Witcher has the most popular book out there. Photo via Pinterest.

Witcher has the most popular book out there. Photo via Pinterest. 

Top video games based on books

Community Nov 22, 2022

We have put together a list of popular video games inspired by books.

If we long amongst us, many gamers share a love for books and would be surprised to know that some of their favourite games are inspired by famous books. Said books and games are chart toppers yet many failed to see the obvious connection between said pairs. Pursue through our list to see if your favourite game is turned into a book of which you may have been unaware.  

While many games may have gone missing, we made sure that some of the more recognized ones are there, without any delay, here are the game inspired by books:

The Witcher Series

The Witcher franchise is one of the best ever. Photo via Steam.

The Witcher series is based on six fantasy novels and a few short stories composed by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. Just like the game, the book revolves around Geralt of Rivia otherwise known as the infamous Witcher. Witchers happen to be hunters with supernatural abilities that aid them to battle supernatural beasts and monsters from a young age. The book began as a short story and its gaining momentum prompted the author to publish more books in the same series. Since then there have been multiple witcher games and a total of 14 books and more recently a Netflix series where Herny Cavill stared as Geralt.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series

The upcoming STALKER game promises stunning visuals. Photo via the developers. 

STALKER game franchise is based on a whole series of books. Little do many know, the game has a bigger fan following that has preceded outside computers. Famous director Tarkovsky made an entire film out of it. The first book is called S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadows of Chernobyl (Russian: Teni Chernobylya). It features a couple of stories written by different authors and fans of the game series. Following the launch of the game, the books gained traction and turned into a massively popular franchise in no time. Do note that all the novels are independent and do not stick to one storyline. However, the book did not become as popular as Witcher and thus many gamers aren't as aware of its existence.

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Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk is a much better game now. Photo via Steam. 

Cyberpunk 2077 is based on the Cyberpunk series of tabletop roleplaying books written by Mike Pondsmith. These books inspired the marvel of a game which is an open-world game based on the science fiction genre. The game is marginally based on these books and follows an identical storyline which is why this game is why fans failed to connect the two. The game ran into a plethora of issues when it dropped which led to the players not being able to enjoy the story to its fullest. More recently, a Netflix series inspired by the same has been released and the fact that the game has been in development for so many years so a sequel cannot be expected anytime soon.

METRO series  

The latest Metro game has been a phenomenon. Photo via Steam. 

According to Ranker "Dmitry Glukhovsky's Metro 2033 takes place in post-apocalyptic Moscow, as humanity's last survivors live in the underground remains of the metro system. Under the rule of warring factions, people must try to survive their hostile world as well as their brutal leadership. In Metro 2033 the game, the story is largely the same, but when you play rather than read about the events it becomes much more about horror and survival than pure sci-fi. Though the events do differ somewhat, the influence and relationship between the book and the game are clear. The adaptation is a prime example of how a narrative can change when adapted into a different form, as the game's survival horror elements make the terror of the novel more visceral and enjoyable for those who like their media terrifying.".

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Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy is known for action-packed movies, novels and tv series but most importantly games. Photo via Steam. 

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six series isn't timid about its abstract motivation - it's in that general area in the title. The book series concerns a fictional counter-insurgency militant unit containing individuals from one side of the planet to the other, yet basically Britain and the US. The unit utilizes a combination of undercover work and strategic assaults, which highlight vigorously in the game variation too. The series is known for being a strategic shooter, expecting players to think rapidly and plan as opposed to simply running in, firearms bursting. The outcome is a game that, similar to the books, is an undeniably exhilarating interpretation of the tactical kind that separates it from other games.

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