Video Games that teach you a life lesson. Picture Courtesy: Medium

Video Games that teach you a life lesson. Picture Courtesy: Medium

Video Games that taught us a life lesson- Teacher's Day Special

Community Sep 5, 2022

Learning and having fun go hand in hand. One of the most important life lessons that gaming teaches us is that you are in control of your own reality.


  • The advent of more platforms paved the way to incorporate educational concepts in video games.
  • Video games inject fun with the aid of technology into subjects that used to be taught conventionally in schools or at home.
  • Kids do not have just to read books or watch documentaries about math, science, art, music, or even sports.
  • Video games augment what was initially taught to them by engaging them in activities to apply what they have learned.

Though you don't want to acknowledge it, it is true. It's that one obvious truth you can't avoid. We all need video games. Who doesn't like playing video games? It is true for arcades, computers, consoles, and mobile games. But nobody understood that playing video games may help us learn valuable life skills.

Although many people are skeptical about how video games affect productivity and well-being, millions of people all over the globe use them to improve their lives, make enduring friendships, and learn valuable things. They do everything, from pushing us to take that life-changing step to urging us to never give up, from helping us improve our motor skills to team building. So, here are a few life lessons we can all use from video games.

Going incorrectly while there are no adversaries or barriers

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Life is meant to be challenging. It's meant to be difficult. And as you advance, it should grow tougher. It simply so happens that way. Along the route, we run with opponents and obstacles. No more so than in video games. They will attack you with weapons, energy blasts, sharp fangs, and everything else they can use to kill you, the hero, completely unprovoked. They are a mainstay of the genre. They are your protagonist's adversary.

The situation is the same in real life as well. You will always face obstacles when you embark on a new mission or endeavor. You'll make blunders, things won't go well, and you could even come under assault. Perhaps the tsunami of opposition from the outside world is a sign that you are on the correct path and should continue despite the doubters' opinions. Only if you continue to face fresh obstacles to conquer will you know that you are moving in the correct direction.

After all, it's these difficulties and difficulties that help us advance and hone our abilities. Adversity is necessary for growth; therefore, let's not back from a struggle. Admit it. Have some villains. Risky situation We can only better ourselves by putting ourselves out there. And video games never pass up a chance to teach crucial lessons about life.

Challenges provide life lessons about pushing through

People are pushed to develop beyond their current skill level via video games. When players fully engage in a game, they see every challenge as a chance to advance. Nowadays, almost every game incorporates a leveling system to demonstrate how each action player advances closer to their objective.

The journey from Zero to Hero in a video game is well-defined. It's easy to know what to do next: get over the barriers, do the critical missions, and you'll be on your way to achieving your objective. Additionally, studies show that individuals get addicted to the positive feelings that arise from making modest efforts toward a goal. Gamers also have an edge in the modern world since they are adept at overcoming challenges and picking up new abilities while having fun. As a result, they regard difficulties as challenges rather than a burden.

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People may combine these little victories by dividing their main aim into smaller goals and demonstrate that they are moving up the ladder in real life. In this method, one may complete a particular number of tasks that help them gain momentum and remain motivated, and after doing so, reward themselves with a gift. One of video games' most important life lessons is to keep trying and never give up.

C is for Consequences and Choices

Every single individual in the world today can exercise their own free will. Additionally, humans constantly make decisions. They have the option to be constructive or destructive, to produce or complain, to accept responsibility, or deflect it. Each decision does, of course, have positive and negative effects.

You must also make tough judgments in games, just as in real life. The majority of morally obvious options in video games are either the good option or the evil one.
Most players often have a clear objective for the game's conclusion, whether they choose to play the hero or the villain from the beginning or let their emotions guide them. And decisions you make affect how far you go in the game.

Everything you do in a game has an effect, just as it does in real life, so choosing who to trust and what to prioritize should not be done carelessly. Nobody wants to make a choice that has an unfavorable outcome by accident, so when you do make a choice, consider all the implications. And this has a direct effect on and affects your decisions as you go about living your life.

You have several lives

Many old-school games give you numerous lives. Hearts often represent these lives in video games, and a health meter shows your advancement or damage in more recent console games. So picture your chances in life as those old video games. You have three lives at first. You may earn extra by achieving your objectives, making sufficient progress, or exploring. The same applies to life.

