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Ubisoft Cancels Online Support for 91 Games!

Newsroom Apr 29, 2022
Ubisoft has decided to cancel some 91 old games from its libraries.
You might not be able to use older versions of consoles even.
There will be multiple older versions which will cease to stop for some games.

There is some sad news for gamers. It appears that you can no longer play the old games that Ubisoft has created over the years. This definitely came as a shock for gamers when they came to know that Ubisoft would not be supporting old games. In today’s news blog, we will be getting into more details about why Ubisoft is ending online support for some 91 games. The number of games is a lot, of course, and it seems that everyone is disheartened by the whole decision. However, Ubisoft had its own reasons.

Why is Ubisoft closing so many games?

We will get into the main question first. Why did Ubisoft decide to take this decision all of a sudden? To put it into simple terms, there are a lot of old games whose original servers have been closed down. Hence, Ubisoft had to make multiple changes to bring these old games onto the new devices and servers. Also, this move is not very profitable for the company either. Many people resort to buying the old games from Ubisoft as they already have a copy. Even those who have copies or have purchased the game at some point do not play it on a regular basis. We are talking about extremely old games. People usually play these games out of emotion and nostalgia, but not for any particular reason.

Credits to Amazon. Just Dance 2015.

Also, Ubisoft has gradually stopped supporting the older versions of consoles too. Just Dance 2018, for example, will not be supported by the PS3, Wii, Wii U, or Xbox 360. This means that you will either have to lose the game, or upgrade to the new consoles. However, with the new consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One, you might not get some of the classic songs in the Just Dance 2014 or 2015 versions. If you've saved all of your old games to play when you're feeling nostalgic, you might want to play them one last time.

Which games will be removed by Ubisoft?

Many of the classic games will be removed from the library. Beyond & Evil, the original Ghost Recon, the older versions of the Settler titles, Chaos Theory, Conviction (basically all the Splinter Cell games), Tom Clancy’s Endwar, World in Conflict, and H.A.W.X. 2. They are also removing some versions of Rainbow Six.

Credits to WreckingU’s Youtube. Rainbow Six Siege.

Additionally, the games that you got from Ubisoft Connect will not let you earn any sort of units, and you will not be able to even play them on any platform, or even on your PCs. Hence, it is as clear as day that Ubisoft has decided to cut off the maximum number of games that were getting old.

There has been a lot of discontentment regarding this, and people have felt that this is getting closer to removing the history of the video game community. Whatever the games are here today, they are mostly based on old games or they create that nostalgia that sometimes gamers want to resort to.

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