Credits to Playstation. Uncharted has been an extremely popular game for the past decade.

Uncharted- The Game that Inspired the Movie

Case Study May 7, 2022

Uncharted is one of the most popular game franchises of all time, and recently they came out with their first movie. Since then, fans have been expecting a lot from the franchise to come up with. For so long, they have been extremely focused on the gaming industry, and with the first movie, they have already taken steps to enter the entertainment industry. There could be comics and series regarding the whole storyline of the game. However, there has been no news about it yet. In today’s blog, we will be getting into how the movie and the game are connected, and the influence of Uncharted.

Uncharted-The Game

The game was released first in 2007 and immediately became successful. The game that saved Sony is one of the most popular game franchises in the world. There are multiple games that have been released as part of the main series, and many others that include spin-off games and also collaboration games with other companies. There are even android games for Uncharted, so you might already understand how huge the game has gotten in a decade. The game is still in popular demand. Multiple collections have been released and re-released. So much so that the movie was extremely hyped when it was supposed to come out.

Credits to CinemaBlend. Uncharted as a game came out back in 2007.

Uncharted: The Movie

The movie was released this year on February 18. What made the movie all the more popular was when Tom Holland was declared to be playing the role of Nathan Drake. All the Holland fans had also gone ahead and watched the movie based on the video game. If we think about it, the first movie of any game would always go along with the base storyline or the story of the first game. However, with the Uncharted movie, things seemed to be a bit different. One of the major points of difference is that in the game, Sully was a mentor for Drake, and in the movie, Sully is shown as his brother. Though it was not supposed to make things any different, the plot felt like it had made a drastic change.

Credits to IGN India. Uncharted, the movie came out in 2022.

It seemed like they just went on an adventure and nothing else. Whereas, in the game, it felt like it had a definite purpose, in the movie, the purpose seemed to be quite lost in the end. It could be well understood that the movie was made just for the sake of making a movie about the game, and nothing more. Though the movie was watched by a lot of people, the reviews of the movie were not that great.

How well did the Uncharted movie do at the Box office?

Considering that the game was so very popular with people, what makes everyone think about how the movie did with people? The movie did extremely well at the box office, with gross earnings of $395.1 million. This automatically made the movie the fourth highest-grossing movie in the video game category overall. In fact, the film outperformed many of the Marvel films released during the tie, including Black Widow, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and even Eternals. Hence, there is no doubt that the movie did extremely well at the box office.

Credits to GamesRadar. Tom Holland as Nathan Drake. 

However, if you were to compare the movie and the game, then they are quite different. They might have kept the trail of the journey the same, but most of the things were kept different. This was a bit disappointing to the fans who had gone to watch the movie based on the video games. Even the critics were quite concerned about the quality of the movie. They thought that it was not well thought out and that it felt longer than it already was. All of these critical reviews have made the ratings of the movie go down a lot. Hence, it could be well understood that the movie was watched by a lot of people, but in terms of quality, it did not live up to the expectations of the fans.

Was the movie banned?

The movie was banned in the Philippines and Vietnam for a scene in the movie. There was a scene in which a map was shown with nine line dashes, and it was said to be a territory of China. For some reason, the countries' political sentiments were hurt, and they asked the producers to remove the scene. However, for some reason, no negotiations could be reached, and they finally decided to ban the movies in their countries.

Will there be a sequel?

Usually, franchises have a lot of movies and series going on. Now that Uncharted has finally come down to making their own movies, it would be interesting if they came up with more sequels. However, many of them are speculating that there is a high chance that the movie will have sequels. As the post-credit scene revealed, Sully was still alive. This would perhaps continue the storyline of the movie. Though many people believe it contradicts the video game's storyline, it will be interesting to see what the creators come up with next.

Credits to Den of Geek. A scene from the movie. 

It is not unusual for movies based on video games to go for a different storyline, and create their own universe, yet for the first movie, everyone expected that it would be strongly tied with the first game. There are fans who are questioning if the sequel would be more based on where the first movie ended or if it would get to the second game in the series: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. There is a high chance that it could be a mixture of both.


Uncharted has been one of the most popular video game series that has ever been created, and the movie only recreated that legacy. After the movie was released, the game also saw a sudden rise in people who were playing it. This was perhaps because they wanted to revisit the game before going ahead to watch the movie.

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