Upcoming Valorant Tournaments 2022. Picture Courtesy: VALORANT

Valorant Tournaments 2022. Picture Courtesy: VALORANT

Recent/Upcoming Valorant Tournaments 2022

Community Sep 6, 2022

Champions İstanbul is the third global event of the 2022 VALORANT Champions Tour, where the VALORANT World Champion will be crowned.


  • Valorant Champions 2022, the tournament where top-performing teams from around the world will clash, is slowly approaching its start date.
  • Valorant Champions Tour is a well-known mega-event; several additional Valorant events are upcoming.

Valorant was officially published in June 2020. This game gained enormous popularity immediately, completely taking over the gaming market in less than a year. The excitement around Valorant led to the emergence of tournaments of all sizes.

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Even though the Valorant Champions Tour is a well-known mega-event, there are a lot of other future Valorant events that you should research. Here, we'll discuss some of the most prominent contests for bravery in 2022 and explain what makes each competition unique.

VALORANT Conquerors Championship

Picture Courtesy: VALORANT

Riot Games and NODWIN Gaming organized a spectacular event for South Asian teams and fans, and it was going to be amazing! It featured a hefty $33.000 prize pool, which is more than you may often expect from a tournament of this size. Eight teams competed in a series of best-of-three games, and on August 29, Global Esports announced the winner.

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But here is where it shines. The opportunity to participate in the Valorant Champions Tour 2021: Asia Last Chance Qualifier was a major benefit for all participating teams. A Valorant team's ambition was realized when Global Esports reached the top and qualified for the Valorant Champions Tour via perseverance and a little bit of good fortune. Watch this competition in 2022 and get some new information from the South Asian expert Valorant teams.

VCT: Game Changers

Picture Courtesy: VALORANT

Riot Games and the existing Valorous Champions Tour also launched this tournament. This contest sought to promote the current competitive season while increasing opportunities for women and other underrepresented genders in Valorant. VCT: Game Changers is everything you expect from a top-tier Valorant event. It follows a similar format to the VCT and includes regional competitions and some of the best teams competing for the best prizes.

Like the main Valorant Champions Tour competition, VCT: Game Changers is growing, attracting more fans and skilled Valorant teams to participate. The 2022 season will include six globe regions, and each will crown its champion at the end. In case you missed it, major esports organizations like G2 Gozen and XSET Female have unveiled their women's Valorant teams. As the year progresses, we anticipate seeing more based on how well-liked the event has been. If you're itching for more VCT content and want to see some top-notch Valorant action, subscribe to VCT: Game Changers. You could find your new favorite Valorous team there.

Moscow Cybersport Series

Picture Courtesy: VALORANT

Moving on to Russia, the Moscow Cybersports Series is ranked seventh among the most prestigious competitions in 2022. You won't be impressed by this event's large prize pools or impressive tournament names. It will, however, provide you with a look into the CIS Valorant and highlight some of the most intriguing teams in the area.

The Moscow Cybersports Series has additional relevance since many valiant teams who want to succeed in the EMEA area may use it as a starting stone.

Nerd Street Gamers: Summer Championship

Picture Courtesy: VALORANT

Nerd Street Gamers have played Valorant in a competitive environment from the start. Up to this point, the Nerd Street Gamers Valorous contests have been among the most dependable. Despite lacking Riot's financial resources to hold events the magnitude of the Valorant Champions Tour, they make up for it with their love for Valorant.

League of Legends: Gen.G swept T1 3-0 to win their first LCK Championship
Gen.G crowned League of Legends LCK 2022 Summer Split champions Rule r, and Chovy dismantled T1 for a 3-0 finish. Overview: * This was a surprising and anti-climatic final as Gen.G swept T1 3-0 comfortably. * Ruler and Chovy are two of the best players in the world within League

The Summer/Winter Championship tournaments hosted by Nerd Street Gamers have been among the most eagerly anticipated ones they've had. In addition to having the highest prize pools, which might exceed $25,000, they drew some of the best valiant teams. This year's NSG: Winter Championship was held in Philadelphia and Denver, with a total of $9.500 in prizes. Make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming NSG events. You may stumble into a fresh TenZ and decide to follow their journey in Valorant.

Valorant Open Tour: France

Picture Courtesy: VALORANT

The valorant open tour: France is the pinnacle of the thriving French valorant scene. Team Vitality surpassed the competition and won the Valorant Open Tour: France Finals, taking home an additional $9,000 in pocket money. The tournament lasted a week and was filled with bravery.

We believe the Valorous Open Tour will return as the new season approaches. It will be a lot of fun for the French Valorant fans and keep them busy for a while.

Red Bull Campus Clutch

Picture Courtesy: VALORANT

When talking about the most important contests in 2022, it is important to note the upcoming Red Bull Campus Clutch - World Final Stage. As the tournament's name suggests, 12 teams from around the globe will compete in the final Red Bull Campus Clutch event. The €20.000 prize pool will spur these brave teams to give their best, but there's more.

Anubis Gaming from Egypt won the previous year's tournament and received the most cash prizes and a special invitation to the Berlin final Valorant Master's competition. This event is short, yet it is still really thrilling. The action is always of the highest grade, and there are no delays. Keep an eye on this event; you never know, you may find some great Valorant odds for these fights.

Strike Arabia Grand Finals

Picture Courtesy: VALORANT

The North American and European valorant scenes have lately gotten much attention; now it's time to look at the Middle Eastern valorant scene. For a massive $50.000 prize, the top eight Middle Eastern teams competed at the Strike Arabia Grand Finals in Istanbul. Anubis Gaming once again proved they are a cut above the competition by winning the trophy and a berth in the EMEA Last Chance Qualifier.

Given how well it was received, a repeat of the tournament in 2022 is all but certain. This tournament has the potential to develop into one of the most motivational contests ever.


Picture Courtesy: VALORANT

Given the longevity of Epic.LAN, it is not unexpected to see them teaming up with Valorant. There were 16 European teams present at the EPIC.LAN #34—the competition's 34th iteration. It was performed completely offline at the Kettering Conference Center.

However, that's excellent since there were several methods for fans to remain informed about all the games, whether via Epic. Social LAN's media or other platforms. Because this event was fun, there needs to be more of them in 2022.

LVP – Rising Series

Picture Courtesy: VALORANT

Another valiant European contest will complete our list of the top 10 competitions in 2022. The LVP Rising Series is the Valor event that Spaniards look forward to most, but don't let that fool you. All European teams are welcome to play; thus, you can probably expect to see some of the best Valorous teams here.

Seeing the previous year's LVP Rising Series Finale was a tremendous joy. And the defending world champions easily defeated their opponents to take home the first-place prize of $9,093. Keep an eye on the LVP - Rising Series this year since we predict it will be even more exciting with more teams and prizes.

Valorant Champions Tour 2022

Picture Courtesy: VALORANT

The competitive Valorant atmosphere attracts the best players for the year-long Valorant Champions Tour. It is divided into three stages, with a Masters's event capping each stage. Each stage has several events. The Valorant Champions Tour is the top Valorant event in 2022 because it has the highest rewards and most prestige. Any Valorant team worth their salt wishes to participate in this tournament, which serves as a stepping stone to all the other Valorant contests.

This tournament successfully ended its first season in December of last year. It will return in 2022. The Valorous Champions Tour was identical overall, despite some noteworthy changes. The championship will again take place in September rather than December, and the Valorous Champions Tour 2022 will only have two Challengers and Masters stages rather than the typical three. New professional Valorant players now have more options to participate and compete for thanks to the advent of VCT Regional Leagues and VRC Amateur Circuits.

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