Top 5 PUBG Mobile Casters in India. Picture Courtesy: Esports Observer

Top 5 PUBG Mobile Casters in India. Picture Courtesy: Esports Observer 

Top 5 PUBG Mobile Casters in India

Community Oct 14, 2022

Now that PUBG Mobile is banned, these casters made the matches worth watching for the audience. Fans are expecting to see them again with the BGMI on the door.


  • Just like in all traditional sports, Esports has professional commentators called Casters.
  • Many casters started as hardcore DOTA 2 or Counter-Strike: GO players.
  • While many folks were running tournaments back then, Esports live-streaming was almost non-existent.

One of the essential factors in a tournament's success is the casters, and PUBG Mobile's events in India have boosted the Esports sector. Additionally, many casters appeared, and casting skill was shown in India.

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The Top 5 PUBG Mobile Casters in India is a ranking of casters based on how often they appear on the screen. Since some of the bouts were so thrilling to watch, it wouldn't have been as much fun to watch without them.

Ocean Sharma

Caster Ocean Sharma. Picture Courtesy: PUBG

Ocean Sharma is one of India's top PUBG Mobile analysts, content producers, and broadcasters. He strives to provide players with the most thorough and insightful critique possible. Thanks to his expert analysis and insights, he was invited to the caster's desk of various Esports events in India. Ocean Sharma is a talented content maker that works with Orang Rock Esports, a local PUBG Mobile squad. He said that his father wanted him to pursue a career in engineering. He also worked as a car engineer while studying mechanical engineering. Additionally, he didn't anticipate that his profession would include video games. However, he began to play PUBG and PUBG Mobile when they unexpectedly entered his life.

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Professional teams were fascinated by Ocean Sharma's abilities after he professionally performed 1v4 clutches in PUBG Mobile and gave him offers. He then began to videotape his games and upload them on YouTube. He started creating stuff. Ocean Sharma's games and several spectacular feats are now available on his YouTube account. His casting industry career is incredibly outstanding and inspiring. He demonstrated that anybody could work on PUBG Mobile-related projects, not only professional Esports players. As a spectator, he participated in an Esports competition for the first time at PMCO in New Delhi. To see how the casters of that event operate, he went from his home in Punjab to Delhi.

Ketan Patel

Caster Ketan Patel. Picture Courtesy: BGMI

He started broadcasting the K18 Customs PUBG Mobile scrims that he had arranged. He also made baby steps along the way and is now cast in official PUBG Mobile tournaments. K18 participated in almost every official tournament that took place in India and is primarily seen casting in Hindi. He was observed casting for the PMCO, PMPL, PMIS, and numerous international competitions. He now amuses the public by creating vlogs.

The inspiration for the moniker "K18" originated from his lifelong dream of playing cricket. His jersey number on the back read "18." With more than 838K followers on YouTube, K18 Patel is one of the most well-known YouTubers in India. He is well known for creating material for Team 8Bit, led by 8Bit Thug. He has also gained over 248k followers on Instagram in addition to this. He was the first to broadcast Pubg Mobile on YouTube using a mobile device, and he has since begun streaming other games, including Rocket League, Clash of Clans, Among Us, GTA V, and others.

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One of the most well-known personalities in the PUBG MOBILE community is K18. He has consistently appeared at most significant tournaments, and more recently, his well-liked vlogs have offered some much-needed behind-the-scenes perspective. Ketan has achieved success quite rapidly, from casting scrims at the beginning of his career to voice acting for the finest teams in the world. He recently joined 8bit as an influencer and content creator, but he still contributes his voice to the casting industry.

Amrit Gourav

Caster Amrit Gourav. Picture Courtesy: PUBG

Fyxs began his path while participating in casting competitions held by his team, Pain Elite Customs. Aside from casting, he is also a highly talented performer, as the viewers of K18's Vlog saw. Fyxs began casting official PMPL events while working on the Hindi Desk. Additionally, Fyxs has teamed up with renowned Indian English caster The experiment to cast official competitions in English.

Mannu Krat Karki

Caster Mannu Karki. Picture Courtesy: Esports

Indian desk host Mannu "kRaT" Karki is a commentator for games like PUBG Mobile and CS: GO, among others. kRaT was a representative of NODWIN Gaming and an employee. On April 21, 2020, he was dismissed from NODWIN Gaming due to misconduct. After vacation, he returned to casting for the PMCO Fall 2020: India event.

One of the most experienced casters in the Indian gaming scene is Mannu Karki, also known as Krat. He was also one of the casters that attended the first PUBG Mobile PMCO. He has been casting before in Nodwin Gaming-organized CS: GO matches. He is now active on his Youtube channel, where he shares opinions and thoughts regarding gaming in India.

Sudhen Wahengbam

Caster Sudhen Wahengbam. Picture Courtesy: Esports

One of the best casters in India is Experiment Gaming, which consists of Sudhen "Bleh" Wahengbam and Angad Singh. Additionally, both of them may be seen casting PUBG Mobile in English.

Sudhen is an expert in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) and one of India's first e-sports broadcasters. The first time Sudhen played Counter-Strike was in 2002 or 2003, and he first learned about e-sports when he attended college in 2004 or 2005. When CS: GO hit the Indian market in 2012, he began actively competing in tournaments and quickly began casting since there weren't many people covering these games. Since then, Sudhen has not looked back and is now known worldwide as "The Asian CS: GO Expert.

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