Top best-held items for each Pokemon

Strategy Aug 31, 2022

Choosing your Pokemon's held items wisely can mean the difference between a loss and a victory, and we've compiled a list of the best-held things.


  • Attackers are the main source of damage for the team, but they are somewhat limited in other stats.
  • Held items are an integral part of the competitive Pokemon play. Not to mention a fun addition for more casual play.

In the Pokemon series, choosing which item your Pokemon should possess is crucial to succeeding in PvE and winning competitive encounters. There are many alternatives, and having any item on your Pokemon is better than having none, but some things give you a stronger advantage than others.

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Items are a must to assist change the course of combat, whether you're seeking anything to help you defeat a challenging boss in the games or to perform better while battling your friends. Some are a little strange, while others boost harm or provide healing. Trainers should be on the lookout for these fantastic objects, regardless of their intended use.


Amazingly, the greatest held goods your Pokemon may possess are those that look to be complete trash. A Pokemon will passively restore 6% of its health each turn if carrying a Leftover.

Pokemon Stars. Picture Courtesy: Pokemon Unite

Some cunning players may hold down the opponent with techniques like Wrap and wait for the health to replenish as they hurt the opponent since Spongy Pokemon can regenerate a significant portion of the damage their opponents inflicted on them. Unfortunately, getting this item is difficult; without a wild Snorlax or Munchlax and in a few select locations, you must use Pickup, which has a 1% chance of finding one.

Mega Stones

Whether you love them or detest them, Mega Evolutions significantly increase a Pokemon's potential, making Mega Stones a valuable item for Pokemon to possess. In extreme circumstances, they may even alter the elemental kinds and provide access to brand-new, potent skills.

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The best-case scenario is that it will surprise your opponent and provide you with an elemental edge you wouldn't otherwise have. The worst that may happen is that it will boost certain crucial stats and make your animals more deadly in combat. Gigantamax Pokemon replaced the Mega Evolutions, which is unfortunate since these things are still helpful in games that support them.

Assault Vest

The Assault Vest is a potent item if your Pokemon is facing a battle against a special offense-focused opponent or if your Pokemon has a very low Special Defense. It significantly boosts the holder's Special Defense by 50%.

The sole drawback is that your Pokemon won't be allowed to utilize status effect or non-offensive moves; they will only be able to employ attack moves. It isn't a major drawback if the Pokemon wearing it is already mostly offensive, and as long as the action does damage of any type, it may still be used, giving you access to techniques like Fake Out, for example.

Citrus Berry

One may think of the Sitrus Berry as a second chance in combat. The Pokemon holding it will eat the berry if their health falls below 50%, restoring 25% of their maximum health. It is excellent for dealing with one-hit killers since your Pokemon can recover and catch them off guard.

Pokemon Stars. Picture Courtesy: Pokemon Unite

It doesn't rank higher since it is a one-time-use item, and your Pokemon will be dependent only on their talents after that. But when 25% of your tough Pokemon's health mysteriously regenerates in front of the adversary, they'll become a real nuisance for them.

Life Orb

It's difficult to go wrong with Life Orbs if you need to increase your attack damage significantly. These goods, unlike Elemental Gems, are recurring items that will increase the strength of any move that delivers damage by 30%.

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The sole drawback is that it uses 10% of the Pokemon's health each time it activates. It calls for a means of healing or a suicidal attacker who causes the maximum amount of harm before exhausting their health points.

Elemental Gems

Elemental Gems are excellent for giving your basic attacks more strength. For instance, a fire gem will increase a fire attack's damage by 30%. If you're willing to deliver a lot of damage in one hit, an Elemental Gem may raise it to a point where you can destroy or deal a lot of damage to certain foes.

Its one-time usage is why it didn't get a better ranking. Your Pokemon will keep this item until they use a move of the specified basic type, at which point they will devour it. Once again, if your plan calls for one-hit attacks or first-move sweepers, employ them.

Zoom Lens

The game's most powerful strikes often have poor precision. Many of these strong moves are rejected in favor of strikes with a 100% chance of occurring since, in PVP, having movements with as close to a 100% chance of happening is essential for interrupting assaults, tying up opponents, and causing significant damage.

Pokemon Stars. Picture Courtesy: Pokemon Unite

By improving the holder's accuracy by 20% while presuming their opponent has already moved, Zoom Lens adds some variety to the situation. Heavy hitters that can absorb much damage and patiently wait for excellent openings to strike may find this weapon useful.

Expert Belt

Even the most novice Pokemon player knows the gaming mechanics of rock, paper, and scissors. The same fundamental idea that governs why you wouldn't normally hurl a fire type at a water type also applies to PVP battles.

The Expert Belt further enhances this thought, which increases damage from super-effective strikes by 20%. It implies that a water type doing twice as much damage to a fire type will earn an additional 20%. This 20% increase often suffices to one-hit kill certain foes.

Lucky Egg

While Lucky Eggs aren't very beneficial in PVP scenarios, you'll be using them a lot in PVE to train your PVP squad. A Pokemon will get 150% more experience clutching a Lucky Egg than usual.

When paired with other techniques, this may greatly reduce the time required to grind and make leveling your Pokemon simple. Unfortunately, they are scarce; on average, 5% of the time, a wild Chansey, Happiny, Pelipper, or Blissey will have a Lucky Egg on it. Ironically, you have to grind quite a bit to obtain an item that saves you time.

Rocky Helmet

The Rocky Helmet is great gear for passively increasing your DPS overall. When one of your Pokemon wearing this item is struck by an enemy, they will suffer damage equivalent to a sixth of their maximum health. It is an excellent item to have when battling powerful opponents or if your Pokemon is resilient and can take the damage.

When the adversary employs a multi-strike assault, this item shines. Each assault will start the item's effect, which has the potential to destroy their health. Although many powerful movements meet the requirements, remember that this object only functions with moves that make contact.

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