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More possibilities will present themselves as you improve. And if one of those hearts disappears, it won't be a big deal. You could always re-stock. Rarely do you lose that huge opportunity without a backup plan? There will always be another chance. The game is not over just because you miss one. There will be plenty of other opportunities to alter things and stand out. You have plenty of time and room to achieve by reinventing yourself.

The difference is that you always have the option to pick up where you left off, even if you must go back a little bit. It does not mean that you squander your opportunities or lives. You will undoubtedly learn the most valuable lessons from video games if you always do your best to take advantage of the possibilities.

Video games encourage cooperation

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Don't be the player that considers himself. Be neither that person nor that.
Give back to others. Keep an eye out for others. Join forces. When you set egos aside and see that when one succeeds, the team succeeds, you can solve a lot of difficulties. While you may go much further as a group, you can do it much quicker on your own. And video games are the ideal teachers to impart these life lessons.
Online video games connect gamers from all over the globe and allow them to collaborate in teams to achieve a shared objective. Skills like teamwork, leadership, communication, and bargaining are exercised while players engage in team missions. Numerous studies have shown that playing video games may improve interpersonal and collaborative abilities.

Being a part of a team can have its advantages, even if working in a group may be hit or miss. It is easier and more efficient to complete things when everyone plays their part. Don't be frightened because even the most unlikely teams may succeed when they collaborate to achieve a shared objective since sometimes the finest teams include members from various backgrounds. If there is smooth communication and negotiation, everything works out. Some players have different goals in mind, which can lead to conflict in the team.

Effective dialogue

Teamwork requires effective communication. It can take time to realize that this wasn't only intended to be communicated in a language you can comprehend. Instead, it refers to speaking in a manner that is clear to others. When another player doesn't get it, gamers often lose their cool. We've all probably had our fair share of temper outbursts. But all of this was brought about by our poor communication, which another player misunderstood.

However, as you continue to play, you discover how crucial communication is if you want to increase your winnings. It will help if you communicate with your teammates in a manner they can comprehend and tell them about the guys you want to choose. Playing video games teaches you to provide constructive criticism to other players because you learn how to say it without coming out as hostile. If you don't do that, your teammates will fight, struggle, and lose their cool, leading you to lose the game.

The identical situations may occur in real life as well. Communication is key to significant success and accomplishments, and gaming fosters these crucial life skills we must learn to scale new heights.

Failure serves as a springboard toward success

Failure is every gamer's constant companion. You may count on failing a few times before succeeding at the goal while playing a game. But it's crucial to realize that it will happen eventually, even if not immediately. The first few times you fail are all in good fun, particularly if you're new to the game and still figuring things out, like the enemy's routines and the surroundings. After a few attempts, you could get lucky and win, at which point you can continue playing while the excitement is pumping through your body.

However, you can also discover that you struggle for a long with a particular level as your annoyance gauge builds up and ruins all the pleasure you had before you arrived. At this moment, you must make a key choice: will you persevere or give up? The desire to give up is constant and greater. You've tried everything, but you keep being killed and getting the "Game Over" screen. You mastered the motions and learned the patterns, yet it is still insufficient.

However, if you persist with consistency and vigor, it WILL happen. You'll succeed and make a breakthrough. And games are the best way to impart these life lessons.
After all, you only need to be correct once, regardless of how often you fail.

Everyone has something to teach you

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Playing video games for a long period, you play with and against players from all walks of life, including children, adults, parents, attorneys, fraternity presidents, computer programmers, war veterans, lifelong bachelors, optimistic widows, and many more. You may meet new individuals in a virtual world to which video games give you access. To communicate with individuals across the globe, you are not constrained by geographical borders, which allows you to learn more about the other side of the planet, its people, and its culture.

Online environments expose you to a far larger universe than they do in the actual world. Gamers have the wonderful chance to interact with others, get to know them better, or perhaps learn a few gaming tricks from them. Additionally, lifelong ties and new connections are created via gaming bonds. People may interact whenever they want to, with little to no need to answer right away and without being forced to be in the same physical place as other people, which makes video games and other online venues comfortable for individuals.

