Top strategies for Good Gameplay!

Strategy Jan 21, 2022

It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up, and we aim to help you build that strength!

Who’s a good gamer?
It’s YOU, just with a lack of motivation, practice and strategies!

With 430 million enthusiastic gamers in India, getting recognition might not be that straightforward, especially for the underdogs. But, why are we here? To encourage you to improve your skills and be at the top! So here we are, with some exceptional strategies from experience and techniques that will surely help you elevate your current gaming skills.

Since we’re going to talk about excelling in a gameplay, you must get these base rules cleared before digging deep into the topic:

1. Play Tournaments of the Games you Love: Some gamers choose a game that’s not of their choice due to peer pressure or other reasons but never, never play tournaments in a game you are not fond of. There’s no harm in trying out something new & exploring the gaming world, which is definitely enormous but playing serious tournaments in games you are not very comfortable with can be upsetting & disheartening sometimes. Although, playing for fun is always supported!

2. Trust Your Teammates: It is said that the thirst for success makes us doubt everyone around us, even our closest ones. This is a crucial point in everyone’s life because the eagerness to win something in life can part us from our very dear ones who’ve been our supporters since the very start so before doubting anyone or putting allegations on them, get your thoughts cleared. Never let the shine of success blind you into being a loner. Most of the people who’ve been with you since the start won’t betray you.

3. Don’t Act Like a Loser: Winners never blame the circumstances for them losing anything. Don’t blame your teammates, glitches, or your equipment for the loss. Yes, better equipment indeed acts as an add-on. Rather than getting frustrated and blaming everyone & everything, try to get to the root of the situation and solve it gradually. Act like an Ace to become ‘The Ace.’

4. Practice in the Areas that can help your Team: Having a good team is essential in esports. In fact, a team can either make you or break you in any area. If you want to have a good team, start with yourself first. Work on the places which make you feel weak & on improving which, your team can do wonders. Don’t wait for others to start. Start yourself & act as a source of motivation for your teammates. Always believe in standing together and falling alone in a gameplay.

5. Belief in Ethics: Yes, ‘Ethics’ is too big a word to be carried around in a gameplay, but ethics are something that’ll always act as an extra feather on your hat. We don’t recommend you to work as you should in a corporate but always remember a few rules: Never disrespect someone even playfully, never make someone feel low because of their skills & focus on the actual goal of winning the game & having fun rather than making someone’s life hell!

Once you’ve started following the above five base rules, you’ll have improved at your thing almost by 50% because good habits & ethics provide you a way that’s closer to success. Practicing & implementing a few top-notch strategies will surely get you at the top of the Leaderboard.

Know Your Platform: If you’ve just started playing, then it becomes essential for you to know by heart the functionality of each of the options that your gaming or tournament platform offers because, during the gameplay, you can not try to explore something that’s entirely new for you. It would be best if you took the time to understand the working of all the various components. For example, if you’re playing BGMI, then you should spend some time understanding the map entirely. That’ll improve your understanding of the game, and hence better results!

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Distribute Roles: If you’re in a tournament or a gameplay, teamwork is what will determine your success. Even if you have all the pro players on your team, you might lose as a team if the tasks aren’t distributed well or if there isn’t proper coordination. All the qualities needed in a gameplay should be possessed by one player each, no more, no less. Individuality in a gameplay works only when all the players work as ONE. So, the next time your team lands on the battlefield, be prepared with the tasks distributed beforehand and rock it, thereby strictly following your assigned roles!!

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Don’t Be Greedy: Sometimes, some irresistible offers might come in front of you while playing the game, but remember that the exact greedy offers must be appearing on the other player’s screens, too, and if you agree to take up that greed, others might too, which makes the probability of you making use of that offer significantly less. For example, in Free Fire, you might find it irresistible not to run to the “airdrops,” the loot crates falling from the sky. The best way to use them will be to get where they fell and prepare an ambush from a nearby spot rather than falling for the greed and getting nothing!

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Choose Your Character & Weapons Carefully: If you want to bring a hundred percent change/improvement in something, break that thing into a hundred aspects and improve each element by 1%. Similarly, if we talk about the gaming world, the game starts even before entering the playground. The selection of your character & weapons creates a massive impact on your whole game. Choose the weapons you’re comfortable using & the ones that’ll be useful during your gameplay. Choose the character whose strengths match your gaming style. Similarly, apply the same strategy to the other aspects that come into effect before the actual gameplay.

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Come into Effect Immediately: As soon as the game starts, try to come into action because the sooner it is, the better. Try making your landings fast, and despite the one getting killed by the early landers, be the one killing them. Reach your play zone along with the early birds because that’ll enable you to grasp better supplies on the way, and also, you’ll be well settled before the game starts, hence no panic & better gameplay!

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Choose Your Control Layout Wisely: Your choice of control layout may differ for a few games, but the important thing is to adapt to an easy & beneficial control layout structure. Try out various control layouts and finalize the one that suits you the most.

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Observe: If you want to shoot down your opponents, you must know what they’re up to, so observe them closely and try predicting their next steps. Shoot your chance based on their previous actions.

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Keep Track of your Utilities: Before getting into a gunfight, ensure that you’ve enough of everything you need. Keeping track of your utilities from time to time will help you maintain your calm & give your best shot in every fight or encounter. Stay sound & aware!!

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The strategies mentioned above might or might not apply to all the games, although we’ve tried to keep them as general as possible. We hope that these strategies will help you better your gameplay and gradually make you lead the leaderboard. All the best, fellas, for your upcoming games, and stay tuned for our next blog.

Live it for gaming!



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