Top 7 games released in 2023. Picture: The Gamer

Top 7 games released in 2023. Picture: The Gamer

Top 7 games releasing in 2023

Community Dec 14, 2022

If we possess enough ink to jot down all the release dates and corresponding platforms that developers have been hurling at us left, right, and center.


  • Whether it's a PC game, a Nintendo Switch exclusive, or a "Play Day One" Xbox Pass game, there is something for everyone to look forward to in the following months and beyond.
  • From Elden Ring to Horizon Forbidden West, released in winter, to the most recent AAA games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Sonic Frontiers, 2022 are undoubtedly one of the best years for video games in recent history.

Even though there are still a few weeks before the end of this year, everyone is already planning games for 2023. There are certain to be more release date casualties, including some of the major releases we had been looking forward to this year that was edge-guarded into the following. While this year's schedule still has many fantastic games, it can't hurt to look forward.

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We know that 2023 will be a major year for RPGs. Many significant series are planning to release their long-awaited sequels next year. Starfield was postponed until the beginning of 2023; Baldur's Gate 3's early access is expected to finish with a full release during the same period; Diablo 4 and Final Fantasy 16 are also expected to appear.

Upcoming games of PC in 2023

Upcoming games of PC in 2023. Picture: Onehut

Forspoken (24th January 2023)

Forspoken is a brand-new IP from Square Enix and Luminous Productions competing for blockbuster success. You take on the role of Frey, a young woman from contemporary New York who is taken to a fantastical world where she develops amazing and powerful abilities in an original fantasy video game. Early screenshots of this game showed fast movement and many spectacular moves, but the narrative is what stands out.

Forspoken is a game that seems imaginative and unique, even though we have only seen a few tidbits and glimpses of it so far. There is optimism that Frey's story will be as enchanted and lovely as it seems since video games have the ability to portray tales that have a profound effect.

Wild Hearts (17 February 2023)

With larger monster confrontations, new fighting and trapping techniques, and a tonne of breathtaking locations to explore, the new monster hunting and adventure game Wild Hearts seeks to revolutionize the whole action-adventure genre. Players will go on a perilous trip through the fictional world of Azuma, which was inspired by medieval Japan, where a swarm of "Kemono" monsters may be found in every crevice of the country.

Fans of Capcom's Monster Hunter series will recognize the gameplay right away, but Wild Hearts seems to be jam-packed with fresh concepts that should spice up your adventure and keep you interested in the distant next mission.

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Hogwarts Legacy (10 February 2023)

It's safe to say that people are still looking forward to this magical, animal-filled adventure. Hogwarts Legacy is the upcoming Wizarding World simulator many have desired for years. While it may come too late for long-time fans of the franchise, who are slowly coming to terms with the harmful, derogatory comments Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has been spouting about trans people for years, it's fair to say that some still desire it.

The Harry Potter franchise's greatest elements look to be included in this game, which will likely have a brand-new narrative set in the once-renowned universe and magnificent magical areas to explore and creatures to befriend. Hogwarts Legacy may still be a wonderful moment despite its burden.

Skull and Bones (9th March 2023)

The long-awaited pirate simulator Skull & Bones will finally premiere in March 2023, competing with a strong Q1 cohort. While it raises some questions, this nautical voyage seeks to succeed on its terms. You'll embark on a Skull & Bones adventure where you'll try to become a cunning pirate and rule the high seas by assembling your ship, crew, and valuables. Even though there have been several delays in getting additional information about this adventure, it is still possible that it will release in March 2023. Raise the black flag and prepare to sail.

Dead Island 2 (3rd February 2023)

A new teaser debuted at Gamescom 2022, surprisingly revealing that Dead Island 2 would eventually be released for PC and consoles in February 2023. The game has been in production for around ten years, but it is now nearing completion and will launch a significant gaming year.

In this journey, your tasks include fighting off infected zombies, living alongside a small group of immune human survivors, and taking back Los Angeles via violent and terrible battles. You will have access to various weapons, including a shotgun, a lethal katana, and glass bottles to fulfill your task.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (12th May 2023)

It has been officially announced that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will debut in May 2023. The link will return to Hyrule in this significant sequel and journey far and wide with brand-new riddles, sky-faring games, and a tonne of mystery in store.

