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Top 5 Video Game Engines

Community Apr 20, 2022

Before we get into all the details and the list of the best game engines, we are going to get into what exactly a game engine is, and why all of a sudden is it getting so much hype? Well, the reason being that one of the most popular and most used game engines have now become available for public use, and people are losing their minds! This means that anyone can buy the game engine and work on playing flawless games! However, apart from that, there are various other game engines that you can use to make the game of your dreams.

What is a Game Engine?

As mentioned before, we will be getting into what is called a game engine. So, in layman's words, it is a virtual framework where you can develop your game. This means that various resources and libraries would help you make changes to your game. All these things would help you focus on the characters in the game or the finer details of the game.

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Top 5 Video Game Engines

Here is the list of the top 5 game engines:

Unreal Engine

This has to be the best of the lot. The Unreal Engine is one of the most used game engines, not only for games but for businesses even! What makes this the best game engine? Well, technically, everything in the engine will help you customise the game according to your wishes and requirements. This is what makes it so unique. Despite having access to so many resources and libraries in the engine, one can keep adding their changes independently, which in turn would help them make equally unique games.

The Unreal Engine is owned by Epic Games, and it is completely free to use. This means that you are getting all of these features completely free! It is now this easy to make games on your own. All you need is a little bit of understanding and to work on a game engine, and you will be good to go. However, this is not such a simple task, as it takes a lot of hours and dedication to make a game. Additionally, Epic Games has already Unreal Engine 5. This means better resources, better customisation, and stronger performance.

Amazon Lumberyard or Open 3D Engine

This is another game engine that we feel is extremely good if you want to make your backgrounds look detailed and smooth. When Amazon Lumberyard first came out, many of the game developers considered it to be a rip-off of the CryEngine. However, with various updates and certain changes, the scenario is now a lot different. Though both the engines help you mostly through the backgrounds, Amazon Lumberyard has managed to come a long way.

Credits to Amazon Lumberyard. This game engine will help you make 3D characters. 

Now you not only get to make amazing 3D backgrounds for your games, but you can also work on VR games or any games with extremely high graphics. All of this is free of charge! They have also added the source code for the engine, which developers can change accordingly. This makes the engine customisable too. What makes this engine all the more interesting is that it is also integrated with Twitch, so whatever game you are making on the engine will most definitely make it all the more compatible with the streaming website. Therefore, this makes this a much smoother experience for both the streamer and the audience.


As mentioned before, CryEngine came before Amazon Lumberyard, and was quite popular back in the days. Well, it is still popular, but not only for its amazing 3D details and background. Apart from these, what makes this game engine so special is its ability to run games anywhere. You can create games for Xbox, PlayStation, Windows, and even virtual reality! Another thing that makes it such a great game engine is that you get to use all its resources and codes for free! You do not need to get a licence or pay extra charges to get access to any of the codes that are in the engine. This ensures that if you are a beginner, you can completely learn on your own without having to invest much.

Credits to Wccftech. CryEngine is another game engine where you can create amazing 3D backgrounds.

Additionally, another great thing about CryEngine is that you will find a lot of tutorials and forums through which you can understand the engine better, or even get your concepts clearer. For example, let's say you want to try out a certain technique in your game, but you are not quite sure if you should trust the Youtube video where you were getting your ideas from. You can head over to CryEngine’s learning resources, and then it will be a piece of cake for you. All of these features together make CryEngine such a good choice for beginners.


If you are quite active in the game developer community, then you will know how much Unity is important to the whole community. It is a game engine that allows you to create games across multiple platforms. Till now, all the game engines have been used only on PCs and laptops, some even on tablets. Yet, Unity is such an engine that you can even run it on your mobile phone to create games. This gives even more accessibility to indie developers, and anyone can come up with their own version of games. Additionally, the latest mobile version of Unity, Unity 5, also comes with a personal use option. This means that you will get some additional features.

Credits to Unity, Unity is the game engine that you can use on multiple platforms. 

However, if all of this feels too good to be true, well, there is a flip side. As Unity has introduced a personal use version, there is also a professional use version. This one, of course, has more features and tools that one can use for their games. However, all of these can be accessed only if you subscribe to the engine. Therefore, though Unity comes with great catches, you need to pay $35 to get access to all the good things in the engine.

GameMaker: Studio

This is another game engine that is extremely helpful for beginners. It is more than that! GamerMaker is such a game engine where you do need to know coding to make your games! That’s right! To use all of the game engines, you needed a good amount of coding knowledge to even understand what was going on. Yet, for GameMaker, you need not stress yourself at all. There is a drag and drop feature that would help you add or remove features from your games accordingly. However, this is also the reason why you might be limited to only certain options.

Credits to Wikimedia Commons. GameMaker Studio for which you need not have to know to code.

Another disadvantage of the game engine is that, though the engine is free to get, you will get quite fewer features for that. It is best to go for the professional version of the app, for which you will have to pay $35 per month. Yet, if you are passionate about game development but you have little to no knowledge of coding, then we would recommend you go for this app. It will give you some good insight into the background before you learn to code and get into the field.

End Thoughts

These are the top five game engines that are quite good for beginners and intermediate game developers. There are also other game engines that are quite popular. If you felt that some other engine was better than the ones given in the list, then feel free to comment below and let us know your opinion.

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