It does not mean, however, that the practice of making new acquaintances through video games does not have the potential to endanger individuals since there have been incidents of sexual predators utilizing games to entice victims. Online places are safer than ever, thanks to chat filters and reporting capabilities, but it is still a good idea to pay attention to who you are speaking to and be mindful of what is suitable and what is not.

You are the only one keeping yourself back

You have power over your character when you play a video game. When you press the appropriate key on your keyboard, your character starts firing a fireball if you wish. Consider how your awareness, soul, and heart are the players at the keyboard, while your body is the character. What does it mean if your greatest urge tells you to apply for that job, chat with that girl, or take a risk and jump over the cliff, yet you're pushing the button as hard as you can without moving? You are oblivious to yourself and disconnected from yourself.

One of the most significant truths in life that video games impart is that you are in charge of your world. You just put effort into accomplishing your goals if you desire to pursue them. People who live the lives they've always wanted to live differently from those who don't because the former pay attention to their inner voice and follow their intuition. Your awareness is the hand that directs you on the keyboard, and your body is the character.

Having pleasure while learning goes hand in hand

Jack becomes a bored kid when all he does is work. In every circumstance of life, these words ring true. No matter how hard you work, the trip might become a little overwhelming, scary, and monotonous if there is no enjoyment along the way. One of the finest examples of making studying enjoyable is unquestionably gaming. It imparts knowledge and then fosters creativity while maintaining enjoyment. To tilt your character more towards survivability or more toward sheer damage, you may combine several gear combinations and stats.

Gaming teaches you that the top players are the ones that invented fresh, unique play styles. Video games demonstrate your amazing fun while picking up new abilities and approaches. One of the most important life lessons they may gain from playing video games is this. Even in real life, having fun and being an integral part of our travels is crucial if we want to experience the genuine essence of both success and pleasure.

Here are some video games for kids to enjoy and learn from across many platforms.


This game will enable kids and parents to exercise together while maintaining the brain's overall health and fitness. Additionally, it has a Daily Exam mode that displays your progress on a monthly chart and monitors your performance.

Crazy Machines 1: The Wacky Contraptions Game

A mad scientist and his equally wild experiments are always entertaining for children who like riddles, making things, and creating machines. They may create their devices and use them all in this good game.

PBS Kids Lab

This website has a tonne of educational games to choose from that will keep you entertained as you study for hours. A kids' program, a parent app, books, and instructions for games that kids may play at home and school are all included.

Art Academy

This art instruction simulation for the Nintendo DS is a hit with children in Japan and other nations. It contains Lessons and Free paint modes that are jam-packed with all the art appreciation and fundamentals kids might want to learn.


This game has tremendous popularity among children and children at heart. With various play settings, this game will captivate youngsters who like using their imaginations to construct anything with various cubes and fluids.

Lego Dimensions

Little ones adored Legos in the 1980s and 1990s. The business has increased the stakes and given the building blocks of life for this generation. In various tales, it has also included superheroes and figures, including Batman, the Fantastic Beasts, and the Ghostbusters.


Despite being occasionally likened to Minecraft, this game is a large-scale multiplayer one that lets players of all ages design their own games using Lego-like pieces or bricks.

The Witness

Who doesn't like figuring out puzzles? Imagine exploring a place where there are mazes and riddles to solve. Kids like challenges, especially those in really tough video games; therefore, it is clear why this game was so popular.

Epistory – Typing Chronicles

Children begin learning to type at a young age, and adults continue to practice typing, particularly when necessary for their jobs. This action-adventure game is perfect for people who like playing games and want to type more quickly.

Human Resource Machine

Although youngsters these days sometimes like games that are a little more sophisticated for their age, this one is geared more toward adults. In this game, a corporate office employee goes through a typical day at work.

Even though video games educate children and encourage a love of learning, parents and teachers should exercise care and not let their children spend much time alone in front of a computer and their devices. There should always be a limit to these things so that kids may participate in other activities like park playtime, family picnics, or domestic tasks. Even if kids are learning through video games, helping or playing with them might help them realize that gaming limits exist.

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