Although we don't know much about the game, fresh perspectives on the action have shown a vast adventure that begs to be explored. If Breath of the Wild's beautiful settings made you fall in love, expect more of the same here, on a far larger scale.

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The Wolf Among Us 2 (2023)

A hazy 2023 release date, likely in the first half of the year, has been established for Telltale's much-awaited The Wolf Among Us sequel. We now know that Bigby Wolf and Snow White, who will have yet another complicated secret to unravel over a series of adventures, will return in the comic book version.

This time, Bigby will be battling various foes against the background of a 1980s New York winter. As his investigation work expands into broader society, he may have to deal with the'mundie' world. In the next months, look for more information about this game.

Upcoming mobile games in 2023

Upcoming games of PC in 2023. Picture: OneHut

Battlefield Mobile (2023)

In terms of the Battlefield series as their flagship game, EA hasn't lost the ball yet; Battlefield 2042 has gained traction around a year after its release. EA has taken a two-pronged strategy to the franchise's future, and they are now concentrating on delivering the iconic Battlefield experience to platforms like smartphones.

Battlefield Mobile, which is presently open for pre-registration on mobile, was announced by EA in the latter part of last year. It will be a long, arduous path for the game to establish a foothold in the market as it will compete with industry heavyweights like the aforementioned PUBG Mobile and Free Fire.

The Division Resurgence (2023)

Despite receiving mixed reviews upon release, The Division has established itself as a reliable multiplayer, co-op game with much to offer. Ubisoft hopes to achieve the same success on mobile as it has on consoles and PC by capitalizing on the high quality of the online experience.

The Division perfectly matches Ubisoft's strategy of expanding its greatest IPs into the mobile gaming market. The Division will feature a sizable open environment that stresses the storyline as much as it does intense firefights, in contrast to the bulk of networked shooters on smartphones.

Valorant Mobile (2023)

The esports phenomenon Valorant is now making its way to the mobile gaming industry to reclaim its dominance. There is no doubt that Riot has succeeded on the PC, and expanding to mobile and console is the best course of action for the game's development.

Riot will undoubtedly modify and improve the gameplay to appeal to the audience for mobile games, but early playtests have received great feedback from the community. There is a significant probability that Valorant will become one of, if not the largest mobile esports titles in the world, given how quickly the mobile esports sector has been expanding.

Call of Duty Warzone (10th March 2023)

The success of COD on the new generation has largely been attributed to Warzone, so it is not surprising that Activision wants to build on that success with a mobile release. The success that games may have today is heavily influenced by streaming, and Call of Duty Warzone has seldom had greater success via streaming than other games.

Activision could be attempting to accomplish the same with Warzone for mobile, and based on the game's marketing materials, it will likely succeed. This isn't simply a mobile version of Warzone; Activision has plans for the franchise's future, including this game.

Destiny (2023)

There was a lot of discussion on Bungie's ability to maintain the momentum from the original and produce a game that could even outperform the original. It seems that Bungie not only improved on the original but that Destiny 2 is possibly the most convincing proof that the "games as service model" is effective.

According to recent reports, Bungie and NetEase are now developing a mobile version of Destiny. This is an intriguing possibility since Bungie has already shown twice that they can maintain and enhance a great platform with several expansions that may provide limitless gaming.

Rainbow Six Mobile (2023)

According to what is being reported, Valorant and Rainbow Six are about to engage in a shootout between the two most competitive shooters, but this time, it will take place in the mobile gaming world. Valorant and Rainbow Six have achieved great popularity as fiercely competitive video games ideal for esports.

Ubisoft hopes to transfer its recognizable tactical shooter to mobile devices and provide users with a unique experience. Nothing prevents Ubisoft from creating the same thoughtful FPS experience on mobile as on console and PC, as seen by early gameplay videos.

Assassin’s Creed: Codename JADE (2023)

Assassin's Creed Codename JADE is a different beast from the other shooters on this list. The game is being marketed as a high-end, single-player, narrative-focused experience that has previously only been available on PC and consoles. By offering mobile players the cinematic, action-packed Assassin's Creed experience, Ubisoft hopes to defy this trend.

Players may design their Assassin in the game and explore different areas of China. Codename JADE will have a lot to offer, from parkouring all over the Great Wall of China to skipping over roofs while taking down foes.

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