Top collabs between Esports and fashion brands. Picture Courtesy: LaFM

Top collabs between Esports and fashion brands. Picture Courtesy: LaFM

Top collaborations between Esports and fashion brands

Community Sep 10, 2022

Still, fashion collaborations between luxury fashion brands and video gamers remain scarce, but it's improving.


  • Gaming always has a following, a subculture, if you will. But it has found a new worldwide following and interest in the past years.
  • The increase in the Esports market has led other trend-conscious industries to increase their marketing approach to these newly developed markets.

Dickens, a fashion brand, agrees that 2020 was both the worst and the finest moment ever! The evident epidemic makes it worse, and some of the most cutting-edge technology developments and a cultural reorientation that we learned about and experienced while compelled to stay inside our houses make it better.

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The world has been able to breathe thanks to the emergence of several home enterprises, the elimination of the daily commute, and the global craze for gaming and Esports again. After all, one may do a lot while spending the day at home. And something else took off during this time of staying in and playing video games.

The Popularity of Esports and Gaming

Fashion brands in Esports and Gaming. Picture Courtesy: The Concept SPA

One of those things that always has a fan base, or subculture, if you will, is gaming. But in the last year or two, it has gained a new fan base and attention on a global scale. Almost everyone has been instructed to remain at home during the worldwide epidemic. As a result, people were exposed to many new interests, like video gaming and Esports.

Other trend-conscious businesses have increased their marketing efforts in these recently created areas as a result of the growth of the Esports industry. The fashion industry is one such sector. These players may now be seen by millions across the globe who are not simply confined to their homes, thanks to Esports broadcasting. Like the fans of professional sportsmen who wear the items they support, a streamer might impact his or her audience.

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This is when the Esports business may benefit from sponsorship that focuses on fashion. For their devoted followers, these streamers may create items in collaboration with a certain company or even appear wearing that brand. In addition to these "in-person" displays, brands like Marc Jacobs and Valentino have created branded goods that players of the popular game Animal Crossing may customize. These actions show mutual respect between the gaming and fashion industries.

The examination of the various marketplaces in question also suggests that the younger generation, which makes up a big portion of the Esports audience, is the one that generally has the most customers.

Fashion-Focused Sponsorship in the Esports Industry

Gamers with brands. Picture Courtesy: Nike

People pay to watch their favourite gamers play; therefore, fashion companies have begun to see the potential exposure their goods may have in this market. They have begun to invest in it by sponsoring gaming teams, working with gamers, and creating unique items only for players and gamers. Influencer marketing has always been advantageous for the fashion business, so long as you choose an influencer that perfectly fits your brand's image! As a result, numerous companies fund various Esports teams and players. A noteworthy example is the sponsorship deal between Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and Adidas.

Nike then joined together with China's League of Legends Pro League, providing not just apparel and footwear but also funding for training initiatives. With their Louis Vuitton x League of Legends cooperation, even high-end companies like Louis Vuitton are embracing the trend. Some firms provide simulated clothing in video games, while others create things with functionality just for gamers. For instance, bearing in mind that a gamer's hands would be on a keyboard or controller, K-Swiss unveiled a pair of shoes that can be taken off without needing hands.

This is a smart strategy compared to the early 2000s skate culture since both subcultures are becoming increasingly popular with younger people. It should be remembered that many of the companies spearheading the push in Esports, like Supreme or A Bathing Ape, began with skaters. Due to the supremacy exhibited by players who wear them on the court, field, diamond, or pitch, Nike and Air Jordan are among the most admired apparel and athletic companies in the whole globe. And these companies are now working to increase their market share and diversify into esports.

The ever-popular Air Jordan 1 Zoom "Esports" is a tribute to Esports made by the two, with its main grey and black hues echoing the lights and shadows of League of Legends' visual effects. This action opened the door for possible future collaborations. It helped this new, developing market for Esports feel loyalty and devotion to Nike, an extraordinarily adaptable corporation with worldwide reach and appeal.

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As a result of their relationship with League of Legends, Louis Vuitton has unveiled a new range of virtual goods in the well-known game. This collection, created by Nicolas Ghesquière, has 40 items with prices ranging from $170 to $5,600. As a tribute to League of Legends champions, the whole collection is silver and blue. While real-world fashionistas would not be able to purchase a $5000 LV leather jacket, League of Legends players can upgrade to an LV look for less than $10.

Additionally, they let players see their main character wearing LV clothing, raising brand awareness and encouraging players to purchase the items they see on screen. Due to the variety of the Esports community, partnerships between businesses like Champion and Louis Vuitton are a logical decision. Instead of merely blasting their logos everywhere, the unobtrusive integration gives gamers the option to design their avatar.

Marketing Strategies for Fashion Brands

Marketing Strategies for Fashion Brands. Picture Courtesy: Wunderman

Owning a company requires finding new, in-demand channels to incorporate your brand into, and as you are well aware, the world of Esports and gaming is one such channel. Suppose you have been reading our blog for some time. In that case, you probably have a basic understanding of what marketing includes and that the most important marketing guideline is to generate value. By working with gamers and Esports athletes instead of the typical Instagram influencers, you would be able to connect with a whole other demographic where expensive sporting clothing has come to represent being a "pro gamer."

Given the success of the partnerships between the fashion and Esports industries, other additional fashion houses, like Burberry, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, and Valentino, have begun infiltrating the gaming sector with their aesthetics. An example is the most recent hoodie line from American Eagle, where they debuted a unique "PlayStation-inspired collection" and used Preston, a well-known gamer, as an influencer.

Gaming and fashion have always coexisted. You can imagine all the apparel and shoes. Fashion labels have sometimes worked with gamers and athletes. But now that this partnership has grown, Esports and gaming are included. Because of this collaboration model's success, technology businesses are partnering with well-known games and professional Esports athletes Oppo X League of Legends, and Samsung X T1. In the Esports sector, fashion-related sponsorship is at an all-time high. A relationship between a fashion company and an Esports organization has been fruitful since it gives the business access to a new group of prospective customers. Does this suggest that such cooperation is only possible between major brands and businesses since all the instances we've discussed include high-end clothing lines and well-known video games? Without a doubt! For instance, working with a smaller gaming influencer, micro-influencing all the way! One approach for a tiny fashion business is to get into the gaming and Esports industries. Or by creating limited-edition Claw socks that are always popular and won't be expensive to produce.

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