Topson is one of the most sought after DOTA 2 player right now.

Credits to AFKGaming. Topson is one of the most sought after DOTA 2 player right now.

Topson is going all out for his LCQ, but how?

Newsroom Sep 26, 2022

Get to know all about how Topson managed to play 30 ranked games in 24 hours!

DOTA 2’s most important and popular tournament is going to start quite soon and teams from all over the world are trying to make sure that they give their best and come out on top. However, as all the teams are going to work hard, there are a few teams and members which look like they are going to just be better. They are working extremely harder than anyone would expect them to, and it feels that they are one of those unstoppable forces. One such example would be Topson.

If you have been keeping an eye out on The Internationals preparation lately, you might find a lot of people actually trying to work better than before to get a good job done. They are trying to make sure that they leave a mark in the 11th season of The International for DOTA 2. However, many of you would be wondering why was Topson trending so much for. Well, apparently T1’s star player, Topson only wants to make sure that he is going to give his best in the game. T1 is known for only bringing the best players into their team, and they have an amazing track record of not only winning the Internationals, but also going up to the semi-finals or the higher rounds ever tournaments.

Dota 2 The International 2022.
Credits to GINX Esports TV. Dota 2 The International 2022.

Recently, in a Twtich stream, Topson was grinding and having a fun stream with his fans. As a team member you usually get a separate time for your practice, and make sure that you are going to fairly well with your teammates, and develop that chemistry. However, Topson seemed to be quite tensed about the upcoming LCQ, that is the Challengers. If T1 wins the Challengers they will be promoted to the main tournament, and that would give them a good pass. Hence, Topson has been trying to work extremely hard to be the star player for now.

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Apparently, in the recent Twitch stream, he had been practicing for 30 hours with only a few short breaks in between. This stream did not consist of any small games, but were in fact filled with major ranked games. Overall, he had played 30 ranked games in 24 hours!

This was indeed something to give a huge shock to his opponents for nobody could be a beast like Topson, and he is even going beyond everything to prove himself again. Topson feels that he had been quite unprepared for the LCQ and wants to cover it up. This is something more than one does to cover up their lack of practice!

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