for them. Enigma Gaming gave it their best on this map, defeating Orangutan 13-7 and sending them on to the Lower Bracket.

It was time for the Val-Classico after the epic battle between Enigma Gaming and Orangutan. In the Lower Bracket Semi-Finals, Velocity Gaming and Global Esports, who are known for their rivalry, met again.

With Bind as the first map, both Valorant professional teams fought all out, but the match appeared to be in jeopardy as both teams were tied at 12-11. After Velocity Gaming won three rounds in a row, Global Esports seized the opportunity by winning the final round.

Day 5 unfolded with 5 very exciting games with each team going competitively head to head with each other.

Following were the scorelines from Day 5 which was the most crucial day in reaching the highly awaited finale.






Day 6 - Finale

The finals, like every other Valorant tournament, were always played in a best-of-five format, giving both teams a chance to show off their skills on a variety of maps.

In the AMD Skyesports Champions Series Grand Finals, both competitors chose Ascent as the first map, Split as the second, Haven, Fracture, and Bind as the third.

Enigma Gaming had a slow start in the first half of the first map, with Global Esports scoring 8-4 against them. With a score of 5-12, Global Esports quickly reached the match point, and it appeared that the first map's winner had been determined.



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