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Top 10 Games with the Most Esports Players

Community Apr 4, 2022

If you are a gamer and are looking to get into a game, the Esports market is strong, and there are multiple tournaments and leagues that will make sure that you have a stable gaming career. Therefore, to help you to find which game will be the best option for you, let us look into the top 10 games with the most Esports players on the market right now. There may be differing opinions on which Esports are the best option to pursue right now. Hence, if you feel that our list did not fit in well with your choices or decisions, then it is just a matter of opinion.

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Top ten games with the most Esports players

Without waiting anymore, let us get on the list right away.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

CS: Go is an Esports that has been running strong for decades now. Despite the fact that some experts believe this game is saturated and nearing the end of its life cycle. However, CS: Go is still going strong, even though many of the pros have left the scene and gone to other games. New pros are coming up, and to be quite honest the Esports market grew so big from CS: Go. If you are looking to get into a really competitive FPS shooter game, then we would recommend you go for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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However, as mentioned before, the scene has become saturated with tons of players coming in and many of them getting thrown out if they are not at their best in a single match. Therefore, it is quite risky to get to the top with such fierce competition already. Hence, if you feel that you have that passion and want to give that much effort, then get into Esports. Otherwise, you might feel burnt out pretty soon.

Dota 2

This is another extremely popular Esports right now. It rose immediately when it was released and is even regarded as a better version of Dota. The LAN events for Dota 2 are extremely popular now. Yet some gamers consider that both Dota 2 and LOL are extremely similar in their gameplay. But there are plenty of gamers who beg to differ. However, we would recommend that you give both the games a try and then choose for yourself.

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Developed by Valve Corporation, the tournaments, and leagues held by them are extremely lucrative, and they have extremely good cash prizes as well. The total cash prize for all the tournaments was close to $224.7 million. Hence, you can understand how much they will be spending on the tournaments and leagues. Also, as the game has been released recently, the market is comparatively better for CS: Go. Therefore, this is a good Esports game where you can try to get it in.

Apex Legends

This is an underrated Esports game, and the market seems to be quite welcoming to new players. Also, Apex Legends is not just a shooter game. You need to go into tactics and strategies through which you can use the abilities of the different characters in your gameplay. This will be a fascinating Esport to participate in because you must constantly improve your tactics and stay in sync with your teammates. The team spirit rises for such games. When comparing this game to other FPS games, we must agree that Titanfalls Games has managed to bring unique originality to the entire concept of FPS shooter games.

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Because it is such a popular game now, the tournaments and leagues of Esports are getting extremely lucrative. Also, as mentioned before, the competition is quite low right now, so if you grind a bit harder and ensure that you have the talent and passion for the game, it will not take much time to be noticed by an organization that is searching for an Apex Legends player.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

You must have heard about PUBG already, and it is getting big as an Esports too. PUBG is kind of a battle royale game and is getting a lot of recognition. However, the market does seem to be a bit competitive here, with such a sudden rise in popularity. There are a lot of streamers and players right now, who are struggling to get noticed by various popular organizations. However, if you manage to give in the time and effort, then you can easily make it to the top. Some of the noteworthy tournaments are the PUBG Nations Cup and the PUBG Global Championship.

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This is another Battle Royale game that is getting quite popular, and there are still a lot of untapped markets left to explore. Epic Games has made Fortnite not only the largest Esports platform in the world but also the largest platform in the world. Therefore, once you establish yourself in the Fortnite universe, it will be an easy walk. However, it will always be difficult to get into the competitive scene without a strong will and zeal to get on top. Also, for the game, you will need to keep on improvising your strategies and tactics to get on top of your game.

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League of Legends (LoL)

This is another popular Esports that has been going on for quite a long time. LOL’s tournaments and leagues are extremely popular and hyped up. They also have a chance to be so. The tournaments are held quite extravagantly and look attractive. Riot Games ensure they spend a humongous amount on the opening and closing ceremonies of every grand tournament. They have managed to give away some $75.5 million as a total of all the cash prizes over the years. If you do want to get into LOL Esports, you will have to keep yourself ahead of most of the players who have been playing it for the longest time. LOL players usually do not leave the game, and there is very little sign that the game might die anytime soon.

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Another popular Esports game that we are sure you will definitely enjoy playing is Overwatch. With the coming of Valorant, the game has subsided a bit. However, there are a lot of die-hard fans who have still held on to the game. Therefore, this is a good time to get in there and start grinding in Overwatch. There are a lot of teams that are looking forward to getting some good players on board. Hence, we would recommend that you go ahead and start working on your skills, and try to play some local tournaments to get noticed by the big ones.

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Rainbow Six Siege

Now we will be getting into the underrated Esports games where it was once quite popular and still is, but the majority of the population has shifted to other games. If you want to start in a less competitive environment, then we would recommend you get into Rainbox Six Seige first. This first-person shooter game, developed by Ubisoft, was once quite popular and is still going strong. Ubisoft manages to throw some of the best and biggest tournaments and leagues for Rainbow Six Siege. They have spent a total of $12.1 million in prize money on all the tournaments overall.

Credits to Steam. Rainbow Six Siege.

Rocket League

If you are really not into shooting games, then Rocket League is the next best option for you. This game is quite interesting, and yet it takes a lot of dedication and practice to be actually good at it. The Championship Series is extremely popular, and fans make sure to hype up the event constantly. Though the game has a very specific crowd, it is not like your usual FPS shooter game fans. They are mostly quite wholesome, and the environment is non-toxic as well.

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For those Indian gamers who do not have access to PUBG, they can definitely go for BGMI. It is an Indian Esports, and hence it will be a great start for your gaming career. You will be getting a taste of the gaming environment in your own country. If you want to play some good tournaments, to get an idea of what the competitive scenario looks like, then you may also download the Tournafest app from Google Play or App Store to play Esports Tournaments & Scrims of various games like BGMI, Free Fire MAX & Call of Duty & win exciting rewards! You may also organize Tournaments & fetch unmatched perks.

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